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  1. It should be Ann Sheridan because February is her 100th birthday. Be great to see being honored for her great work.
  2. Sorry, you are right a few titles aready are on the list. I was just writing from the top of my head.
  3. I agree with u it was a bad schedule for Chrisstmas Day. If it were a New Years's day marathon or Inepnedence Day one I would say ok. I would have progamed thses films if iw were me. Remember the Night(1940 Christmas in Connecticut(1945) Miracle on 34th Street(1947) The BIshop's Wife(1947) Meet Me in St. Louis(1944) Babes in Toyland(1934) The Man Who Came To Dinner(1942) Good Sam(1948) It's a Wonderful Life(1946) A Christmas Carol(1938) Holiday Inn(1942) White Christmas(1954)
  4. I would think the films should be added after 25 years. So many films I would have add that deserve to be. My 25 would for next year would be films like these. Angels With Dirty Faces(1938) I'm No Angel(1933) Make Way For Tomorrow(1937) Imitation of Life91934) Stella Dallas(1937) KIngs Row(1942) I Married a Withch(1942) Leave Her To Heaven (1945) I Wake Up Screaming(1941) Sorry, Wrong Number(1948) The Five Pennies(1959) Pal Joey(1957) The Ten Commandements(1956) Niagara(1953) Imitation of Life(1959) Bye Bye Birdie!(1963) Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte(1964) The Party(1968) B
  5. Yes, she starred inThe Three Penny Opera in 2006 and she was very good in that. She auditoioned for Sweeney Todd that same year and the producers loved her but Patti Lupone got the part. Then when they filmed it she wanted the part so bad but Helena Bohnam Carter got it because she is married ot the director and yes she is an amazing actress but I wished it would have gone the other way. I heard she was offered Cabaret a few years ago but tuned it down. I saw it with Gena Gershon and she was very good in it. Now Cyndi Lauper wrote the whole score for Kinky Boots a musical baed on an engli
  6. You seemed surprised I mentioned Cyndi Lauper, well because she is an amazing singer and a very funny actress. She has a big voice and be great in it. Bernadette Peters was great in the role but most critics thought she was too young at the time and miscast. I saw Cyndi on Broadway once before and she actually has a big musical coming next year she wrote the entire score for.
  7. Barbra Streisand probably will get to do it even though she is like 10 years too old for the part. Ethel Merman must have been great to see in the role. Rosalind Russell was bad as Rose. Bette Midler was pretty good in the tv version. I saw Bernadette Peters on Broadway as Rose, but if I ould cast Rose in a movie remake or even broadway I woukd go with Cyndi Lauper.
  8. I know how everyone, including myself belly aching that TCM plays movies from recent years and its wrong to some point. Let's go back 50 years from now. The films of the the early talkies and 30's and 40's were called classics. The 50's and 60's eased their way later on. But in 1962 lets say these classics were no older than 30 some years or more. So in 2012 I can say now that the films of the 70's and 80's somewhat have the right to be called classic and be shown on TCM. The 90's has yet to come. The 2000's and 2010's we will have to wait and see. The problem is that today every film
  9. I agree Arturo some of my choices have been showcased more often and some of your choices sound good, but I like to see their films of the 40's only.
  10. It doesn't mke sense that TCM isn't showing Holiday Inn when they have the rights to it. I can see why they don't play White Christmas. They also have the rights to Christmas in Connecicut but chose not to play it and as for Good sam maybe last years showing was a one time deal. Just sms righgt to show all Christmas movies arounf holiday season.
  11. Every night they can showcase a 1940's actress. Here are my choices. Ann Sheridan Veronica Lake Betty Grable Rita Hayworth Dorothy Lamour Hedy Lamaar Paulette Goddard Lana Turner Judy Garland Gene Tierney Jeanne Crain Claudette Colbert Bette Davis Barbara Stanwyck Ingrid Bergman Greer Garson Ginger Rogers Katharine Hepburn Myrna Loy Rosalind Russell Joan Crawford Joan Blondell Betty Hutton Olivia Dehavilland Joan Fontaine Linda Darnell Alice Faye Loretta Young Ida Lupino Jane Wyman Lucille Ball
  12. Holiday Inn, Christmas in Conneticut, Miracle on 34th Street and Good Sam.
  13. Come on if you are going to have an Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake festival This Gunf O For Hire, The Glass Key and The Blue Dahlia you have to add Saigon. Not that great but its the hot duo.
  14. Great idea. I posted my picks. I thought a 1940's Film Noir festival starring the decades top leading ladies.
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