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  1. TO MY OL' BUDDY JAKEEM, how come your never reply to me when I ask you something anymore? You ALWAYS used to I predict THE FAVOURITE will lead the pack overall w/most overall noms come Tuesday (10) But, that used to mean something about sweeping each time, no so much now, IF ROMA is not also up for "THE BIGGIE"-(they probably feel ok, due to it being certainly up for Best F. Film) BUT, if up for BP GOLD, it's a shoo-in to win BEST PRODUCTION, if not I've said for 3 months the nice GREEN BOOK is right up there alley. After se8ing it I kinda' also thought-(though still early) Viggo on his 3rd shot may go all the way & win BEST ACTOR,not know though as a couple critics said & fellow pundits Hollywood is jumping to vote him a leading actor. Plus, the wgt gain, which they always respect (SURE WANT YOUR INPUT FROM YOUR GUT BUDDY???) & GO -(no race) OVER TO MY FANIAL & SOME (REVISED) FINAL PREDIX OF THE NOMS ON TUESDAY??? Respect your opinion, LawrenceA & TopBilled the most (TRIVIA: all-time OSCAR finest pundit: Gene Siskel-(l946-99) even over the far more fast partner on air Roger Ebert-(l942-2013) The recently late *Oscar winning scripter *William Goldman-(l931-2018) & also the sadly also already gone GMA critic & pundit: Joel Siegel & you guessed it, he also went away prematurely of brain cancer, same as Gene Joel was kind enough to correspond via snail mail around ';88 with me. (FINAL NOTE: the buddies I cited above, PLEASE RUN & CHECK OUT MY PREOJECTIONS-(not to be confused with over a week ago-(DEETE THOSE) BUT, THESE ARE MY FINAL 2018 OSCAR NOMINEE PREDIX-(& of course wish just 5 of you reading this would join-in for a change!
  2. O bet B. PANTHER wins this ACADEMY AWARD too though
  3. Betcha' GREEN BOOK BALE & CLOSE also take home the Oscar
  4. Kakeem, did you also watch these
  5. Though won't be a contender saw *Clint's THE MULE (strong ***-out of four stars) a nice laid back effort, but no heavyweight i.e. *UNFORGIVEN, *MDB, LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA or JOSEY WALES but good for his fans
  6. JAKEEM, have you been able to check out any of the Oscar frontrunners?
  7. (NOTE: Think tcm got it wrong above, I personally have not seen ROMA yet?)
  8. Though it's a lock to take home Best Director-(Curan), F. Film & Cinematography It's of course all subjective
  9. just happened to catch this awhile ago, the sadly gone too soon GREGORY HINES-(l946-l999) gets his own U.S. Postal stamp!!! (P.S.. Who else collects THE LEGENDS OF HOLLYWOOD SERIES?)
  10. once again my fellow TCM-ITE'S didn't throw their own hand-in, but why folks?
  11. was looking forward-(quite awhile back when I first heard they were doing it) to GOTTI, but even while they were filming negative word came out (P.S. there was an HBO tv movie w/A. Assante by the way)
  12. JAKEEM & OTHERS PLEASE HELP! I've complained numerous times about this, to no avail still though? not getting inbox updates on anything I either post or reply to
  13. THANX AS USUAL FOR YOUR 4 STAR WORK PAL! really surprise though about the terrific C. ROBIN listed here what film were they looking at???
  14. JAKEM & FRIENDS, besides finally getting our own all-0tuime favorite's poll.survey-(especiallyly wththe 25th anniversarycoming uo) WE NEED A NICE TCM POSTER AS WELL? Virtyually every suingkle ither sute FB, magazine;ls &books have conducted it';s own favs poll, but us???
