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  1. CORRECT ME IF I;M WROING, didn't his mom live to be about 96 or so? But, then again genetics don't always have merit I could name at least ten others BUT SASLY FOR *CLINT, no chance of what would be his 5th shot at an acting *Oscar for this one Just too much competition (Bale, Marek, Viggo, Cooper & maybe Ethan Hawke?) (TRIVIA/QUESTION: How many has he won td overall? & whats his biggest $moneyspinner$ & MORE NOW ON THE TRIVIA FRONT! Who is his lifelong movie hero and idol???)
  2. Seen it yet pal? I;m seeing it on next Tuesday or Monday
  3. Please firward these three coinceots onto mgt I once won the old & Western motif AMC poster, just befoire it got overauled in 2000! WITH YOU MARVELOUS GIFT CENTER YOU GOTTA' TRY & GET SOMEOF THESE GIFT ITEMS IT'S A NO BRAINER ASFOR ALL-TIMERS FAN & EDITORS POLL, THAT RIDICULOIUS NOW, ESPOECIALLYWHEN IT COULD BE COVERED WITH TCM's 25th ANNIVERSARY COMING UP??? TCM didsomethinglike this-I SAVE TOINS OF FILS & OVER 150 MOVIE BOOKS) so I have enture 2009 list tcm put out, but not for us fans??? On "THE TOP 15 MOST INFLUENTIAL FILMS IN 15 YEARS"
  4. YOU ARE TRULY ON THE BALL BUDDY! PLEASE CINSUIDER TAKING A TCM ALL-TIME FAVS IN CINEMA POLL SOMEWDAY, Plus, Jakeem BUT, to me his sole absolutely superb piece of work! & THE GLASS KEY MY ALL-TIME FAV CHARASCTER PLAYER OF COURSE IS 93) TIME WINNER *WALTER BRENNAN-(l894-l974) NOW GETTING HEAT ALL OVER THE NET FOR BEING SO CALLED RASCIST??? (P.S. Did you know *"THE GREAT SPENCER TRACY" at first considered himself a character player? BREAKDOWN: My top 4-5 all-timers character players *BRENNAN, WARD BOND-(deserved 2 Oscar shots), *Barry Fitzgerald, & close,likely THOMAS MITCHELL
  5. The now sadly forgotten character player WILLIAM BENDIX-(l906-64) I rank his finest pur work as an actor 7 there were a couple But, was only up for the good (***) 1942 WAKE ISLAND? For my $dough$ was 19541' s DETECTIVE STOIRY"-(snubbed on a 2nd nomination s. actor) & 1942's bully vs Alan Ladd in "The Glass Key" PLUS of course LIFEBOAT (l944)
  6. I don't care what they say, I;ve studied B. Geste & Stagecoach a ton & Donvely really shoulda WALKED DOWN-THE-AISLE as Marko. *Mitchell was afar superior actor, it helped he was in 3-4 films that legendary year of 1939 (QUESTION: Whats your favorite *Thomas Mitchell-(l892-l962) role? MY VOTE *Ford's superb 1940 "LONG VIYAGE HOME" as Driscoll
  7. o topBilled, I agree a very strong actor, especially in his one & *Oscar nommed role in 1939's "BEAU GESTE" (4 stars!) How we forget "THE MICK" MICKEY ROONEY _(l920-2013 However over any decades he has easily joined the ranks as HOLLYWOODS MOST DIFFICULT aCtOR *Milland almost actually stabbed him during that great adventure! & *Wellman was more than happy!? There were many others-(I've written numorous articles about just this over decades titled HOLLYWOODS most Hated/DIFFICULT ACTORS" I agree you'd never know it from his on-screen persona though AN EXAMPLE OF ONLY A HANDFUL OT OTHERS THE POEERS LOATHED: Tallulah Bankhead, C, Bennett, W.C. Fields-(I know he was an ultimate GENIIUS!, both *B. Davis & *J. Crawford, Joe Besser, Henry Hathaway, Raft could be, Edward G. Robinson, Gloria Swanson, Mario Lanza, *Yul Brynner, Roy Rowland, & of all people arguably the movies A #1 all-time greatest director: *John Ford too!, *DeMille himself, Erich von Stroheim, & I HATE TO SAY IT BUT BOTH MY #2 HEROES & IDOLS>*TRACY & *SINATRA were not known to be fun when filming! & about 20 more if you care to ask I;M BY NO MEANS MAKING THIS UP, IT ISFIRST & FOREMOST FROM MY 150 MOVIE BOOK LIBRARY & THEN SEARCHED INTO IT NOW, IF YOU WANT TO HEAR OF SOME MORE, I HAVE LISTING OF OUR WRA'S AS WELL A small sample is Shelley Long among a myriad of others, plus Debra Winger& several more
