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  1. filmlover - I agree with your entire list, with one exception. I enjoyed "Umbrellas of Cherbourg" very much. Catherine, the scenery and the music - yes, I liked it all. My biggest disappointment was "A Chorus Line," although it's not the worst musical ever made. It was just a great personal disappointment to me. I see they're doing a revival on Broadway - I hope they do it right and it's a smash all over again. Ralph
  2. Blocked out? Now, who would do that? I thought you had died and gone to heaven! (Or maybe changed your name again). Nice to see you back with us, Helen. Ralph
  3. Big C, small h, a, r, l, i, e - I wondered where you were; do you only come out at night? Do you, too, have a death wish? Just asking. Ralph
  4. And I had to watch "Debbie Does Dallas" three times before I realized it wasn't a part of the "Dallas" TV series and that Miss Ellie wasn't even in it! Imagine my disappointment!
  5. Good for you, movieman1957. What gave it away? The "14 movies with John Wayne?" Anyway, Hank Worden is right - I think his most memorable role was as Old Mose in one of my favorites, "The Searchers." Here's today's Trivia 101: A favorite character actress and her husband appeared together for the first time in what movie (they had already been married for over fifty years)? Good luck. Someday I'm going to stump somebody, I swear to God! Ralph
  6. Larry - I had a friend who worked for the U.S. State Department who was stationed in Ottawa; she said it was "all politics, all the time." Kathleen Robertson - you're right. That's the actress from "Torso." Just a beautiful woman and she sure played that role to the hilt; I think she smoked more cigarettes in that movie than Bette Davis in her prime. I'm afraid the only throne I'm in line for has nothing to do with royalty. As I recall, and I may be wrong, I believe the Lao government threw their last King into a cave where he died - and it wasn't that long ago. They've had
  7. My dear Silentfan66 - Good. I was afraid I'd offended you. A semi-normal mom with a sense of humor who likes rap - your kids must be the envy of the neighborhood. My problem is, I wouldn't know "half-assed" from good rap. I'll do that - I'll see if I can find a copy of "Hustle and Flow" and watch it with you in mind. And "Wallace and Grommet" (about which I know nothing) and "Grizzley Man" which I saw being discussed on the Discovery channel recently. Was that guy nuts? What other explanation is there? I mean, I enjoy my ducks but . . . . c'mon. I agree - I like Dolly but
  8. Oh don't be so sure, CineSage. I heard of Vera Ralston long before I ever heard of Mr. Yates. My mother read everything; one of her favorite books was "Jubilee Trail," which was made into a movie starring Miss Ralston. To which our mother dragged us. Not a bad movie at all. But she really couldn't act, Larry. And some people say she didn't want to, that it was her husband, Herbert Yates who was promoting her and keeping her in front of the camera. After he died, I don't think she ever made another movie (and don't say it was by popular demand, CineSage, you old cynic, you). Thelma R
  9. Thanks, everyone. I enjoyed reading your responses - and your opinions. Larry and Liz, you know as well as I do that old stars never die and seldom fade away if given a chance to appear. Here's my idea for next year: Meryl and Lily to co-host. Theme: Yesterday and Today; presenters who appear in pairs are stars of yesteryear and of today. For example, Kim Novak with Ashton Kutcher. June Allyson with Russell Crowe. Jane Powell and Colin Firth. Sally Field and Tom Hanks (together again!). And on and on. But don't drag out the ill and infirm - only those who can operate under their
  10. Right, MrWriteLA. This documentary, by John Mayles (is that last name spelled correctly?) focuses on the lives of Jackie Kennedy's cousin and aunt who were found living in squalor in a huge old mansion in The Hamptons, New York. They called themselves Big Edie and Little Edie and are currently being played in an off-Broadway musical by Christine Ebersole and Mary Louise Wilson. They were, also, crazy as bedbugs. But funny - the documentary, "The Grey Gardens" is a fascinating look into a truly bizarre lifestyle. New Trivia 101: This wonderful old character actor died of natural cau