  15. GAIN TO JAJEEM, I see Mr.Feinberg noiwhas lots of fans & such $$$ chasngeseveyything He evenwent to both Yasle & Brandeis simpultasneously, which if cool, it'ds how you behave afterward you know I ALSO JUST CHALLENGED HIM-(AGAIN) TO 2 COINTESRTS, WUITH NASDA A REPOLY PER USUAL PREDICT THE 91st ANNUAL ACADEMUY AWARDS & AGAIN ONE I ALWATYS TRY & CHALLENGE SCOTT TO HIS GOICE OF QUESTIONS TOO ON THE HIDSTOIRY OF HOLLYWOOD TRIVIA NO RESPONSE YRS AGO, OR NOW AT ANY RATE He'd PROIBABLY HAVE TO LO)OK UP THE ANSWERS OINHIS PHONE I told him around 2001 "IT IS IN THE HESD/BRAIN THST ONLY MSTTERS" unquote IT's like cheating inHigh school or something PLESE TRY & ASNSWERTHOIESE OSCARTRIVIA IYEMS I POSTED ATBOTTOM PAL < KNOWYOUCAN DO MOST OF THEM ANOITHERTHING ON THIS GUY HE dosn;t evenhave an answer asto his fsv. movie,.actor, actress& filmmaker is He generally went by who won most recent OSCARS??? HAPPOY HOLIDAYS DIG THIS ONE & HOPE SHE DIESN';T RESD THIS, SHE REASDS EVERYTHING NOIW MOISTKY FROMHERBED AST ASGE 60, BUT STILL A POHENOMENAL ATHJLETE@! *PENN GOT HER INTO BOIDY SHAPING SOMETHING FUNNY HE STILL JOGS, BUT WUITH A CIGARETT IN HIS MOUTH!? I sent MADONNA aboiut (3-4) REALLY NEAT THINGS I KNEW SHE'D ENJOY ON FB-(she mostly likes Twitter & now Instagram) BUTSHE GOT THEM & REPLIED BASCK TOME WITHIN 2-3 MINUTES ON # oF THEM SHE LOVES BOXING AS I DO , HORSES, I SENT HER HER FAV NUMBRR "IMAGINE" & ASLSO ALL-TIME A #! GREATEST MSTCH "THRILLA' IN MANILLA' (l8975) ALI VS. FRAZIE, EVEN LETTING HER SOIMETHING SHE NEVER KNEW, NOR DO MOST FRA Eddie Fitch-0(who wass vityed all-0time greatest tsinrer by the way, even over Abngelo Dundee?) FAST JOE GAVE A PAST ANSWE "They Didn't Last That Long" unquote onlythe late trainer of his Eddie Futch knew about his one eye She even write me back from the mryiad of old ROCKY MASRCIANO footae I sent her, strange huh ARE YOIU A BOXING FAN AST ALL OR BOIXING CINEMA??? I was gonna post a long article oin here titled BOXING VS. HOLLYWOOD Mainl becaue this most viscous of sports has by far been covered y HOLLYWOOD more then any other WHATDOYOUTHINK??? MJANY COIMOASRE FOOTBALL TO *"GLADIATOR"I think it's professional boxing though my self ANY PICKS ON UPCOMINGDSP? I hsve long thought the SAINTS would maske it all the way & DREE BREES (MORE TRUIVUIAL STEEERS WON THEMOST SP's WITH 6 to date ^& a three way tie for2nd COWBOYS-(mfavs since I was ten), 49ers & New Englsnd have allwon (5) td MAN, PAL I HASTE THIS IT MASKES ME FEEL ON HERE LIKE I;m RETARTED IN MY WRUTING???
  16. TO MY OLD BUDDY KAKEEM, is this frim SCITTFEINBERG??? I ve knownhimover16yrs & take me word on it buddy,,he is a spoiled, copycat pounk&those are his good pts pal) Back around 2001/2002 he stole from me just sfter I won the title in Variety;s then Annual OSCAR-ORACLE TITE HOLDER! Don';t believe they have them anymore, unfortunartely! I LOVED VARIETY'S ANNUAL PREDUCT THEWINNERS CINTEST! I did almost tie RS's Peter Travers that year though. us about 2002/2003 He then proceeded copy my foi;les onthem & much,.much,more!-* on his own annjual ALT OSCASRS he'd justcopy modtof mine, when I asked if he';d seen such &such, his pat repoly was always "Welp, I haven't seenthat film or performance yet" unquote &such a film, but listed them anyway GO FIGURE??? I HATE TO SOUND LIESOIUR GRAPES< BUT THERE UT IS & SCITT F. ISNOT A COOL GUY TO SAY THE LEAST (NOTE: Heeven copied tons of my ever growing movie fileson top of which, plus, Scott needed help in the beginning So I got hi onto a flast OSCASR site titled "oscartalk" all text & all he didwas complain that hewasn';t ast the top of us 6-7 other guys? Ever hear of Joshua Lawson from Canada, now a teacher up there I keep in touch once in awhile But mr Feinberg complained even then(around 2000) his illing wasn't at the top of the newsletter weekly??? & one final fling on Mr. scvoitt F. I went deep into my movie books to try &assdsist him in finding a better OSCAR job (AFI'S DESK REFRENCE" Needs a revision by the way) *Clint has afirward hy the way from *UNFIRGUIVEN-0(YOU MUST GET UIT!) It civers everything cinematic, only a bit on AFI. welp, he still biched &****ed,etc IT'S A SGAME BECAYSE HE DUID SOIME SUPOERLATUIVE "ALYERNATE OSCAR PAGES" but copied just too much & now I noticed he has celeb guests on as well? Little dp they know huh, pal? He did get tommeet just befirehe wentaway 99yr old ELI WALLASCH, GLENNFORD, 90 & OTHERS, BUT HE TRUED TOCALL THEN 93 to 94 YEAR OLD RICGHARDWIDMASRKONCE & RICHARD SLAMMED THE OHONE DOWN & YELLE, "I don't do phone interviews" unquote His nice daddy-(spoke tohimon the phone a couple of times, financed him &made scitt this way SPILED & OWED ALL!) FIR TYHE RECIRD I BEAT SCOITT LAST YEAR AS OSCSR HANDUCAPPER ONN FINAL WINNERS AT (21 fir 24 correct) HE DID THE SCIRE YRS AGO THOIUGH, OR SO HE SAID?