  8. Only thought I'd write these because as most know tcm.com apparently had an overall very recently & they gasve me the handle of just plain SPHANNON now, must apparently start from scratch NOT FAUR FOLKs1(TRIVIA: river SHANNON IN IRELAND IS BY FAR Largest OIN ALL OF IRELAND & MENTIONED IN THE ALL-TIMER 1952 "THE QUIET MAN" AS WELL (P.S. But, only hrs ago set me straight & linked me to all my past posts & such THANKS AgaiN PALLY! My handle is only (SHANNON) & I had (4,000) posts prior to 7 back around 2001 I had many furst tcm handle (myidolsoencer) & had maybe (2000)too!? (P.S> WATS YOU NAME AGAIN POA? & HOW MANY HAVE HAD THIS ASO OCCUR???? THANX
  9. ACADEMY AWARD WINER for 1930-31's gangster & courtroom drama *Lionel Barrymore-(l878-1954)-(of course not to be mixed up with the incredible John Barrymore-(l878-l942) Annually put on a "SCROOGE" OR "A CHRISTMAS CAROL" every year in 1938 & I've seen & heard about 995 of the m all, he was A #1 though 1st got to hear it on 2 audio tapes when a then local talk radio show host brought the tapes in. It was *LB's final show, unfortunately On film: my candidate is the 1951 Alastair sim U.K. version) (TRIVIA: even *"THE GREAT: TRACY"-(l900-l967) own idol was *Lionel & they made(4) MGM pix together & MORE TRIVIA FUN FAX: "MOGUL OF MOGUL: LB MAYER-(l885-l957) used to somehow score the arthric *Lionel with cocaine to ease his ongoing arthritis. *Barrymore always said he wondered how he got it, but back then it wasn't a s stringent & mostly called BEZADRINE (TRIVIA: Who was *SINATRA'S movie hero & idol by the way???) You can see his mannerisms in his acting very easily too
  10. Did not yet have the time to check these out yet pal, but hope to HAD THE 33rd worst Christmas in in my 54 years!!!
  12. Was gonna' post-(TCM) always comes first, before all other OSCAR-ORIENTED SITES! On my personal 37th year at predicting the top 6-7 majors of who & what will be officially nommed-(HEAR THAT TCM< WE ALSO ARE IN DIRE NEED LIKE The 0THERs-(Premiere, ew.com, Hollywood reporter, of an annual contest!!! & OF COURSE SOMETHING NOT ONLY I BUT MYRIAD OF TCM-ITES LONG WANTED-(especially this is it's 25th year) A FAN & EDITORS SURVEY OF THEIR ALL-TIME FAVORITE'S IN THE M.O.V.I.E.S. (ew.com/ premiere mag & website/ Hollywood.com films of the golden age/ classic images-films of the golden age/ BFI/ of course the legendary every decade Sight & Sound Survey! & many more, please try & kick it around, especially on tcm's 235tyh anniversary (P.S. You guys did something like this for 2009)
  13. THANX AGAIN LAWRENCE!!! But are these some critics top ten vs what HOLLYWOOD may go for on the 22nd? & YOU KNOW YOUR STUFF, 2 time acting contender ETHEN-9we all know that name, right HAWKE in "First, Reformed" won both NY & LA for leasing actor Plus, he's snagged 2 more fir writing as you of all know STILL NOT CERTTAIN ABOUT WHAT "FIRST, REFORMED" IS EXACTLY ABOUT Doesn't he portray a priest???
