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  1. tcmweb1, I just wanted to pop in this one final time to say that although there are people happy with the upgrade, for which I'm glad, it has been a total failure for me. I am posting this here, as e-mail messages sent to you directly have been largely ignored. I posted a message stating that I would no longer post here a couple of weeks ago. But I at least planned on reading other's posts once a week or so. However, I see that my old posts are STILL not out there on the board under my name, so, due to your negligence, I no longer have any reason to even visit the TCM boards. Your service and response, for me anyway, has been abysmal. So, at this point, if you could at least accomplish this much, I want you to unregister me on the TCM board. Remove ALL of my account information from this board ASAP. Also, as a courtesy, I would like you to find my 440 posts (they won't be hard to find, as they are all still addressed to 'GUEST,' and delete them from the board, as well. I truly want nothing to do with this 'Upgraded' message board. Can you handle that? You gave me ZERO service on my first request, so if you want to redeem yourself in my eyes, unregister me and please delete all of my posts. I won't visit the TCM board again for ANY reason, so I will just have to assume you will take care of this for me. Either way, I no longer care. What a complete and utter disappointment....... Formerly, KeithFromKC
  2. I just wanted to pop in one last time to say what a pleasure I had posting here on the TCM Message Board and to thank all of you who have conversed with me the past couple of years that I've been around. The movie fans on this board are amongst the friendliest and brightest on the planet! I truly believe that. So, it's with a heavy heart that I will no longer post here. The reason I am leaving this board is, of course, this crazy upgrade and how it not only wiped out the number of posts I had acquired (which I didn't mind all that much), but how ALL of my posts switched from my username and are all now addressed to 'Guest.' It's as if my whole identity and history here has been wiped out, and the worst part is that after several emails to the webmaster for help with this situation, I received NO response at all. Not even an email to state that I might receive help. If that's the kind of service I could expect in the future from the TCM staff, well, I'd rather do without. To say I'm not happy with the 'results' of this upgrade would be an understatement. This Message Board has been a nice distraction (and a valuable education) for me and I loved reading everyone's opinions, even when I didn't agree with them. I will always love Turner Classic Movies and will continue to watch (and tape) on a regular basis. I really enjoyed most of the threads that I was involved in, not that you'd know, because again, my history has been wiped out. So, I will miss this more than I could possibly explain. I just couldn't bow out without thanking all of those who were so kind to me here. There are so many names, and I won't remember them all, but thanks, Mongo, feaito, Helen/Brackenhe, Kenwalk04, Coffedan, nickdimeo, stoneyburke, vecchiolarry, ayresorchids, path40a, patypancake, classicsfan, moviejoe79, slappy3500, therealfuster, and gosh, anyone who I have forgotten. You guys are movie fans of the highest caliber. It's been a blast and I wish you the best of everything in the future. God bless you, and Happy Viewing! ......Oh, and one last recommendation, if you'll indulge me: If you've never seen Wim Wender's 1988 German film, WINGS OF DESIRE, try to watch or tape it when it comes to TCM on December 27. The film is a beacon of light in the vanguard of Modern Cinema, and is my personal favorite film of all-time (don't know what that says about me!). The film has more depth and soul than any dozen Hollywood films. It's definitely heady stuff. Anyway, it's been an absolute pleasure spending time with you......Take care, everyone!
  3. Can this be done for me, as well?? Also, will my past messages (all 400+) be back out on the board under my name, instead of 'GUEST?' It's as if my whole history here has been erased........I am NOT happy with the upgrade, if anyone's keeping count.
  4. TCMWEB1, Again, my question would be, where did my name go on the 400+ posts I've made here? It's as if I never existed here. I am glad that someone likes the new upgrade, but I'm finding it hard to use. Maybe it's just not worth coming back to....this really sucks.
  5. The problem I am having with this lousy upgrade, is that all of my message (400+) are addressed to guest, instead of KeithFromKC, so it's as if my whole identity has been erased from the board. I sent a complaint to the tech staff, but this really makes me upset. The few threads I actually started, don't even have my name on them. So, on the new board, this will be the first message that actually has my name attached to it. What a mess.........
