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  1. Monday's question: For which of his movie star wives did bandleader Artie Shaw write "The Grabtown Grapple"? Good luck!
  2. Greetings, everybody! Not much happening here -- just finished sending some happy birthday wishes to Mongo. Make sure you do the same, okay? Now, on to this week's movie trivia . . .
  3. Friday's question: In what film did Lana Turner play a role originally played by Pauline Frederick? Good luck!
  4. Since this is the 78th anniversary of the premiere of THE JAZZ SINGER, the film that began the talkie revolution -- Thursday's question: In THE JAZZ SINGER, Jack Robin (Al Jolson) scores his first sensation in a rathskeller called Coffee Dan's, which really existed in what American city? Good luck!
  5. Wednesday's question: What film actress's real last name was Tuvim? Good luck!
  6. No takers? Yesterday's answer: Jim Carrey, who posed in sailor garb on the cover of Linda Ronstadt's 1986 compilation album Round Midnight.
  7. I think one of the reasons is that Gilbert's performance in QUEEN CHRISTINA, as good as it was, was actually a throwback to the roles he had played in silent pictures. It probably seemed old-fashioned to 1933 audiences.
  8. If the type size was the same as in the block where we compose messages, it would be just about perfect.
  9. Hey, Laura, good to see you back! What have you been up to? We've missed you here on the boards . . .
  10. Tuesday's question: What future film and TV star posed on an LP cover with singer Linda Ronstadt in 1986? Good luck!
  11. Right on both counts, feaito! It was indeed Claudette Colbert, and she was talking about FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE (1927), which she appeared in before winning the Best Actress Oscar for Capra's IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT (1934). That's progress!
  12. Monday's question: What actress once said, "I made my film debut in Frank Capra's worst film"? Good luck!
  13. Greetings, everybody! Don't know what it's like in your part of the country, but we had our first cold snap of the fall last week. No frost warnings yet, but it took a lot of people by surprise, including me. Time to get out the jackets and sweatshirts! Time also to get on to this week's movie trivia . . .
  14. Friday's question: What are the call letters of Wolfman Jack's radio station in the 1974 film AMERICAN GRAFFITI? Good luck!
  15. I guess we're all feeling our way around the new boards today -- will be interesting to see what the TCM web staff has in store for us. But, to continue: Thursday's question: What film legend said, "When I saw my first film test, I ran from the projection room screaming"? Good luck!
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