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  1. DC, I was wondering where you were. Nice to hear from you; I hope you are well and making it through the winter. Think Spring! Lawrence Tierney is right - what are you, a Seinfeld addict? He only played Elaine's father once and I heard he scared everyone on the set and was never asked back. Famous as "Dillinger" and brother of Scott Brady. Today's Trivia 101: In his first feature film, this director did a cameo as a "john" of the title chaWho is the director, what is the movie, and who is the leading lady?racter. Ralph
  2. Mongo - Whatever happened to all the red and blue ink and those little squiggly things? Where is Melanie and her feather? I don't see colors anymore! Thank God! Did someone officially complain (I just skipped right over them - they hurt my eyes)? But I think you can still use those "happy face" things, can't you? Is that a TCM policy now? Happy faces are o.k., colored ink and feathers are not? Just wondering. Ralph
  3. stoneyburke, you have got to get over this obsession. It's unnatural! If you don't find some kind of support group right away, I'm going to get Mongo and Feaito and Larry and Liz together and we'll do an intervention (maybe the first internet intervention ever, we'll make history)! Or does this call for an exorcism? Whatever, it's for your own good, sweetheart. Besides, and I don't mean to contribute to your complete breakdown, but who the hell is Warren William? Something to do with the movies? Remember, this hurts me more than it does you. Ralph
  4. Thanks, feaito. You're right, "A Majority of One," by Leonard Spigelgas. I wonder why they never cast a Japanese to play the love interest opposite Gertrude Berg or Rosalind Russell? I saw this on Broadway years ago and the most memorable moment in the entire play was when Gertrude Berg performed some sort of Jewish ceremony with candles at a table - I remember that most of the audience broke into applause. I had no idea why. It was a good show but Cedric Hardwicke looked about as Japanese as I do. Today's Trivia 101: Elaine's dad. Brother also actor. Now, I am off to Thail
  5. Charlie, that was very funny, but MrWriteLA is correct. Now, what's the name of the movie? Ralph
  6. Hi Charlie - Nice to hear from you again, even if you are so wrong. British guy with an English accent - you're on the right track. Trivia 101, Clue#2: Molly Goldberg and Auntie Mame. Ralph
  7. So are we to assume that you wouldn't? Suture self. Ralph
  8. You're right, Mongo. Gig Young took his professional name from the character he played in "The Gay Sisters." (Back when gay had a different meaning than today, huh)? Today's Trivia 101: Sir Alec Guinness and Sir Cedric Hardwicke played the same character - one on the stage and one in the movies. What is the character's name? Good luck. Ralph
  9. Thanks, Mongo. I thought of Nazimova when I was asking this question, but I thought she always used her first name - Alla. Wrong? She was simply billed as Nazimova? Capucine (of the affair with William Holden fame) is a Cher/Madonna situation - she was known by only the one name. If someone was asked to name movie stars who went by one name, Cher, Madonna (movie star? yes, I guess so), Capucine, would surely be on the list. Would Garbo and Nazimova? Piaf was never billed simply as "Piaf " in the movies. In concert, yes - movies, no. Sure we went to see Gable and Boga
  10. You're right, Fred. 1943's "Lassie Come Home," also featuring the young and lovely Elizabeth Taylor. New Trivia 101: Oscar winner, took screen name from Stanwyck movie. Ralph
  11. Mongo, I have a question. Greta Garbo is Star of the Month over here; I don't know if it's the same in the States. Anyway, I tuned in to see "The Painted Veil" and the opening credits read: Metro Goldwyn Mayer presents GARBO in THE PAINTED VEIL. I can't remember seeing a studio use only the star's last name in the opening credits of a movie, can you. (Now please, everyone, don't jump in here with Cher or Madonna or Lassie; they only use one name professionally. Garbo used both her first and last name). Is there another instance where a star used only one name? Why not HEPBURN &am
  12. Thanks for informing us, Vallo. I didn't even know until I saw your thread. Maureen Stapleton has always been one of my favorites, from the first time I saw her - "Lonelyhearts" with Montgomery Clift. She could't sing or dance a lick, and yet her "Queen of the Stardust Ballroom" was wonderful and still a favorite today (made into a Broadway musical with Dorothy Loudon called simply "Ballroom"). I saw her on Broadway in a Neil Simon comedy where she played a Judy Garland-type, washed up singer, divorced with one daughter, etc. I forget the name of it, but she was, as always, wonderfu
  13. Trivia 101 Clue #4: McDowell and Crisp and and Taylor; love lost and love found. Name of movie? Character actress and husband who appeared in it (their first movie together) after fifty years of marriage? Ralph
