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  1. Monday's question: What actor -- who was certainly in a position to know -- once described an epic as "the easiest kind of picture to make badly"? Good luck!
  2. Greetings, everybody! The signs are encouraging -- the sun's up by the time I leave work, I can step outside in a sweatshirt and feel comfortable, and I've just realized my apartment is an ungodly mess. Yes, with March just around the corner, spring is surely on the way! And I'm taking my first swipe at my slovenly abode by labeling and shelving the VHS cassettes that have been piling up in the vicinity of my TV. Already the area looks 50 percent neater. But there's still a lot of cleaning and scrubbing to be done. In the meantime, however, let's get started on this week's movie
  3. Vallo, your answer is correct. Well done! That's all there is, there isn't any more -- till Monday. See you then!
  4. Friday's question: In what film does Marlon Brando say, "You know what luck is? Luck is believing you're lucky, that's all"? Good luck!
  5. Hmm . . . no other takers? Yesterday's answer: All three actors played Hugo Barnstead in the various cinematic incarnations of ONE SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Neil Hamilton in the original 1933 version with Gary Cooper, Jack Carson in the 1941 version with James Cagney (retitled STRAWBERRY BLONDE), and Don DeFore in the 1948 version with Dennis Morgan (under the original title).
  6. That's because the May schedule hasn't been posted yet.
  7. Thursday's question: What common movie role was played by Neil Hamilton, Jack Carson, and Don DeFore? (Hint: The first and third movies have the same title.) Good luck!
  8. Yes, you're right on both counts, vallo. It just occurred to me coming over here today that the mouse wasn't owned by Paul Edgecomb, but I couldn't think of the prisoner's name either! Thanks for coming up with both, and the mouse's name was Mr. Jingles. Just shows what can happen when you're recovering from food poisoning . . .
  9. Getting back on topic, Squdgy, have you considered a fictional movie city? Like Bedford Falls, for example? Or Sycamore Springs, the hometown of Nick Charles? Or what about Carvel, the Hardy family's hometown? I'm sure we could think of some others . . .
  10. Wednesday's question: What was the name of the pet mouse owned by Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) in the 1999 film THE GREEN MILE? Good luck!
  11. Vallo's in first with the correct answer! Good job!
  12. Tuesday's question: What film classic is based on the play Napoleon of Broadway by Charles Bruce Milholland? Good luck!
  13. Correct, path! Although Dick Haymes and Ava Gardner were briefly linked romantically in the 1960s, they never married.
  14. Monday's question: Of Artie Shaw, Mickey Rooney, Dick Haymes, and Frank Sinatra, who was not married to Ava Gardner? Good luck!
  15. Greetings, everybody! Now that the sun is up by the time I get off work at 7 am, I keep reminding myself that spring is not far behind. In fact, the hope of spring is sometimes the only thing that keeps me going these days, which is why I like this poem by the late E. Y Harburg (of "Over The Rainbow" fame): My heart is like the willow That bends, but never breaks. It sighs when summer jilts her, It sings when April wakes. So, you who come a-smiling With summer in your eyes, Do not think that your beguiling Will take me by surprise. My heart is set for aching The moment you
  16. Tracey, you are indeed correct. Okay, that's it for this week! See you all on Monday!
  17. By the way, the first film with a scene in three-strip Technicolor was THE CAT AND THE FIDDLE with Ramon Novarro and Jeanette MacDonald, released earlier in 1934. I think HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD might have been the second.
  18. Friday's question: In what film does Bette Davis say, "Mustard!" right after kissing her leading man? Good luck!
  19. All right, I'll end the suspense. Claude Rains said it in DECEPTION (1946), the last of four films he made with Bette Davis. (Interesting that the other three films -- JUAREZ, MR. SKEFFINGTON, and NOW, VOYAGER -- came up as guesses, too!) And moviejoe, where you been all this time? Good to see you back!
  20. Thursday's question: In what movie does Claude Rains say, "They call me a great man, but it's the loneliest animal in the world"? Good luck!
  21. Yeah, you got it, Scarlett! 'Way to go! SUDDEN IMPACT (1984) was the third of four movies starring Clint Eastwood as "Dirty Harry" Callahan. Matter of fact, I use an altered version of a Dirty Harry speech for the message on my answering machine. It either breaks people up or scares them to death! By the way, Scarlett, I really liked your post on how you organize and store your DVDs. I've used albums to store my old radio CDs, but never gave a thought to storing my DVDs the same way. You make it sound like fun -- I'll have to mull that over.
  22. Wednesday's question: Lest we forget, in what movie did Clint Eastwood famously say, "Go ahead -- make my day"? Good luck!
  23. Good guesses all . . . but incorrect! Yesterday's answer: Jodie Foster, after winning the Best Actress Oscar for THE ACCUSED (1988).
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