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  1. When my mum was a NYC ROCKETT (circa 1962/63) she ^& the dancers actually got to not only meet Carol-(they loved her!) but of course all were pros & did some numbers with her as well! Can't same as how they felt about the legendary & future *Oscar victor *George Burns-(l896-l996) mainly because he altered there numbers to suit his little songs. & Ricky Nelson-(l940-80) also arrived, but they also weren't crazy about him, solely because they though him snobby & off putting, as it later turned out Ricky was painfully she & even had his body guards escort him to the john. Yrs later it was discovered when friends & family would visit his famed family Rickie would retreat to a closest alone & just play his guitar, & Final item, though not to do with the Rockette's, my mum still in The Big apple went to a ballet class & there all day right next to her was *SHIRLEY MacLaine-(l934-)
  3. I may have already posted some of this, not certain just learned yesterday that they finally came to their senses & are opening-(Jan. 4th or 5th) ( what has been my moist highly anticipated new movie in years (Tum Burton';s March release runner up of "DUMBO!") 4-get about the OSCASRS though I've been a student of them since age 15. This is GOILDEN AGE HOLLYWOOD, my a #1 era in cinema history. Just watch all yrailers for oit available and from looks of it as true talent JOHN C. REILLY will be robbed tomorrow when the nominations roll out,especially in Bradley Cooper's slot? SOMETHING THAT WON'T OCCUR THOUGH. (NOTE: Very first time I saw REILLY was in a nasty, violent, bloody & I won';t divulge what else happens, not to this audience & stunningly based on a true 1965 Vietnam incident titled "CASUALTIES OF WAR" (l989) ($9m.) (***1/2) De Palma helmed it & it stared Sean Penn(superbly animalistic) & Michael J. fox, ANYBODY HEAR OF SEE IT? (AN ASIDE, but HOPE SHE DOESN'T READ WHAT I DIVULGE HERE, IT WILL CERTAINLY **** HER LITTLE ITALIAN BODY OFF BIG-TIME. All of course remember when Madonna & *Sean were hitched a short 4yrs. (l985-89)They were like oil & vinegar. & again, if she sees this man, man, o, man!!! The ultra violent & fact based by not only her-(finally, she took his...since marrying, beating & more & drunkenness,etc Welp, it seems *Penn was correct this time & found out Louise was hanging with *WARREN BEASTTY-(l937-) a bit before "Dick Tracy" (l990) so the great actor, despite his personal jazz, grabbed a bottle, a '22, or a '38-(MY LEGALIZED GUNS BY THE WAY) jumped into his car & speeded over to *WARREN'S estate,expecting to find both there, sadly for *Sean, *Beatty(& good for him!) only she was home & &Sean literally tortured her for hrs -0(not going into what he did on here out of respect) She somehow got away-(P.S. Madonna barley drives) but made it to the police station, blooded, bruised & more & even she was crying!? 3rd time was the charm & she filed vs him. REASON I INCLUDE THIS LONG WINDED, YET TRUE TINSEL-TOEWN STORY, is as all know *Penn is more a method actor the never *BOBBY DE & my theory he was in Meserve-(name in"Casualties" MOLD. Her fans always cite Dec. 28th, 1988 as a date that lived in infamy. also Mr. Method was also just coming off the powerhouse Dennis Hopper crime-drama "COLORDS" (l988) ($47m.) Now, so much water has passed under the bridge, he tried to get cute with "THE QUEEN" during her 2015 concerts, pushing his way to frt of the crowds so she could see him, he was ready again, but not her. YOU ASK WHY THIS STORY WITH "STAN & OLLIE" JOHN C. REILLY of whom is among *Sean's despicable rapists in "CASUALTIES" & then directly after *JOHN appeared in '89's version of "WE'RE NO ANGELS (remake of course & I like it better with *De Niro) ONE FINAL NOTE ON THESE 2, *SEAN IS THEE DUDE THAT GOT HER INTO LIFTING WGTS, BOIDY SHYLPTING, RIDING OOKS, JOGGING-(though it's funny, all shoits of him show one of our finest living actoirs on the beach & ingreat shape, ALWATYS WUITH A CIGGIE in his mouth??? THANK YO MORE ON "STAN & OLLIE" Later & o Louise Veronca Ciccone this time CAN'T HELP MYSELF SPORTS FANS
