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  1. CharlieT - Thanks for making me laugh; this thread is hilarious (sometimes unintentionally). But Charlie, it was Jane (not Eleanor) Powell who made men of the Pontipee boys. Keep it up! Ralph
  2. duffylab - That's a good, educated guess - Eddie Albert and his wife Margo. And it's right! They appeared in only two movies together. Most famous roles? She was Maria in the original "Lost Horizon," the girl who goes out into the world and ages before our eyes, remember? And I think Eddie Albert was most famous for his role as Oliver Wendell Douglas on "Green Acres," right? Even though he had appeared on Broadway and made dozens of movies over the years. The other couples mentioned don't fit the clue. Joel and Frances made several movies together (five, I think). Paul and Joa
  3. Duffylab - nope, it's not Frances Dee and Joel McCrea. And CharlieT, it's not Ronald and Nancy either. Do either of these couples fit the clue? I know they both had long marriages (over 40 years?), but did either couple appear in two movies together? I haven't researched this, so I truly don't know. If either couple matches the clue exactly, I've screwed up. It's the human factor, you know . . . Anyway, here's another clue: Their most famous roles? Maria, meet Oliver. Good luck, everyone. Ralph
  4. Bing Crosby, Shadow Waltz, "Gold Diggers of 1933".
  5. Larry - And I always get them confused. Wasn't it Natwick in "The Corn is Green?" So good!! And wasn't Dunnock in "Baby Doll?" I don't remember, really. but they were both excellent actresses. And it was Natwick in "The Quiet Man," right? And who was the lady who played the mother in "Sergeant York?" She was terrific, too. Ralph
  6. Mongo - "prick" is a perfectly good word!
  7. Path40 - we finally agree on something! Those %$^$!!! html tags are an abomination. And that feather . . .
  8. Right, duffylab - "Flower Drum Song." A good musical with lots of atmosphere, good songs and dances. I haven't seen it in years - is it on DVD? Myoshi Umeki - remember her (Academy Award for "Sayonara")? And every Asian actor in Hollywood. Today's Trivia 101: They were married for over 40 years but only appeared in two movies together. Who are they? Ralph
  9. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie . . . They don't get it!
  10. Well, folks, I guess the rules of the game have just changed. You can now just post anything you want on these boards. No holds barred. February 22, 2006 - the day TCM just threw in the towel. Anything goes!! If those quotes are really your "faves," lucky, it's a shame. Not an uplifting or positive one in the bunch. Is life really that bad??? I sure won't have to worry about offending anyone anymore, will I?
  11. Right on, traceyk65 - "The Yearling." Recast and released in 1946 with Gregory Peck, Jane Wyman and Claude Jarman, Jr. Good movie, huh? Today's Trivia 101: Name this song and the movie it's from: "Hula hoops and nuclear war, Dr. Salk and Zsa Zsa Gabor, Harry Truman, Truman Capote, and Dewey." Ralph
  12. Judy Garland, The Man That Got Away, from "A Star is Born?" (I think . . .).
  13. Ayres - that's funny!! I've never heard that one, although I thought I had watched all of the "You Bet Your Life" series. But tell me more; how did they win 8 cents? What amount did they start with - a penny? Remember when Jack Benny won (what was it, $64?) on "The 64,000 Question" and he took the money and quit? Ralph
  14. Movieman - had they started filming "The Man Who Would be King" and then abandoned it? Bogart and Gable were replaced after filming scenes for the movie? I don't think so. If they were, you got me good!!!! Nope, that's not the one I'm looking for. Ralph
  15. I loved "The Searchers," still do. I'd watch it again today if it was on. I think it's John Wayne's (and John Ford's) best. I know I'm in the minority, but as they say on these boards, IMHO. Unfortunately, some people on these boards won't even watch it 'cause it's not old enough for them to consider it a classic. Too bad. Ralph
  16. I knew that was coming!!! Ralph ... than any other actor (other than John Wayne, that is). O.K.?
  17. You're right, feaito - "In and Out," directed by Frank Oz. Joan Cusack (Oscar and Golden Globe nominee): "I need a heterosexual male, CODE RED!" A funny movie. Today's Trivia 101: This movie was begun in 1941, abandoned, recast, filmed and released years later. Name the movie and the original 1941 stars. Ralph
  18. . . . and on the seventh day he rests.
  19. Larry - That's the guy, Jack Wrangler! Both he and Margaret wrote books about their relationship. I remember her saying that she thought he was faithful but found out that he had gone back to making gay movies. I'm surprised to hear they are still together. She was a big lady - about twice the size of Jack. But she was terrific in "Taking My Turn" which I once had an old VHS copy of (with Marni Nixon, Thelma Houston (Whitney's mom) and a bunch of Broadway veterans). A good show with some wonderful songs. Anyway, that rumor was all over NYC in the mid 80's (about Dolores being Jac
  20. Chicken! For shame! And Leo, does Robert Osborne choose what films are shown on TCM? If he does, he is surely too busy to read these message boards.
  21. Larry - Do you remember the rumor going around many years ago, that Dolores Gray was the mother of a gay porn star (I forget his name, but he was married to - or just living with - Margaret Whiting, the singer)? This was about the time Margaret Whiting was doing "Taking My Turn" off-Broadway. Is she still alive, do you know? I saw Dolores Gray on-stage in "Gypsy" - she was terrific! Ralph
  22. No takers? Not even a guess? O.K., here's Clue #2: Although it is certainly not a classic, this movie received excellent reviews and it's leading man was nominated for a Golden Globe (Best Actor - Comedy), it's leading lady was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress, and (here's the giveaway), it's two male leads were nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss (long before Brokeback Mountain). Got it now? Ralph
  23. Hi Larry - Nice to hear from you! And a belated Happy Birthday (I didn't even know; nobody tells me anything). Anyway, many, many more . . . Norma Varden was always memorable. Even for those who have never heard the name, they would recognize the face. And she often had no lines in a film at all, and seldom more than one or two. Remember Evelyn Varden (related to Norma - I don't think so)? Excellent in "Night of the Hunter" and "The Bad Seed." And she usually played the same character, an old busy-body buttinski. Type casting. A lot of that going around. Getting read
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