  18. Doesn't J. Brolin look mire & more like his old man? Surprisngly he's only nabbed 1suingle nod to date, wghat was it foir???
  19. ONCE AGAINSORTY FIR THE MISSPELLING< OBVIOUSOLYNNOIT MYFAULT THISTIME OUT FOLKS & I;m not gonna let you fellowTCM-ITES get away with out one mire & it's easy ( 3) tieshasve to date occurred in it's 91 yr old history??? Plus, just one more for funfax: who are the only posthumous in AMPAS history so-far???
  20. By the way & most fellow pundits already know of this one It's far more difficult forecasting the nominees then actual ACADEMY AWARDS #1st question FUN OSCASRT TRIVIAFACTS: What year my #2 idol *"THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD : FRANCIS (Albert) SINATRA-(l9l5-l998) host? 2nd REASY ONE! Who holds AMPAS record for most hosting yrs &times??? 3rdlyWHO DESIGHNED THE ACTUAL AMPAS statue & how tall is it & how much does it weigh??? 4th THE ACADEMY AWARDS-(AMPAS) wrerefirst called just that, but what yr did this change & who 2 ladies took thecredit for the term "OSCAR?" 5th WHAT WAS THE VERY FURST YEAR/.DEBUT OF ":THE ENVEOPE" untilthen winners read abot it in Variety & LA Times ahead of time! 6h WHERE DID THEY HOLD FROM 1949 until 1959? 7h WHAT YEAR WRERE THEY FIRST TELEVISED ON TV??? 8thWHO INVENTED THEM AS A LEGAL FIGHT VS HOLLYWOOD UNIONS &* HE ALSO MOSTLY CONTROLLED FINALWINNERS UPO UNTIL ASBOIUT 1936/37 '36 SAID TO BE IT'S MOST FIXED YEAR BY THE WAY! 9th & THIS IS WGHATTHEYAKL<A BALL BUSTER-(hope thats ok with tcm.com>) TV's ET=-(fimedby the way on the old RKO RADIO sideof PARAMOUNT, or was in 05, Buried a time capsule under "HOLLYWIID & HIGHLAND" then "THE KODAK-THEATRE"-)680l Hollywood, Blvd) It contains lots of footage from the shows first 18yrs-0(this was 1999 & not to be unearthed fora century I don't even know where Et buried it? & it cointaijed (3) v8ideois(VHS) tapes, what were they??? &10th trivia question on our fav thingcalled OSCAR Who by far holds the longest speech record???h??? NOW NO LOOKING IT UP ON YOIUR PHONES SPORTS FANS I get this jazz off the top ofme head HOPE YOU GRET THEMALL & GOOD LUICK TO QUOTE JIMMY DURANTE-(l893-l980) I GOIT A MILLION OF ';em unquote
  22. know of 23 schools of Oscar thought &camp. It's whenj the magnificent 1998 SAVING PVT RYAN lost the biggie to a very nice (***1/2) little costume comedy titled *SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE!?2 vets right then refused to ever watch them again No kiddin The 2nd school of Oscar thought is withinthe last 25yrs quarter if a century around 1992 or so, the AMPAS has taken on the same nonsense of being PC,etc & most now know this & dismiss them in our era & of course multiculturism PEOPLE ARE FED UP & very ikekly why the ratings keep falling each year thesdays Enough with Kimmel by the way wish BILLY CRYSTAL would come back, or give LETTERMAN another shot, if he wants it now? WHATABOUT JIMMY FALLON fir a change as well?
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