  4. Posted this previously on Jakeem's page I 6think, so hoped to go to the head of the class at the last minute & just for fun, just GUESS? WHAT WILL BE THE OFFICIAL NOMINEES FOR THE 91st ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS-(AMPAS) come Tuesday Morning very early) I agree, not a great movie yr but some are fine cinema. Heck, my fav. of 18 was "Disney's Christopher Robin" (strong ***1/2) I don't care if it's gonna be a big contender or not, which it certainly won't be, just loved it a bit. (*-denotes likely leader) (JUST EITHER TRY & DEFEAT THE OSCAR-ORACLE OR JUST MATCH'EM UP) (amazingly my 37th year at my fav. game) Best Picture-(will be 8-10 again)?: BlackKklansman (gave it barely 3 a stars, some love it) Black Panther (made $48m.) (strong ***) Bohemian Rhapsody" ($195m. U.S. Gross) The Favourite"-(I see this snagging the most with 10) *Green Book (strong ***) ($50 to $55m. td)-(P.S. Trust me of this I'm certauin you folks will like this best)* If Beale Street Could Talk A Star is Born (***) (& made an amazing $200 million) & Vice ($40m. td) & If there are ten?: *Roma ($66m. td) (NOTE: The AMAS over 8,000 voters td may nominate this for foreign-film instead?) & A Quiet Place" ($78m.) Best Actor???: *Christian Bale in "Vice"*-(would be his 2nd Golden Boy?) Bradley Cooper, "A Star is Born" Rami Malek, "Bohemian Rhapsody" Viggo Mortensen, "Green Book" & John David Washington, "BlackKklansman":_(TRIVIA: *Denzel's son!) Best Actress???: Yalitja Apricia in "Roma" Emily Blunt, "Mary Poppins: Returns" *Glenn Close in "The Wife"*-(would be her 7th loss!) *Olivia Colman, "The Favourite"* & Lady Ga Ga in "A Star is Born" Supporting actor???: *Mahershela Ali in "Green Book"-(NOTE: Ali just won same statuette 2 yrs back) Timothy Chalamet, "Beautiful Boy" Adam Driver, "BlackKklansman" Sam Elliott, "A Star is Born" & Richard E. Grant, "Can You ever Forgive Me? Supporting Actress???: *Amy Adams in "Vice"*-(her 6 attempt) Claire Foy, "First Man" *Regina King, "If Beale Street Could Talk"* Emma Stone, "The Favourite" & Rachel Weisz, "The Favourite" Best Director-(smallest voting block)?: Damien Chazzelle for "First Man" Bradley Cooper, "A Star is Born" *Alfonso Curan for "Roma"*-(A BLOW OUT!) Peter Farrelly, "Green Book" & Adam KcKay for "Vice" THANK YOU FOR HUMORING THIS OLD IRISH OSCAR VETRERAN TCM-ITES NOW, YOUR TURN
  5. TO JAKEEM, VERY IMPORTANT, IPORTANT, IMPORTANT QUESTION NOT ONY FOR YOU, BUT ANYOE CAN ASSUST & PLESSE DO!!! Was scheduled to finally be able to be able to talk, speak to with theloud, yet I love them noices a Airlplane-HEN YOU COMING BACK PLEASE??? YOU 4-GET TOMENTION abothrer for oly asbout 439.00 nOY THATS NOT WHY I'M HERE THOUGH, IT'S ABOUT-(likely you frecasted thered be more today) I MAY BE MORE PATIENCE, WHEN I STARTED OUT IN THE THEATRE & AL OVER< "NO WAY!" GET TOO NRVEROUS, FIRGET LINES I AM NO *LIONEL BARRYMORE, RICHARD BURTON SOECUALLY *LORD OLIVIER ANYMOTE FOLKS. PLUS, IT' s STILL STANDIG/START OF THE HEAT" EPITome of wht whould be jnught of *"PLsppom'drnbiy winers & grivers always tk mch lohr tje ANY CLOSE JAKEEM, TOPBILLED, TCM,etc ON FINASLLY DOING 2 THINGS-(perfecto time too@!) TO CELEBRATE TCM's 25th ANNIVERSARY??? & & as YOU HAVE CERTAINLY READ OVER 11yrs or more, THE ULTIMATE WOULD BE A TCM CNTEST ON TRIVIA, MEMOIRABELIA FOR WINNERS, & ONCE AGAIN AS ABOIUT 97% FALLOTHER FANS SUREVEY & POLL-(just a 1/2 as well as TCM too!?) ALL I SPOKE TO about loves those idas-(CAN YOU PLEASE SUBMIT y bef u into AGAIN, APOGOLIZE FOR TCM'S REEPTION, I AKE Errors, BUT NOT THIs many &any inpurt would be x tra nive THANK YOU
  6. JAKEEM, a favor old buddy, please also add your views on any given movie you civer or not? Respect your opinion on film Bet yu did not see "GOTTI" yet, huh> Recall a 1995 or si version same title starring Armand Assante & William Forsyth? It ws ok maybe at best (**-out of 4)
