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  1. Gosh, who would have thought a five-minute tribute would generate this much controversy? I'm obviously in the minority that likes this year's "TCM Remembers." I spent a lot of time in motels when I was in my 20s, and currently I work in a luxury hotel, so this tribute has extra resonance for me. One of my sometime duties in my present job is to photograph newly vacated rooms, particularly if they've been trashed, for legal and/or insurance purposes. There's something that hangs in a room after it's been vacated, an almost ghostly feeling that makes you think the person's still there --
  2. Thursday's question: What actor had been offered the role of Jeffrey Cordova in the 1953 musical THE BAND WAGON before it went to Jack Buchanan? Good luck!
  3. Good guess, feaito! That was how DeMille introduced Joel McCrea to his cast and crew when he began filming UNION PACIFIC in 1939.
  4. You don't have to be sorry, feaito -- I can be magnanimous. You're right, of course. I knew that IT'S A DATE was in the TCM library and was remade by MGM as NANCY GOES TO RIO, so I thought it was an MGM picture. Shows what can happen when you rely totally on memory, which can be a tricky thing sometimes! You're also right about the Warners' remakes of THE ANIMAL KINGDOM and OF HUMAN BONDAGE as well. (The remake of the former was ONE MORE TOMORROW.) Studios always bought up the originals in those days so they couldn't compete with the remakes. But in today's DVD market, that's see
  5. Wednesday's question: "My former newsboy is now my star," said Cecil B. DeMille as he introduced what actor to the assembled cast and crew of which of his pictures? Good luck!
  6. Feaito's in first with the correct answer! Good job!
  7. As far as I know, TCM owns only two films in which Deanna Durbin appears -- the 1936 short EVERY SUNDAY and the 1940 MGM feature IT'S A DATE. The bulk of her films are owned by Universal, so TCM has to lease them. But the Universal door is slowly creaking open. TCM has shown LADY ON A TRAIN earlier this year, and they will be showing 100 MEN AND A GIRL in March. So keep watching and requesting -- you never know what might turn up!
  8. Tuesday's question: What film's release caused Josef Goebbels to ban MGM product in all German territories? Good luck!
  9. Good guess, feaito! You are correct! It has been said that BETWEEN TWO WORLDS was Korngold's favorite among his own film scores.
  10. Monday's question: Which of Erich Wolfgang Korngold's movie scores did the composer adapt into an orchestral suite titled "Judgement Day"? Good luck!
  11. Good morning, everybody! Hope your Christmas weekend was fun and festive! Today continues as a holiday for the banks and post offfices all over the country, who deserve a well-needed rest after what they've been through for the past month. As for me, I'm getting ready to spend my gift certificates today, catching up on the DVDs I missed earlier in the year. Should be fun! And if you're ready, let's start another week of movie trivia . . .
  12. Friday's question: What Yuletide movie was sold with the tagline: "Baby, you're just what I want for Christmas"? Good luck! And a MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!!!!
  13. Thursday's question: What James Bond picture was made under the working title WARHEAD? Good luck!
  14. You got it, moviejoe! Specifically, the 1940 version of THE MARK OF ZORRO.
  15. I've seen this on several websites now, so it seems to be official. Release date is March 21, 2006. I don't know anything other details yet, but I hope they include the Gaylord Carter organ score that was on the VHS release. By the way, gagman, did you know that Harold Lloyd was in the publicity footage included with KING OF KINGS on Criterion?
  16. This board is getting strange . . . I logged in all right, but for a long time I couldn't get into the Trivia folder! Anyway . . . Wednesday's question: In what movie does Basil Rathbone say, "Some men play with handkerchiefs, but I like to keep a rapier in my hand"? Good luck!
  17. Good guess, vallo . . . but incorrect. Yesterday's answer: NOTHING SACRED (1937).
  18. Tuesday's question: What film begins with this written prologue: "New York, skyscraper champion of the world, where the slickers and know-it-alls peddle gold bricks to each other, and truth, crushed to earth, arises more phoney than a glass eye . . ."? Good luck!
  19. Vallo's in first with the correct answer! Good job!
  20. Monday's question: "He's just as funny as his old man was fierce!" was the ad tagline for what movie sequel? Good luck!
  21. Greetings, everybody! I left my computer on last night with today's TCM schedule page on top. When I clicked to page 2, I thought my computer was having a heart attack -- all this blipping from one page to another. And when the dust settled, I see all these brand-new TCM webpages! I've been clicking around a while, and I like pretty much what I see. The TCM Database looks like fun. One little quibble: while I like the look of the new schedule pages, I really wish the movie info would open in another window instead of throwing you right into TCMdb when you click on a title. That click
  22. Warner Home Video will be releasing THE CHAMP on DVD next month, so maybe you'll find it there!
  23. I've seen BLOOD MONEY, and describing Elaine as "a naughty little girl" is like saying the Grand Canyon is cute!
  24. Different episodes of the series have been released as extras on Warner Home Video special editions. The Vincente Minnelli program was released with THE BAND WAGON, Howard Hawks with BRINGING UP BABY, and I believe George Cukor with DINNER AT EIGHT. There may be one or two more I don't know about. Message was edited by: coffeedan
  25. Friday's question: What Oscar-winning actor once said, "Most people seem to think I'm the kind of guy who shaves with a blowtorch. Actually, I'm bookish and worrisome"? Good luck!
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