  14. Maurice Chevalier, "Mimi, You Naughty Little Good-for-Nothing, Mimi."
  15. Stoneyburke - I am ashamed to admit it, but you got me. Good! Lauren and Bogie were magic together, no doubt about it. And I now know where "there" is, thanks to you. And you're right, like the song says, "it'll never come again." But, my dear, that paragraph on Meryl Streep is pure blasphemy. I cannot tolerate that. No way. You will go to your room immediately without any supper and read Robert Waller's "Bridges of Madison County" until you learn to appreciate great art and great artists. Now!! Remember, I'll be listening. Ralph (Mr. Taylor to you).
  16. Charlie, you know you're aces with me, kid. You can play the lead. Unfortunately, when the movie opens he is found floating face-down in the river and we never see him on screen - we only hear his voice. Perhaps just as well, huh, Charlie? And, to attract the masses, I'm thinking of setting it in Belle Watling's place in war-torn Atlanta where she is staging an all nude revue - of men!! Sort of a "Full Monty" meets "Mrs. Henderson" meets "Sunset Boulevard." But definitely not a remake of anything. A rip-off, maybe, but not a remake. Bertrand, you see what you have started?
  17. Sure, that's what they all say. But I have pictures!! I think Sasheen is alive and well and working in a casino in Northern Michigan. Again, just a rumor. Ralph
  18. Trivia 101 - Clue #3: . . . or Kiri or Edna. But we must mention Pal. Now, for that extra clue, you must name the character actress and the movie. Gramdc, where are you when I need you? Ralph
  19. What's an Ordet? A stage play? A director? What is it? Ralph
  20. Leo, I absolutely agree with you; there's nothing wrong with porno so long as it has a decent story, good lighting and directing. But I would add, good acting is a must. But the good stuff gets harder and harder to find - you sure have to watch a lot of dreck to find that socially redeemable stuff. This has got to be the funniest topic on these boards. CineSage made me chuckle out loud (again). I even laughed at stoneyburke - I hadn't heard anyone called "toots" in quite a while. Ralph
  21. Now stoneyburke, you know as well as I do, everyone kissed Bogie!! He was imminently kissable (he was married four times, you know). A sweetheart of a guy. And Miss Bacall has done alright for herself in that department; she's kissed a few frogs during the years since Bogie has been gone. What is "there?" Everyone knows there is no "there" there. Bacall did appear in movies that will last for some time (I doubt 1,000 years). But they were usually Bogie movies or Peck movies or Marilyn movies - can you name a Bacall movie? If Brando had come out and mumbled incoherently, I woul
  22. The two plots are completely different. One is about a chorus girl who works in a theatre in war-torn London and her romance with a visiting Yank. The other is about a wealthy dowager in war-torn London who restores a theater and makes it a success by presenting naked ladies on-stage. "Mrs. Henderson Presents" is an original screenplay and is not a remake of anything. If I wrote a screenplay about star-crossed lovers in war-torn Atlanta, would it be a remake of "Gone With the Wind?" No, it would just be a screenplay taking place in the same locale during the same period. It woul
  23. Trivia 101 - Clue #2: Julie and Judi and Judith - not to mention Elizabeth. Ralph
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