  7. JAKEEM, I being a huge bonafide GANGSTER BUFF & in real life as well, don';t know why it just always gets me GO FIGURE? Was kinda looking forward to Travolta's "Gotti" until I saw him made up as The Dapper Don, NO WAY, SHAPE NOR FORM did he even closely look like JOHN GOTTI-(l940-2001) & you know what p.....me off for decades especuially wrirters, big mouthes, columnist interviws & more, they lump Al Capone-(l899-l947) In realty BIG AL ws never MAFIA & never a made man, ala the real godfather: Charles "LUCKY" Luciano-(l897-l962) or a Gotti, Sam "Momo" Giancana-(*Frank's friend out of Chicago) & thee tiny & mild looking little Italian man that truly control NYC's 5families Carmine Gambino-(l90l-76)-(FUNNY STIRY *FRANCIS ALBERT TRIED TO TELL PEPLE HE DIDN'T KNOW ANY MOBSTERS, YET THERE IS JUST 1 PHOTO OF HIM& GIANANA, JUSTEFOIRE HE DIED in 76. & *FRANK GOT A PHOTO OF HIM WITHHIM & HIS GUMBAS. See, he got hus start very young just singing in their clubs, so threy put the hook in him BIG-TIME! Again, though CAPONE was just a "GANGSTER" (NOTE & QU$ESTION: WHO GAVE FINEST PERF0MANCE OF HIM IN FILMHISTOIRY YET???)\ & AGAIN EXCUSE SLOPPY WRUTING, IT"S TURNER CASSIC MOVIES "
  8. I reckon-(to quote both *COOP & *CLINT) many on here at this late date know whom tv & radio &books-(some strong books too folks, especially if your a history buff such s myself) & I';m well aware Mr. 0'Reilly-(another of my fellow countrymen) is loathed to his mostly-(but not all) right wing politics. But, now in our current political climate is now more middle of the road vs. the likes o0f a Sean Hannity,etc-(P,S, This RiverShannon "MICK"heck it out online if you don';t believe me on SHANNON as my name & growing in this country. Just punch in THE RIVer Shannon in IRELAND, it's by far largest in that Emerald Isle & for us all-time beloved 1952 "THE QUIET MAN"Reublic) also mention it at least ince. No matter, point being, Bill often blurts out his favs on THE SILVER SCREEEN & *BRANDO is his main man.(sorry to say it another IRISH in *MARLON), He & Iagree on our all-time favorite film *THE GODFATHER-(though "KANE" is still rightly called thee greatest! What got me thinking about this post was his proclamation months ago & I know where Bill got it, previous evening he watch a DVD cncert 1970's "ELVIS:THAT'S THE WAY IT IS" a 2 disc& TREMENDOUS docu on "THE KING"-(no, not *GABLE this time anyway) In Vegas, even CARY GRANT was on hand in the audience. All stars have their prime *SINATRA mid to 1950's to 60 or so, dubbed his post Ava years at CAPITOL RECORDS. *BING 1940's, ELVIS circa 1968 & I don't care what all insist, towards his end & despite the jokes of his wgt & drugs, he was more in volcano as a singer more then ever! Then theres my girl & I know many will cast their insults about her, she's an easytarget, beforeyou do don't go by her vids, records punch in on your computer her astonishingly 2 & 1/2hr concerts & she's like an "Enegizer Bunny" on any stage &speaks 5 languages! MADONNA (Louise) CICCONE-(l958-) I almost agree wuith Bill on his analysuis though-(P.S. Going against the grain because I know a couple ladies personally &especially my mother of whom idolize "THE KING OF ROICK & ROLL" Heck, he's my #2 all-time favo singer, only after MAGGIO. BUT, as far as stage Mr.0'reilly you';ve not obviously yet seen this little 5'3 inch blonde Italian Girl from Detroit area on stage yet THANK YOU FOR YOU TIME! OOPS, just for a fun comparison on cinema Louise's fav movies are as follows>"TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD"-(now starting to be picked on already as RASCIST???" *"E. Patient" & the timeless 195l"A place in the Sun" ALSO SORRY FOR TCM EDITING ON THIS LONG POST
  9. A well-made (***) but no "POSEIDON ADVENTURE"