  6. I don't always buy the whole 'Red State, Blue State' comparison, nsallieharding. I say this, because I think that a lot of people feel that most everyone in the 'Bible Belt' is a God-fearing, die-hard conservative, which just isn't true. I am SURROUNDED by Red States, yet still am exposed to a wide range of poltical viewpoints. To each his own, but I am usually not simpatico with the whole Red State political agenda. You mention Bill Maher, who I admire as well. I saw him live here in KC about two months ago, and he even debunked the myth of the whole Red State/Blue State mentality. He reminded us (not that he needed it) that the last Presidential election was just as close in this part of the country, as it was most everywhere else. I don't think that you are really generalizing here, but I find myself having to defend this part of the country sometimes, because I have several friends on the East coast that think we're all Bush-supporting, NASCAR-loving **** in these parts. Anyway, the question originally posed here is going to divide people.
  7. I couldn't agree more with you, tracey65k. Be it the stars of yesterday, or any of our modern celebrities, their sexual preferences are just not an issue with me. I am aware of many stars, past and present, who were rumored to be gay or bisexual, and it doesn't taint my opinion of them one bit. As long as they are interesting to watch onscreen, that's enough for me. Now if someone who is vastly celebrated, yet, underneath it all, is a horrible actor/actress (I so badly want to name names here, but I'll refrain), well, that's when the gloves come off.......
  8. Mare Winningham as future legend!? Wow, I may have to break out my old, dusty copy of ST. ELMO'S FIRE and give it another assessment. I must have missed something there...........
  9. I have been a fan of Isabelle Huppert for a very long time, zooty. Juliette Binoche, as well. Although both have made English-speaking films, the bulk of their work has been in French films, as you know. They both do great work, but many Americans are probably remotely aware of their talents. Speaking of French actresses, I always enjoy anything that Emmanuelle Beart does (with the exception of her small role in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2). Beart is one of the modern film world's great beauties, as well as possessing a wealth of talent. Her amazing performance in UN COEUR EN HIVER (A Heart In Winter, released in 1993) is incredible and the film remains one of my Top-Ten movies of all-time (which I included on the thread here including our 10 favorite films). There are many actors and actresses doing tremendous film work all over the world. Always have been. Perhaps that's another thread for another time. When considering what stars will be looked back as legendary, we automatically think of Hollywood stars, who are pretty much the most popular in the world. But anyone who enjoys foreign films knows that there are actors in other parts of the world that have just as much talent and depth as anyone in Hollywood. Hopefully they will be held in the same light as the legends of Hollywood.
  10. As I was writing composing my 'rant,' I missed your post, Larry. You mentioned the lack of good material being offered to actors today, which I more or less repeated. It's a really important factor in the scarcity of stand-out performers these days. Anyway, I do like your choices.....
  11. I wholeheartedly agree with your choice of Cate Blanchett, rinkrat58. I have raved about her on these boards in the past and think she is hands-down the best film-actress working today. She just keeps evolving and continues to choose interesting projects. Hillary Swank has definitely improved as an actress, and I have always loved Emma Thompson, but I don't see her onscreen as often as I did a decade ago, which is a shame. If I can add an actor to stand beside Blanchett as my pick for future legends, I'm really a fan of Ralph Fiennes' work (That silly J-Lo film notwithstanding). Fiennes was so powerful in SCHINDLER'S LIST and was brilliant in such films as QUIZ SHOW, OSCAR AND LUCINDA, THE ENGLISH PATIENT, THE END OF THE AFFAIR, and David Cronenberg's underrated film, SPIDER....to name just a few. His career has seemed to slow down as of late, but I see on the Internet Movie Database that he has several projects coming soon. I also appreciate many of Julianne Moore's performances, and think that if Scarlett Johansson can shy away from schlock like THE ISLAND (I want my $8.50 back!), she might be worthy of future adulation. She was pretty terrific in such films as GHOST WORLD, LOST IN TRANSLATION, GIRL WITH THE PEARL EARRING, and IN GOOD COMPANY, to name a few. There are probably a handful more that could be considered legendary in the future. I understand johnnyweekes70's stance concerning the stars of yesteryear, but I'm not ready to dismiss all modern actors as "homogenous twits." I just don't buy that. I think that if the material the actors of today are given was a little better, we might see some actors really shine. As far as an actor having the 'persona' to ensure their legend, well, I'll personally settle for someone who does consistently good work. Many people consider Marylin Monroe to be an legend. I agree, but I was never a fan of her 'acting.' I mean, how can an actor build a career on the myriad of remakes and juvenile material that Hollywood shoves down our throat? Many, myself included, think Philip Seymour Hoffman is an tremendous actor, but he does more work in Independent films than in major studio films. He gets more respect for his craft, but his name isn't as marketable as someone like Ben Affleck, who is a significantly LESSER actor than Hoffman. So, who knows? Maybe the future legends, and I think there will be some who qualify, will be actors who work in smaller films. Just an opinion.