  11. Hi Silentfan66 - I haven't seen "Hustle and Flow" yet - and probably won't. Sounds like I'm missing an exciting soundtrack - "Whomp that Trick" or "Cold Out Here for a Pimp." I just wouldn't know which one to vote for in Best Song category. I'm just kidding. I read your post and laughed out loud when I read that there is a song in the movie called "Whomp that Trick." Someone sure has a way with words! What did your other guests think of the winning song? No problem? Ralph
  12. O.K., Mr. Calgary, I'll start off by nominating Vera Hruba Ralston. She is truly forgotten except for lovers of truly bad movies (or lovers of rags-to-riches sagas). But my real favorites (and largely forgotten) are Beulah Bondi, the two Mildred's (Natwick and Dunnock), Henry Jones (the old scene-stealer), Nina Foch, Allyn McLerie (remember her?), Jo Van Fleet (one of the best), Virginia Gregg, Iris Adrian (the best switchboard operator ever) and, here's one for you - Veda Ann Borg (another scene stealer). Incidentally, I watched "The Philadelphia Story" night-before-last and, muc
  13. Hi Bertrand - Welcome to the TCM message boards. "Mrs. Henderson Presents" is an original screenplay - not a remake. By David and Kathy Rose and Martin Sherman. There have been lots and lots of old movies about "let's put on a show" or "let's restore an old theater and put on a show." Maybe you're thinking of one of them. Old movies = no nudity (in most cases, right)? Certainly, no nudity as this movie has (full frontal male, etc.). Ralph
  14. Well, shoot! As usual, a day late and a dollar short. I write this long diatribe, post it and go down the page and here's everyone - all done and forgotten. Shoot! You can take your Norman Vincent and Peale him.
  15. It's 11:30 on Wednesday evening here, 11:30 a.m. on the East coast, and I just finished watching the Oscars. I know, they were on a couple of days ago in the states, but they just finished ten minutes ago in Asia. So, what did you think? First, I have to say that I enjoyed the show. As you may know from earlier postings, I'm not a fan of Jon Stewart. But I thought he did a very good job tonight. His Bjork/Cheney joke was funny. Thank God he didn't get into his political humor and kept "Brokeback Mountain" jokes to just a couple. I was pleasantly surprised (but I still can't stand The
  16. Mongo, you old smoothie! Where have you been (I know the answer to that; I read you just about everyday). Anyway, you're absolutely right - Billy did the "Dueling Banjo's" number in "Deliverance." New Trivia 101: The aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, these sisters are the subject of what acclaimed documentary? Ralph
  17. Fred, you've got your award shows mixed up - that was the Tony's. Ralph
  18. But MrWriteLA, the simple answer is: Who is "from Brazil, where the nuts come from?" - Charlie's Aunt. Name of movie - "Where's Charley?" The line, "from Brazil, where the nuts come from," is from the musical version. New Trivia 101: Billy Redden. What did he do and in what movie? Ralph
  19. I'm sorry - what is John Favreau's Dinner for Five? Lidsville? What am I missing? Ralph
  20. "Memo," by David O. Selznick. It's a fascinating look at a producer at the top of his game - and his later fall from grace. From his purchasing and producing "Gone With the Wind," "Rebecca," and other great movies. A big, thick book but an easy read - always interesting. I also enjoyed "Swanson by Swanson." But you have to be careful; many of these books were not written by the stars at all. Ralph
  21. You're right, MrWriteLA - "The Inn of the Sixth Happiness," with Ingrid Berman and (I'm pretty sure) Curt Jurgens. Based on the book "The Little Woman" by Alan Burgess. Good movie. O.K., here's another Trivia 101: Who was "from Brazil, where the nuts come from?" And what was the name of the movie? Ralph
  22. How about Charles Nelson Reilly?
  23. No, Charlie, it's not "The Good Earth." I think Luise Rainer won Best Actress oscar for "The Good Earth," didn't she? Next Trivia 101 Clue: Taiwanese government said, "Sorry, you can't film that here." (Or words to that effect). Ralph
  24. Hi Theo - Welcome! I am presently living in Laos and I have no idea where my TCM comes from; certainly it is not the one they talk about on these boards. I get none of the frills (have never seen Mr. Osborne). We usually get four movies every day, repeated over and over until the following day when we get four different movies. I don't think this is what they get in the States. It's Oscar month I guess - almost over, and I'm still waiting for "Bridges of Madison County." However, thank God for small favors. Ralph
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