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  1. You're right, duffylab - Kathleen Freeman, who played a variety of neighborhood gossips, busybodies and eccentrics. Also known as Mother Mary Stigmata. O.K., here's today's Trivia 101: Director was nominated for Academy Award - Best Director. Leading lady nominated for Golden Globe and BAFTA - Best Actress. This much-loved movie was filmed in Wales - not in Asia. Good luck. Ralph
  2. In the U.S., it was called "War of the Gargantuas" and Kipp Hamilton was a singer in it (I don't remember it's Japanese title).
  3. You're right, MrWriteLA - Frank Albertson, Mabel Albertson and Jack Albertson; two brothers and a sister whom we've all seen over the years. Mabel is the lady with the handbag who steals all her scenes in "What's Up, Doc" (unless Madeline Kahn is on-screen with her; then it's a toss-up). Here's today's Trivia 101: This grand old character actress had a career lasting from 1948 to 2001. Although she is not a household name, she has one of those "Oh, I know her!" faces. She was nominated for a Tony (her biggest role ever) in a musical; she died five days after her last performance on
  4. CineSage - Are there musical numbers in the original Broadway production which are not in the movie? I've seen the movie and stage productions and can't remember a difference. What am I forgetting? I do know that when Gertrude Lawence was starring in it on Broadway (with Yul billed below the title), the story was about a teacher and her experiences in Siam. When Yul starred in it on Broadway it was about the King of Siam and his experiences with an English teacher. And when Angela Lansbury played it on Broadway, she went back to the Gertrude Lawrence version. It's called "star power.
  5. So, did they get married before she died? Does he inherit as a husband - or as a friend in her will?
  6. See what I mean? None of these people will come up with a complete one-week programming schedule. It's much easier to come up with clever one-liners.
  7. Is "The Searchers" an original screenplay or is it based on a book or short story (as "Brokeback Mountain" is)? Even though "The Searchers" is my second favorite movie of all time, I don't know the answer to this. Pkease don't tell me it's based on a Louis Lamour novel! CineSage, I agree with your first paragraph (although I have never wondered if Ethan was pure white - whatever that is). But not with your second paragraph; what is that based on? Unless I have forgotten something, Ethan's motivation (the heart of the story) is simply to find the girls. It is when he discovers what has
  8. You're right, Vallo - "The Odd Couple." From Art and Walter to Jack and Walter to Tony and Jack to Matthew and Nathan. It won't stop. I'm waiting for the musical! Seriously, I've thought for years that someone would make a musical out of this - I wonder if it's ever been tried. Ayres - "The Producers" began with Zero and Gene in the original movie and then to Nathan and Matthew (the musical version - on Broadway and on the screen). Here's today's Trivia 101: What is the connecting link between "Psycho," "What's Up, Doc," and "The Subject Was Roses?" Good luck - I think that
  9. The excellent, scene-stealing Henry Jones.
  10. Does anyone really think that the habitual complainers are going to try this? Do you think anyone will try it? It's a helluva lot harder to program for an entire week than it is to sit down and write a pessimistic/woe-is-me letter. I'm looking forward to all the entries; all those people who will take the time and effort to sit down and program for an entire week. Sure! I've been with TCM for less than a year and can honestly say that I haven't watched HBO, Cinemax, Star Movies, The Hallmark Channel, or MGM Movie Channel more than two or three times in the last year. That's the tru
  11. Good luck with the lottery, Charlie. I look forward to the grand opening of "Goodtime Charlie's." Ralph
  12. I thought it was too easy! O.K, here's another clue: It began with Art and Walter and has come all the way to Nathan and Matthew. Ralph
  13. I watched it again, too - and enjoyed it as much as ever. And will enjoy it again, no matter what channel it is on. Maybe I will even drag out my DVD copy and watch it. It's one of my favorite movies of all time. And the book is well worth a trip to the library. I hope everyone enjoyed it and appreciates the fact that the film has been restored to glorious color and crisp, clear sound so that our children and grand-children will be able to enjoy it.
  14. But the fact is that it didn't cost $60 million to make . . . And I guess you're saying the Oscar broadcast will have low ratings, right? Again, we'll see. $72 million (and it's really more than that) is a large head count. And don't confuse the subject - we're not talking about best, we're talking about popular. Many people liked "Mystic River;" I didn't see it. I would personally like to see "Capote" win for best actor/best picture. But I don't think it will. Ralph
  15. You're right about it's being obscure. "Maniac," 1934. He also directed the less obscure, "Reefer Madness."
  16. CharlieT - I, for one, never think of you as a "one-sentence-canned-comment-charlie." Much more a "Goodtime Charlie." Ralph
  17. Thanks, lz. But doesn't AFI have restoration projects going on at all times? Don't they use the money raised from different venues (i.e., AFI Salute on TV, charity dinners, etc.) for restoration money? Otherwise, where else would anyone get the money for restoration? The National Endowment for the Arts? Do the studios donate money? Isn't USC involved somehow? I didn't know about George Feltenstein and the crew at Warner Brothers. Are they still there? What's the story here? They have a library of films under their control? Films other than Warner Bros. releases? Who funds them
  18. So how's that for a box-office victory? What's your beef? "Brokeback Mountain" is a huge popular and critical success. And next week, it will probably take home more Oscars than any other film (we'll see). I'm sure you have an answer (or reason) for all this hoopla, but please get your facts straight before you put them in writing. You can like the movie or you can hate the movie, but you can't dispute the facts. Ralph
  19. It's not what TCM is all about. It's what good movie-making is all about! TCM does not produce movies, they purchase them from someone who has already made them. And try not to forget, "Gone With the Wind" has been shown many times on many channels over the years - not just on TCM. In the beginning was the word, in this case, Margaret Mitchell's word. But we are not seeing a book, are we? We are seeing an adaptation of a book. So who cares what happened in the book? Is it really important that we know that it even was a book? Do we have to know that Scarlett had more children in t
  20. Right, feaito - Marlene and Rudy were never divorced. Now, to stay on the same subject, Here is today's Trivia 101: Who said this? In what movie? "I didn't say it was a happy marriage; I said it was a long marriage." Too easy? Ralph
  21. Larry - So we're never to old to learn from our parents, are we? They can still amaze us! I know about Mr. Wrangler's spectacular endowment (don't ask!), and now I remember the talk around town as to why Margaret Whiting stuck with him. Ralph
  22. lzcutter - I knew she wasn't referring to you. And she is right, you know. There are several people on these boards who think TCM is much more than a commercial movie channel and can do no wrong. Read these threads (as I know you do) and you'll see who she is talking to. Ralph
  23. Hi feaito - Joanne Woodward is not on the AFI Top 25 list. Sophia Loren divorced Carlo Ponti and remarried him several years later (so she has been divorced, even though she has only been married to one man). Grace Kelly is correct - who is the other? Ralph
  24. I saw it years ago on TV. I don't really see how anything with Bette Davis and Michael Redgrave can be all bad. Patrick - your question implies it was released in other countries; is that true? Ralph
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