  15. HAS AYONE SEEN THIS OINE YET, OR DESTROYER OR MARY POPPINS: RETURNS? Seeing "THE MULE" on the 21st, though doesn't seem like usual *Oscar fodder for 88yr old living legend *Eastwood this time! (P.S. I easily recall him insisting of the 2008 powerful GRAN TORINO ($158, his biggest hit yet too!) THAT HE WAS CERTAIN THAT WOULD BE HIS ON SCREEN SWAN SONG & ESPECIALLY IF HE DIRECTED IT???
  16. JAKEEMK, ever since TODIE FOR I had a little crush on *NICOLE-(robed of another nom by the way) However, think she made (3) for 2018 & HOLLYWOOD just may sneak her into "BOY, ERASED"-(support instead this time out?)
  17. & at this stage of our annual favourite game i.e OSCARS, agree or not agree with them) STILL GREAT FUN! I already see this earning at least (7) AMPAS nominations, including first time contender EMILY BLUNT Very ulikely though she will upset GLENN CLOSE in "The wife" I have a very personal place in my 54yr old Irish heart though because the 1964 wondrous version is thee very first movie my mother took me to, in a reissue around '68.
  19. It was either Time of Newsweek that voted VICE as the 1 movie of the year & despite him already taking home THE GOLDEN BOY for "The Fighter"-(s. actor) ONE LOOK AT *C. BALE IN THESE TRAILERS & HIS WORK JUST SCREAMS OSCAR BAIT, anyone agree?
  20. OOPS, never even heard of this critic in 37yrs though? Where is VICE, ROMA, GREEN BOOK, THE FAVOURITE, A STAR IS BORN-(likely to lead the field w/most overall noms come January 22nd, though personally I thought it was pretty strong & HATE TO EVEN TRY & SAY THIS, GA GA IS A BETTER ACTRESS THEN "MY ROYAL ITALIAN MADGESTY: MADONNA!" & couple others??? At this still semi early stage & nobody will agree, my personal 7 just for fun 2018 release is Christopher, Robin! Though am seeing *Clint's "The Mule" this week-(no nods appear likely this time out of the 88yr old though) & then either vice or another personal one to see "Mary Poppins: Returns" the Personal is the 1964 dazzling original 7 5 time victor, was very first my mum took me to a a child & in a reissue FINAL NOTE: To others chime-in & your favs of 2018, Oscars & anything else, including his favorourite's THANX case in point these upcoming 91st Annual Academy awards seem poised to have the least quality flix in our annual favorite race (NOTE: I HOPE TO POST MY 37th ANNUAL PREDICTIONS OF WHO & WHAT I FORECAST TO BE THE OFFICIAL 2018 OSCARS-(AMPAS) IN AWHILE-(P.S. However as I've always made a rule of mine, personally, my predicted poss contenders can be (REVIS$ED until & days until official announcement(same with THE SHOW) Like the betting in Vegas, Boxing, Horeseracing 7 more of course, but once the bench is closed, IT Is final
  21. At this early stage I have Bale & Close as the likely frontrunners on Oscar night
  22. Really split with these because of all the nominees & still had hoped the AMPAS would go back to the five for BP
  23. I keep hearing things about my most highly anticaped 2019-(January) film STAN & OILLIE may or may not get a nation wide release,WHO KNOwS THE STORY>??? Some sources it nay go straight to cable, unfortunately?
  24. Isn';t NYFCC Awards Tomorrow? Or is is SAG on Dec. 6th first???
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