  10. To LawrenceA, or is it really T.E., Lawrence-(Mr. 0'Toole) (TRIVIA: Just before the best movie magazine ever PREMIERE-(1987-2002) went under buddy? It monthly conducted in house polls & in a huge story voted Peter 0'Toole's-(l932-2014) per in *LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (l962-British) as The Single Greatest Performance By Anyone in Cinematic History" unquote. Ever hear of this amazing & not altogether off the money story? Certain if you dig into PREMIERE'S mags online you'd locate iy friends. Do you alsoi get mainstream magz down yhere or not buddy? As for to me the ok (**1/2) PRINCESS O'ROURKE she was marvelous & quite cute again, but no great shakes Think it did snag a script nomination though. & look in your Oscar history book, or books it was nommed for it's writing. & always truly liked Liza\\matter but something I've written about since joining TCM, the first time was about 2001 under another alias & then yes later under another (Spencer) But, almost 4-got prior to the alias/handle I had one titled (myidolspoencer) But, disliked that one & now, thanks to TCM's editing team, my fmr almost 4,000 Pooosts have easily are gone bye, bye-(LAWRENCE) certain you know where all that work went pals, please let me know???
  11. Still hard to fathom "A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN" is this old, huh? *Hanks still calls this the beginning of his 2nd career as an actor, after this he went right into "Philadelphia" *"GUMP" "Apollo 13" & so on. No more "the burbs" & a good comedy-drama (***-out of 4) & made $108m. Besides, just think of this one sports fans *Geena got to breath the same air as MADONNA!!!
  12. Good pic, but not movie though It's ok (**1/2) if you like *Wally Beery-(l885-l949) & O'Brien & the wonderful Edward G. & Margaret 0'Brien gentle movie "OUR VINES HAVE TENDER GRAPES" (***1/2) was among so called tough guy, but really a timid \Jewish painter (Emmanuel Goldenberg) he was actually a Romanian-Jew, most don't know that & so timid during gunshot scenes had to have his eyelids open, though they were blanks. Still a superb thespian. His actual fav. role 1940's "Dr. Erlich's Magic Bullet" (***1/2) though never 1 nomination & 101 pictures?
  13. Top, again, I must admit, despite & by now virtually all folks online are now are of Mr. Douglas-(l9l6-) & his 1954 crime against you know whom Robert Downey, Jr even went on stage at a big event & really opened up that can of worms-(plus, there are a myriad of other items you may not even by prevy too buddy about that case, well, hell, there was no case???) However he was brilliant as Van Gogh as was entire production & *Quinn deservedly taking home his 2nd supporting statue) Have you or anyone seen or even know about Dafoe **** Van Gogh in new flick yet? It looked from clips & pedigree he';d easily snag a 4th shot at an ACADEMY AWARD for it, but the Best actor competition is just too crowded NO MATTER WHAT WILLEM DAFOE DOES ALL WILL REMEMBER HIM AS ELIAS!!!
  14. Neat thing you got going on here Top, did you have the shot yet to check out my post, or pts on Tuesday's 2018 Oscar nominee forecasting yet? 2nd item>what happened to the digital Now Playing Guide???" I not only got 1 but see several others complaining (THINK YOU'LL RECALL "THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS" In my younger yrs I really had a huge problem with , welp, you know men like the 6'6 Hudson & others as well. But, I mellowed & just don't care much anymore & his Bick Benedict was by far his mt. summit role THOUGH NOT A FAN OF MRS. WYMAN, SORRY
  15. JAKEEM, old pal, think I barely,barely scooped you on this one, something I saw coming even prior to going to it. Only if ROMA is not in the 8-10 AMPAS BP contenders, it will win though if so & Foreign Film as well, don't see it happening, as I told folks over 2 & 1/2 months GREEN BOOK is safe, good , message film & made for a BEST PICTURE OSCAR I like some of these positive contenders, but not enthralled by any.
