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  1. As far as smoking in movies being "sexy", Mongo, well to each his own. I have never found smoking in films, or anywhere else for that matter, to be sexy in any way. I realize it's hard to imagine classic movies without smoking, as it is so absolutely prevalent in most of them. Cigarette smoke and Film Noir go together like Vanilla Ice Cream and Apple Pie, but for someone who has an aversion to smoking, it couldn't be more of a turn-off. I always thought Joan Crawford was sexy in her earlier films. That is, until she lit up, and then her sexiness was reduced by half. For me anyway.........
  2. Welcome to the message board, lorrekarloff. cool username! I think MY BEST FIEND is one of the most unrelenting profiles of a celebrity, ever! I do agree that Kinski was an amazing actor, although he was obviously a difficult person to work with and was probably stark-raving mad. He was an actor who made his share of sub-par films, but always seemed to bring something special to whatever project he was involved with. But yeah, his performance in AGUIRRE is masterful!
  3. Two films I've been fascinated with of late are from German director Werner Herzog: 'Aguirre, The Wrath of God' and 'Fitzcarraldo.' I have always loved AGUIRRE, and it remains one of my all-time favorite films. I have only discovered FITZCARRALDO in the past year. Both films star Klaus Kinski, the actor that Herzog produced his best work with, despite their stormy, love/hate friendship. They are also two of the bravest pieces of cinema I have ever witnessed. I include them here in the Cult film section, as they are both Arthouse movies, although they are not really Cult films per se, or at lea
  4. LIQUID SKY (1982): Aliens come to earth looking for Heroin in New York. Androgynous fashion models, New Wave clubs, a mad German scientist, it's all here. A darkly funny cult film of the highest order. The colorful cinematography is worth seeking this out if nothing else. I think it's a hilarious, prophetic look at the excess and greed of the 80's. This is the first 'Midnight' movie I ever went to. It makes ROCKY HORROR (which I like), look like 'BAMBI.' BEGOTTEN (1991): Before E. Elias Merhige made SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE in 2000, he made this. Begotten is just too hard to describe.
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