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  1. Immediately upon clicking 'Log In' move your cursor to just below the word 'guest' and start clicking. Before you can be re-directed you'll be at you Control Panel from which you can make it to Discussions.
  2. Locked out again and after exhausting all my email addys, I resorted to clicking the login button then immediately aiming at burst of clicks slightly 'northeast' of that button and luckily got to my control panel before the re-direct vaporized me. If I'm never heard from again I'm using FireFox 3.0.8 on Vista Home Premium and have also tried to get in on Google Chrome and IE8. I've been to the Tools section of FF3 and put every TCM addy I can think of on Allow for cookies and popups.
  3. I finally resorted to deleting the TCM cookies from my browser; going to the log-in page , removing all the info from the fields and clicking on Register. Had to add a '1' to Iscovescu, use a new email addy, and change my pass word but successfully re-registered.
  4. Dunne's family attachments had something to do with curtailing her career. Her husband had a heart attack in the late 40s and her daughter's teen years came in the early 50s. There's one neat story out there of her recording the intros for 26 episodes of Schlitz Playhouse in one day! That included 26 costume changes, 26 scripts, hairdo touch-ups etc. She'd never have committed the time necessary to become "Lucy" and she definitely didn't like to do "ditzy". Vinny Day was one of her most heartily disliked roles for just that reason.
  5. Once I'd seen Ossessione a couple weeks ago, I made an effort to catch all the European films TCM offers. Death Of A Cyclist was great. Thanks TCM!
  6. She's not forgotten but she does lack the notoriety of some of the more well-remembered classic actresses. Her films are generally more entertaining and watchable than those of the drama queens, I think, and she generates almost no measure of dislike. It Happened One Night and Midnight will be entertaining film fans a hundred years from now.
  7. Fred MacMurray in Caine Mutiny.
  8. I don't think it'll ever happen. When it's mentioned in Washington it's only meant to scare campaign cash out of programmers wallets and into the pockets of GOP pols.
  9. Melanie, I'm sorry I missed that film. Your tribute to her was very touching and I'm gonna keep an eye out for a repeat.
  10. I love this film; it's the one I can, and have, watched dozens of times. Dunne and Grant were magnificent, but so were their supporting players. Ralph Bellamy, Cecil Cunningham, Esther Dale, Asta!, the Motorcycle Cops, Mickey Morita, etcetc. There's something found fresh with every run through.
  11. Crispy, it happens every time, and to all of us. You've taken the same tone in your comments about other posters that you find so repellant in Ben's comments. Check it out. You don't like him. Others do. Smug? Smarmy? Moral high ground? Come on!
  12. I remember seeing a Grant quote saying something like she was the most completely honest woman he'd ever met. He was a stickler for preparation and professionalism, as was she, so there's every reason to think they got on well at work.
  13. I like Ben. His very inside demeanor lets us see these films we sometimes love too much as the entertainments they were meant to be. Though they may be appreciated even hundreds of years from now, they were made with hopes no greater than pleasing an audience and winning an extra week or two at the local Bijou. A tad of irreverance is not unwelcome here. Good job, Ben!
  14. Bogdanovich may be our last connection to some of the classic era stars and directors. Next weekend's showing of The Awful Truth will, I hope, be an opportunity to hear PB talk about Leo McCarey. I'll appreciate PB as long as he's with us.
  15. Colbert was believeable in a wider range of feminine role-types, I think, than Shearer, who, in the films I've seen her in, seemed to usually play the patrician. Both were very likeable and one was not better or more important than the other. In fact, I can think of very few, if any, classic stars I'd have been willing to "do without". God Bless 'em all!
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