  16. Hate to say I told you marvelous people so-(CHECK OUT MY FINAL FOR THIS YEAR 2018 OSCAR NOMINEE FORECAST) The nice, quiet, laidback, message film a bit & good (strong ***) but not great GREEN BOOK took top honor shortly ago at the PGA Awards-(Producers Guild of America) For those that don't know what they are, pretty much identical to the DGA awards-(coming later & BET ALL YOUR DOUGH, ROMA will win that as well) Though I just love to bet, predict,etc on the Oscars, there is not a film in the race coming up Tuesday morning, I really loved this year??? Last yr despite I knew would never take BP Gold over the very good at best SHAPE OF WATER ($70-75m.) (***1/2) Except for THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING MISSOURI-(went to that 1 twice even, used to do that to a release I loved a few times a yr. just to in pain thesedays & they are far more $$$$ nowadays too) (NOTE: Just for fun, new movies-(art the time) I went to not twice but three times> JAWS, TOWERING INERNO-(only because "King of Movie Cool: McQueen" was my 1st hero!), APOCALYPSE NOW, *PLATOON, GOODFELLAS, *TITANIC (l997 version), PULP FICTION-(my girlfriend at 3rd viewing ruined it though, long story), COURAGE UNDER FIRE-(solely due to Meg Ryan), & maybe 1 or 2 more?) THANX
  17. MARVELOUS WORK, BUT CHECK GENERAL ARENA, I JUST ALSO EITHER POSTED & OR ADDED 2 DAYS AGO NEWS WITH THE NEW MARIA-(massive shoes to feel) Though NATALIA was up same year for her mt. summit performance in SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS (WB's) as Deanie *Sophia Loren in "Two Women" defeated her, but the vast majority of books & online insist little LOVE OF MY LIFE truly deserved to WALK DOWN-THE-AISLE instead Of course SPLENDOR was her own fav. film & that ill-fated yacht called SPLENOUR instead is still somewhere out there??? (ALSO, don't know entire post here, just able to browse right now, did he also got into just how incredibally creul *WEST SIDE'S cast members were to her??? Especially Tamblyn, who never apologized. IT WOULDA' BEEN PERFECT WITH *WEST SIDE INCREDIBALLY SWEEPING (10) & THEN HER ALSO WINNING AS DEANIE.
  18. (*-always will indicate an Oscar winner) I'm positive by now at least some of my fellow TCM-ITES or do you prefer TCM-ERS? At any rate saw this 3 days ago *Spielberg just cast MARIA-(another more then you sports fans can imagine, certainly had to take this with a grain of salt, of course to NATALIA NIKOLAEVNIA ZAKHERENKO AKA: NATALIE WOOD-(l938-l98l) & for his now in process of filming remake of the 10 time Oscar sweeping 1961 Musical epic *WEST SIDE STORY (UA) PLEASE HELP, I MISSED THIS YOUNG GALS NAME AS MARIA? GOOD LUCK *STEVEN!? & just some more NATASHA trivia & how she was treated on that legendary musical (P.S. Any folks actually know just how tiny she was by the way? I'll give it to ya barely 5'0 & approx. 100lbs & a shoe size of 5 & 1/2 & even more fun, my mum's hand prints & feet were identical to hers in frt of GRAUMAN'S CHINESE THEATRE & nobody believes me on this now growing fact based true story of *JOHN WAYNE? His actual foot/shoe size was just 5 & 1/2. Lots back this up & whenever I tried to tell someone, they said "get oughtta here" unquote Now, check out of Bacall & Maureen 0'Hara & many stories about the poor guy in constant pain soaking his feet in between takes. He was 6'4 & 1/2 & ranged from approx. 210 to 275 in "The Cowboys" In short back to LOVE OF MY LIFE the original Maria of course. She has a terrible times & worked her butt off getting to try & keep up with the pro dancers. BUT, many cast members hated her little self? Russ Tamblyn most of all, not respecting her on several fronts, mostly because she wasn't a true dancer as he was, he never apologized? Then many had problems because she was Russian/Ukranian vs Puerto Rican Back then studios used whats called (then anyway) Aztec Cream. HOPE TO SEE YOUR OWN THOUGHTS & EVERYTHING I POST HAS ALWAYS BEEN CRPOSSED REFERENCED 3 OR MORE TIMES FIRST THANK YOU
  19. Any fans out there notice that big lug, good actor & sometime truly nice guy ALDO RAY-(l926-9l) being on the network quite a bit lately, KUDOS to the network '"PAT & MIKE" (l952-MGM) (as Hucko) (4 stars!) Even stealing a couple bits from the legenary *TRACY & *K. HEPBURN) :"MEN IN WAR" (l957) (***1/2) (opposite Robert Ryan) "NAKED AND THE DEAD" (l958) (strong ***) (another 1 he walked away with) "GOD'S LITTLE ACRE" (l958) (strong ***) (NOTE: When Aldo made the awful '68 "G. BERETS" he said in CI/FOGA mags he wasn't impressed with the legendary *JOHN "THE DUKE" WAYNE & even refused to call him "DUKE?") (He was firm in saying he thought Ryan was robbed of not just an Oscar,nom but the statue its self for "GOD'S LITTLE ACRE" & another silent per by him was in a pretty fine 1967 Western starring:*HENRY FONDA, "WELCOME TO HARD TIMES" (barely ****) Ray steals this show too, as a big bully & without any dialogue My mom kinda' always liked ALDO, though he was much younger of course. & in PHILLY due to not only his films but his football playing-(was injured) They either had an annual parade when he was still with us, or may still do it SEND YOU OWN ALDO RAY views??? WHATS THE ONE HE DID W OOPS, JUST RECALLED IT 1952's "THE MARRYING KIND" (*** to ***1/2) (TRIVIA/FUN/FACTS: *Quentin Tarentino calls this among his all-timers!)
