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  1. coffeedan

    Haines and Gilbert

    Another obscure pronunciation I know of is Anita Loos's last name, which is NOT pronounced "loose," but rhymes with "dose." I had that confirmed by her grandnephew when he recently stayed at the hotel where I work. It's an old Dutch name, he told me. And his family has no good words for Anita's husband John Emerson . . . Message was edited by: coffeedan
  2. Calm down, Twonky. You're confusing two different corporate entities. When Sony bought MGM, it bought only its post-1986 film library. Anything before that is still owned by Time Warner, who just happened to be a major bidding competitor with Sony for MGM. Way back in 1986, Ted Turner did purchase MGM, but he later sold the studio so he could keep its film library (which includes RKO, pre-1986 MGM, and pre-1949 Warner product). So you're talking about apples and oranges here. I don't know which new DVD format Time Warner is backing -- I kinda lost interest the last time the talks g
  3. Friday's question: What film comedian was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977? Good luck!
  4. He might be pulling your leg, Ed. I've always heard that WHAT A WIDOW! is a lost film.
  5. Thursday's question: What screen legend's last words on film were, "Well, Tillie, when the hell are we going to get some dinner?" Good luck! And a HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all! You get some dinner, too . . .
  6. 'Way to go, ML! You are correct! I neglected to mention that Robert Preston played the endearingly conniving Harold Hill in the film (repeating his stage role) -- and his real last name was never revealed!
  7. Wednesday's question: In the 1962 film THE MUSIC MAN, what is the real first name of Professor Harold Hill? Good luck!
  8. Hm . . . not quite, moviejoe. No other takers? Yesterday's answer: Orson Welles appeared in an early Superman episode entitled "Black Magic From Mars," where he showed Superman some magic tricks they used together to foil an army of invading Martians.
  9. The Oscar-winning short is now an extra on the new DVD of CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT. Y'all go get it now, hear?
  10. Tuesday's question: What film legend played himself in an early Superman comic book? Good luck!
  11. Yes, path was in first with the correct answer! Good job! (And a tip of the hat to moviejoe, who almost made it a photo finish!)
  12. No -- and I don't think you'd want to, either. Trust me on this. Back in February 2002, when TCM was showing short subjects in prime time as its Theme of the Month, I actually watched and taped all nine of the Dogville shorts. I must have overdosed on them, because now I can't even watch one of them without cringing. (I eventually reused the tape.) We had a discussion thread on the subject at the time, and several other posters felt the same way. I guess it was just too much of a good(?) thing.
  13. Monday's question: Leslie Howard played the part of Romeo in the 1936 film adaptation of Shakespeare's ROMEO AND JULIET -- and in what other film? Good luck!
  14. Greetings, everybody! My morning was spent at the dentist's office, where I had the rough edges taken off a chipped molar until I can get it properly fixed tomorrow. I had the rest of my teeth cleaned, too. And my right leg has been wrapped up again due to a resurgence of leg ulcers (possibly an infection, my doctor said, as he took a tissue sample for analysis). As a result, I spent most of this past weekend in bed getting caught up on all the movies I've taped off TCM in the past few months. That alleviated much of the pain without drugs of any kind. Thanks, TCM! And now, on to
  15. Friday's question: Who was the only actor to play one of the title characters in both THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN and THE DIRTY DOZEN? Good luck!
  16. As far as I know, A MAN'S MAN, TOWER OF LIES, EXCESS BAGGAGE, TELLING THE WORLD, and SO BIG are lost. MIKE and CHASING RAINBOWS are incomplete. And yes, an incomplete print of FLAMING YOUTH is held in the Library of Congress. By the way, if a film has a synopsis in its TCM library entry, it has been shown on TCM. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but not many. Message was edited by: coffeedan
  17. Thursday's question: What horror film star's autobiography was titled Tall, Dark and Gruesome? Good luck!
  18. Correct once again, valllo! You know your movies!
  19. Wednesday's question: The annual National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, NY was inspired by a fictional event in what movie? Good luck!
  20. But better late than never . . . Tuesday's question: "One man . . . three women . . . one night!" was the tagline for what 1964 movie? Good luck!
  21. Very good, vallo! You are correct! (Sorry again, folks -- more log-in problems . . . )
  22. Monday's question: What Preston Sturges film was originally called THE GREEN EYED MONSTER, but retitled before its release? Good luck!
  23. Whew! Greetings, everybody! I've been trying to log in for nearly two hours (off and on), using a variety of tricks I've learned over the past year, but no success until I tried something new. After restarting my computer, I opted for a slower connection speed when I signed in with my ISP, and this time I got in! Don't know if it was that particular tactic that it, but it's definitely going in my bag of tricks for the next time. Now, on to this week's movie trivia . . .
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