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  1. Yesterday's answer: THE LAST SUNSET (1961).
  2. I printed out the November schedule when it was originally posted, and both LA BOHEME and DESERT NIGHTS were on it. DESERT NIGHTS was probably dropped to make Nov. 20 a total Harold Lloyd night, which neatly coincides with New Line Cinema's release of THE HAROLD LLOYD COLLECTION next month (which looks like a busy month for classic DVD fans!). Message was edited by: coffeedan
  3. Tuesday's question: In what film does Kirk Douglas sing "Pretty Little Girl in the Yellow Dress"? Good luck!
  4. You are correct, path! I like this one, too . . . it's almost an American version of THE 39 STEPS.
  5. Monday's question: In what film do the lead characters hitch a ride with the Russell Bros. Circus while running from the police? Good luck!
  6. Greetings, everybody! Can't think, Brain dumb. Inspiration won't come. Clumsy words, Leaky pen, Best wishes, Amen. Been wanting to use that one for years! Now, on to this week's movie trivia . . . Message was edited by: coffeedan
  7. Friday's question: In what movie does Celeste Holm say, "Once I tried to let a amile be my umbrella. I got awful wet"? Good luck!
  8. Thursday's question: In what movie was Boris Karloff billed as "Karloff the Uncanny"? Good luck!
  9. Good guess, feaito -- but incorrect. Yesterday's answer: On the basis of the same screen test, Maurice Chevalier was rejected by MGM in 1929 and signed by Paramount. MGM borrowed him later for THE MERRY WIDOW (1934).
  10. Wednesday's question: What musical film star failed an MGM screen test, but was signed by Paramount after they saw the same test? (HInt: MGM later borrowed him from Paramount after he became famous.) Good luck!
  11. What, no takers? Yesterday's answer: THE THIRD MAN (1949), featuring the distinctive "Third Man Theme" played on the zither by Anton Karas. Director Sir Carol Reed discovered Karas in a village cafe outside of Vienna, and immediately engaged him for THE THIRD MAN. Reed also discovered when he got Karas in the studio that he couldn't read or write music, and asked him to come up with a disticntive theme for the character of Harry Lime in the film. Karas responded by playing a tune he made up years earlier, and the rest is film history. Karas became a rich man from the royalties on TH
  12. Tuesday's question: What classic motion picture featured a famous theme composed by a musician who could not read or write music? Good luck!
  13. You're no rookie, Ralph! You are correct!
  14. Monday's question: In what Clint Eastwood movie did the stuntmen outnumber the actors, 87 to 37? Good luck!
  15. Greetings, everybody! I have spent most of this morning perusing another old issue of Liberty for the week ending June 30, 1928. Lots of movie-related material in this issue -- most interesting is "Please May I Bob My Hair?" by Mary Pickford, in which she reacts to the public outcry from a seemingly innocent statement that she was considering a change of hairstyle. The article is accompanied by several pictures showing Mary in a short blonde wig "posed especially for Liberty", a composite photograph showing her in a modern bob by a French hairdresser, and another exclusive pose showing her
  16. Friday's question: Of what actor did D. W. Griffith say, "He has such verve. We can use his body"? Good luck!
  17. No, I think this is THE RED KIMONA (1925), which was shown on TCM not too long ago. The writer and producer of the tilm, Dorothy Davenport Reid (or Mrs. Wallace Reid, as she was often billed), explained that it was based on actual events, "narrating" the real circumstances of the story at the beginning and end -- an unusual convention for a silent film. As best I remember, It told the story of a woman escaping from a life of prostitution, but unable to shake the stigma of her past life. One man sticks by her, and he later enlists in the war, and finds her after he comes back. Message
  18. Thursday's question: What did the Balaban & Katz chain start doing in their movie theaters in 1928 that was soon imitated by every movie theater in the country to this day? Good luck!
  19. Wednesday's question: What film noir classic centers around a payroll robbery at the Prentiss Hat Factory? Good luck!
  20. Wrightsville is right, vallo13! Good job!
  21. Yes, Larry, let us know how everything went! By the way, good to see you didn't give up on the boards. I wish we had more people like you who knew the movie business "way back when" posting here.
  22. Tuesday's question: What is the name of the town invaded by the Black Rebels motorcycle gang in the 1953 film THE WILD ONE? Good luck!
  23. Nope -- sorry, Ken. No other takers? Yesterday's answer: Ava Gardner, who was born in the village of Grabtown (or Grabton), North Carolina.
  24. Alix, you're in luck. The 1925 STELLA DALLAS has just been released on DVD by Sunrise Silents. Here's more info: http://www.silentera.com/DVD/stellaDallasDVD.html
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