  20. O WOW FEDYA, you really got me with this one on a myriad of levels! 1st of all NATALIE-(looong story), & my #2 all-time idol *FRANCIS (Albert) SINATRA! Not a great picture, but do you agree a fine one? (***) Mr. Curtis really portrayed a weasel here huh? Due to those being it it I've had it on vhs for about 20yrs or better. (TRIVIA: strangely sole pic the duo did together, because it was around here in '58 she started hanging out w him & a lot, despite her being 23yrs his jr Whenever you see MY LOVE smoking a cigarette in a long black holder, that was her *CHAIRMAN era. Until 1 day when he said something in her era & she ran out of a lg party crying. She has just gotten married to RJ-(Wagner (l957-62) but her attraction to him was really in 62 onward a couple yrs. AFTER ALL *SINATRA WAS UNDER THE TREE-(which WAGNER) recently had chopped down, all her fans flowers removed & none of her beloved pennies anymore & dig this, there was a nice bench you got sit at within 2-3ft of her, well, my mother & I visited there in April of 1999 Madre staid out on it entire visit, saying it just felt comfortable staying near NATALIA, now also gone on Wagner's rules!!! BUT, *FRANCIS WAS THERE AS PALLBEARER & MANY MORE HEAVYWEIGHTS IN TINY "WESTWOOD, PARK" & SOME SHOTS SHOW *C. WALKEN ALSO THERE, BUT STAYED WAY IN BACGROUND thanx
  21. Though a very wooden actor Raft despite his crime biddies aka: "Bugsy" Siegel-(l906-l947) of which his was 1 & only person at his funeral in now called HOLLYWOOD FOREVER, CEM I think that may be main reason he's yet to be a STOTM? (TRIVIA: I've told many times since 2001 on here & elsewhere, got it out of CAGNEY'S autobiography. Besides himself, Raft was the actual toughest guy in HOLLYWOOD. Edward G. Robinson-(l893-l973) though a powerful actor vs George-(matter of fact to 2 detested each other, so much so that filming a good (***) 1941 pic MANPOWER, one of them moved other actor too fast & Raft flattened EDWARD G, right on set & more fun trivia; Next time you see the excellent bio BUGSY (l99l) (made $49m.) of course w/*BEATTY he meets Virginia Hill she was a bit extra on MANPOWER. & though another flat-(though was strong in about 3 pictures) think he made 50, not certain FMR. PRESIDENT RONALD (Wilson) REAGAN-(l9ll-2004) to e fair still deserves that tcm honor. as far as THE WARNER BROS. GANGSTERS & VIP STUDIO TOUR-(without peer now left standing & more than superb!)-(visited the sets 2 & 1/2hrs in '99) (FINAL NOTE: For some reason Raft-(QUESTION, ANYONE KNOW HE'S NATIONALITY?) At any rate he died virtually penniless) at age 84 in 1980, though like tons of movie stars of that era, like *J. CRAWFORD, she shaved 4yrs from her birth date? Raft, some say was born in 1904 or something???) (A TIP: Besides "MANPOWER" check out the hilarious bit in Jerry Lewis & him dancing in the hilarious 1961 LADIES' MAN) PLUS, I once write a neat thing about 10yrs again here-(different handle again, not my fault) I WAS (SPENCER) & NOT JUST (SHANNON)!!! THANKS TO TCM TOO, YOU DELETED MY PARTIAL HISTORY & EVERYTHING I WROTE UNDER THAT HANDLE (had almost 4,000 posts) SORRY, back to final Raft / *Bogie item WHO SAW 1980's "MAN WITH BOGART'S FACE?" (l980) (**1/2_) It was Raft's final film & Robert Scacchi portrayed the legendary & AFI s #1 all-time male movie star *HUMPHREY (Deforest) BOGART-(l899-l957) HECK, EVEN BIG LUG MIKE MAZURSKI'S IN IT> WROTE ARTICLE/.POST ABOUT A FULL EVENING OF A *"BOGART FILM FESTIVAL"-(lots more in that post) & FOR THOSE THAT WANT, I'LL TRY & DO IT AGAIN THANX & REMEMBER OSCAR NOMS ARE TUESDAY MORNING
