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  1. Monday's question: What well-known actor used to be known as "Anglo-Saxon type 2008" when he worked for Central Casting? Good luck!
  2. Greetings, everybody! It's an uncertain day in the Queen City today, with the clouds coming and going -- so much that I've turned the lights on and off a couple of times while working at the computer thus far. But I think we're ready for another week of movie trivia now, so let's get to it!
  3. Yesterday's answer: Geraldine Page, who was nominated seven times before finally winning a Best Actress Oscar for THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL (1985). That's it for this week -- hope you enjoyed the Oscar trivia. And we'll see you back here on Monday!
  4. BEYOND THE FOREST, released in 1949, is owned by Warner Brothers. TCM controls only the Warner Brothers films released through 1948. So if TCM wanted to show BEYOND THE FOREST, they would have to lease it from Warner Brothers.
  5. Friday's question: What performer was nominated the most times before finally winning an acting Oscar? Good luck!
  6. Huzzah! Vallo and path named both films! Kudos to you both!
  7. Thursday's question: What two films hold the record for the most Oscar nominations (11) without a win? (Name either one.) Good luck!
  8. Hmm, no takers -- not even a guess? In 1990, AMPAS (the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) set a time limit of 45 seconds for an Oscar acceptance speech. The timer starts when the actor starts speaking. After 25 seconds, a red warning light flashes, and if the actor is still thanking everyone within earshot, the orchestra blares out exit music. With that time restriction, I can see why some stars go through a long laundry lists of people on the dais, which nevertheless makes three-quarters of a minute seem a lot longer.
  9. Wednesday's question: What is the current official time limit for Oscar acceptance speeches, as set by AMPAS rules? (Let's see if you can guess this exactly.) Good luck!
  10. Dead on, path! You are correct! Now stay tuned for Gabriel and the giant jackpot . . .
  11. Tuesday's question: Who was the first director to win the Oscar for his first film? Good luck!
  12. Filmlover, you are correct! It was John Wayne, who won the Oscar for TRUE GRIT, his 141st starring role. And you are so lucky to have met Norman Corwin! I know it was a thrill just to have been in My Client Curley, where I played four different roles in the production. That's the closest I've got!
  13. Monday's question: What film legend capped a long career by winning an Oscar for his 141st starring role? Good luck!
  14. Greetings, everybody! One of the delightlful surprises from last night's Oscar ceremony was hearing that Eric Simonson's A NOTE OF TRIUMPH: THE GOLDEN AGE OF NORMAN CORWIN had won the Oscar for Documentary Short Subject. Corwin was one of the few real poets of radio's golden age back in the '30s and '40s, and a real inspiration to anyone who ever wrote for radio at any time (including me -- 10 years ago I participated in a local re-creation of one of Corwin's most popular radio plays, My Client Curley, which was the basis for the 1944 Cary Grant film ONCE UPON A TIME). Corwin's first na
  15. First of all, although the TCM Movie Database lists over 120,000 titles, TCM owns only a small percentage of that -- about 3,500 feature-length films and 1,800 short subjects. That's the pre-1986 MGM films, the pre-1949 Warner Brothers films, and the entire RKO film library. As the TCM web staff explained in another post, there was a TCM Library Search feature, but they discontinued it because hardly anybody used it. However, after receiving numerous complaints about its absence, it looks like they will be restoring it at some future date, so sit tight and be patient.
  16. And MrWriteLA, you are correct! That's it for this week, everybody -- see you all on Monday!
  17. Friday's question: Who was the first performer to win an Oscar for a debut performance? Good luck!
  18. MrWriteLA is in first with the correct answer! Congrats!
  19. Thursday's question: In what film does Clifton Webb say, "If I live to be 100, I will never understand how any young man could come to Paris without evening clothes"? Good luck!
  20. You got this one, mongo! Good job! Edgar Buchanan described himself that way in PENNY SERENADE (1941) as he showed Cary Grant and Irene Dunne how to pin a diaper on their new baby.
  21. Wanet, the film you're looking for is Kevin Brownlow's IT HAPPENED HERE (1966).
  22. Wednesday's question: In what sentimental classic does Edgar Buchanan describe himself as "a one-pin man"? Good luck!
  23. You got it, feaito! THE LOVED ONE (1965) was based on the book by Evelyn Waugh, and must have been one of the few movies that really lived up to its advertising.
  24. Tuesday's question: What comedy from the mid-'60s was promoted as "the motion picture with something to offend everybody"? Good luck!
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