  12. So what? How many people have actually read the book? I have been an avid reader my whole life and wasn't even aware that there was a Wonka book. If we are just talking about the Two movie versions, I will take the original over this half-baked remake by a mile. As far as the book-to-movie comparisons, The GODFATHER novel was kinda lousy. The filmed version had so much more depth. But if you're a purist and prefer the new Wonka film because it is "truer to the book," well, more power to ya!
  13. So jasminegirl1234, you have heard that SIDEWAYS & MILLION DOLLAR BABY are "Two of the worst films ever made?" I assume that you are either joking or the people whose opinions you gathered are too immature or just aren't deep enough to actually UNDERSTAND both films. SIDEWAYS is brilliant and MILLION DOLLAR BABY is also pretty wonderful. How can you call them duds when you haven't even seen them? If these people hated both of the aforementioned films, god forbid, I am curious to know what constitutes a good film to them. I applaud everyone involved in the making of both films, especially SIDEWAYS. It's a pleasure for me to see a film that deals with adult themes and concerns. So much that comes out of Hollywood these days is aimed towards a teenager's mentality. I'm glad that there are films for teens to enjoy, but as an adult, I personally can't derive any pleasure from them. There are many adults who still go to the movies and want something more substantial than these cinematic comic book sagas that are being released on a weekly basis. That's enough ranting. As far as Modern movies (post-2000), my favorites include: SIDEWAYS, WHALE RIDER, AMELIE, TALK TO HER, AMERICAN SPLENDOR, DIG!, AMORES PERROS, ALMOST FAMOUS, CITY OF GOD, MARIA FULL OF GRACE, BEFORE SUNSET, REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, GHOST WORLD, WE DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE (an underrated gem), and CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON to name a few. Sorry, but The LORD OF THE RINGS, HARRY POTTER, and STAR WARS movies are not even on my radar.
  14. nsallieharding comments that "when films try to be so didactic they become a bore." To each his own, but it's that reasoning that possess Hollywood to spoon-feed us 'light' fare like the countless number of remakes we are currently bombarded with. I would much rather see and appreciate a film that challenges me. One that provides a little 'food for thought', than say, the DUKES OF HAZZARD remake. Maybe that's the film snob in me coming out, but I would rather pay Nine bucks to see something original and smart, as opposed to another lame, star-driven piece of fluff. That's not to say that some of those films aren't fun to watch. I have a soft-spot for Horror films, which don't really require much thought (but can, if they're done well). There are also many 'B' comedies from the 30's and 40's (many which I've seen on TCM) that are alot of fun. But I personally support any director that tries to achieve something profound on film. Those films are far and few between these days, especially if they are made by a major studio. Anyway, I am still surprised that so many people dislike CITIZEN KANE.......
  15. The thing I find odd about Tim Burton (who I can take or leave) directing CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, is the fact that he has said in interviews that he didn't like the original Wonka film. That being the case, why on earth would you want to direct a remake of a film you don't like? It makes little sense to me. That would be like me directing, oh, say, any film that Tom Cruise has ever been in. I don't understand the logic of such a move, especially after Burton gave us the brilliant BIG FISH (quite possibly my favorite Tim Burton film) in 2003. I did see this new version of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY and definitely prefer the original. I like much of Johnny Depp's work, but just didn't care for him in this version. Also, sorry myidolspencer, but I found Danny Elfman's score for this version to be highly annoying. I have enjoyed his film scores in the past and have even seen Elfman perform with his old band, OINGO BOINGO (Ah, the 80's produced some really odd bands! Many of which I loved!). But the music just didn't work for me. Overall, the new version isn't bad, it just didn't improve on the original, whatsoever. Of course, that's the problem with 95% of remakes......
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