  22. WOW! Really, really getting letdown by my longtime friends & pals within these forums? Nothing really new, but it's getting asinine here with ha yr to half now folks JUST RECENTLY IT STARTED WITH MY ANNUAL PREDICTIONS OF THE 2018/ 91st ACADEMY AWARDS & WHO I PERSONALLY PRTEDICT WHOM & WHAT WILL BE IN THE RACE, NOT, 1 REPLY??? NOW I KNOW MOST OF YOU FELLOW STUDUIO-SYSTEM & HOLLYWOODS GOLDEN AGE BUFFS-(such as myself 2st & foremost, but I try to cover all aspects of this thing we have become addicted to) (EXAMPLE: Back around 1979 when I was about 14-15, I first caught the cinematic bug, but instead I felt it my duty to first check out-(while me friends only cared about modern fare) It was the tv likes back then of a Carson, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas-(the latter grew up a bona fide moviebuff & his boyhood idol in the 1930's onward was always *TRACY! & I wanted to see why he'd also make a thing of saying CLARK GABLE, GARY COOPER, HUMPREY BOGART & always, always say THE GREAT: SPENCER TRACY. & WHY MOST CALLED "KANE" THE SINGLE GREATEST MOTION PICTURE EVER MADE, SO FOR ME I STARTED ALMOST FROM SCRATCH. NO TCM AS YOU KNOW BACK THEN OF COURSE, JUST HAD TO FIND IT & TO REALLY **** THINGS OFF, WE AT THAT TIME UP IN NJ WERE ULTRA POOR, SO ONLY HAD A B & W TV &FURTHERMORE IT SHRUNK, SO WE ALWAYS HAD TO TURN IT OFF FOR FEW MINUTES!!! THOUGH THE FILM THAT REALLY POUT THE MESMERIZING HOOK IN ME WAS "APOCALYPSE NOW" & THE REST WAS HISTORY, BUT I STILL BY FAR-(except for *GFI & *GFII) RATE THE STUDIO-SYSTEM-(l925-60 to 63) AS THE Mt. SUMMIT OF MAKING PICTURES, *JIMMY STEWART AGREED THIS A LOT TOO HE LOVED WORKING THAT ERA
  23. DID YOU HAPPEN TO CATCH "F. MAN" as yet? I was scheduled to go to it on my 54th birthday on Nov.8th, but things just got to crazy around here, plus pain & myriads of other fun jazz, right!? It only hit about $66m. I believe & reckon' it was made-(THOUGH GOOD TO SEE A FILM ABOUT NEIL ARMSTRONG FOR A CHANGE) (TRIVIA: A small comparison to it vs. the other sci-fi dramas & others that have held up from the start & still are-(PROMISE NO Sci-Fi's) "THE RIGHT STUFF" (l983) (4 stars!)($23m. is all it made though?), "GRAVITY" (2013) (huge 4 stars from & to date my close runner-up to my fav. release this decade! Made $275. & won 7 statuettes, but not the perfecto work by *Sandy) INTERSTELLER" musty admit yet to see this one, thinking it may be a rippoff on "GRAVITY" "APOLLO 13" (strong 3 & 1.2) ($172m.) (strong ***1/2) & YOU FANS OF THIS THING WE LOVE, THE MOVIES PLEASE JOIN IN & LIST OTHERS IN RECENT YEARS, OR GOLDEN AGE SCi-FI
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