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  1. Cagney could do it all. His brilliance as an actor is unparalleled
  2. Dumbfounded as to why they don't show more Cagney. Especially on his birthday. He deserves it.
  4. My all time Favorite would have to be Yankee Doodle Dandy. What a movie and what a performance by the wonderfull Jimmy Cagney. The other ones I like are : HIGH SOCIETY FOOTLIGHT PARADE GUYS AND DOLLS WHITE CHRISTMAS SINGING IN THE RAIN MAME( BOTH FILMED VERSIONS)
  5. Cagney by Cagney was in fact ghost written by John McCabe. He wrote another Cagney book about 2 years ago. It is based on his friendship with Cagney and all there interviews over the years. It is really a great book. I thought I knew almost everything about Cagney but I have to say I learned alot more .uld read Another good Cagney book is by Patrick McGilliand it is called "Cagney, Actor as Aueter". That really delves into his career and films. Sinatra the Life (hence my screen name LOL ) My Wicked Wicked Ways ( but as someone posted it is mostly fiction but entertaining fiction. L
  6. Have to say almost anything with James Cagney. I know that some of the films are now being released but only in the Gangster Box set. What about his other great warners films ? Like : EACH DAWN I DIE FIGHTING 69TH STRAWBERRY BLONDE FOOTLIGHT PARADE G-MEN TORRID ZONE COME FILL THE CUP SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL GALLANT HOURS
  7. Hey Johnny, I still have my original tape from 1981 when they premiered the documentary on PBS . You can go too amazon to get it along with the original AFI award show from 1974. I wish I knew where I could get the Kennedy Center show that was on in 1981 when he received that honor. Would be a great addition to my Cagney collection .
  8. I would really enjoy participating in this club. Here is my address : GDV1162@AOL.COM Thanks
  9. Helen I could not agree with you more. Maybe the pictures were not that good ( like his early films) but he was always good. He really honestly never made one bad film nor did he ever give a bad performance. A true Original !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Bogart was good but just like John Wayne or Gary Cooper he was always Bogart. He was always playing Bogart or at least the public's perception of Bogart. Cagney always seemed to take the role to heart and give it his all. Take White Heat for Example. No one and I mean No one could have given that role the power or energy that Cagney did. Can you imagin another actor going crazy the way Cagney did in the mess hall ?
  11. The interview you are talking about was filmed while he was in London filming Ragtime. It was done by Time Magazines critic Richard Shikel. He later came out with a book based on his numerious interviews with Cagney. It is available on tape .
  12. I agree....Man of a Thousand Faces was a fantastic film but Cagney really gave it his all.. He was just brillant .It is a shame that he was over looked so many times for other films that he was great in. Example : Man of a Thosand Faces White Heat One Two Three Shake Hands with the Devil Love Me or Leave Me By the way if you think Man was good you should really see him in Shake Hands with the Devil. He was OUTSTANDING !
  13. What a great thread. Cagney is my favorite of all actors regardless of what generation you might like more. Even today's greats ( Pacino, Dinero, Nicholson etc) all said he was the best. Look at what Brando said "Everything he does is believable. No one was better" . Orson Welles said " Everything Cagney does is big. He is a Marching Band where as Tracy is Chamber Music". I have seen almost all his films and it is hard for me to pick just one as a favorite . I would have to say it would be White Heat. As far as follow ups to that then here is my Cagney list in no order: Torrid Zone Ci
  14. Hey Johnny , Love Picture Snatcher also. Great early Cagney film. If not seen then you have to watch Taxi with Loretta Young. This is the film where he said somewhat close to you dirty rat. He actually said "You yellow bellied double crossing rat . Come out and take it like a man " .
  15. My choice would have to be James Cagney. No one was more versitile or more watchable regardless of the role or fim. He always gave a great performance.
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