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  3. WOW, apparantly nobody has either own pix, or views on this one I was certain too?
  4. However, I already wager when it comes to UNCLE OSCAR, A STAR IS BORN may only take home BEST O. SONG GOLD
  5. No matter how powe5rful *Curan's ROMA is & it certainly looks like it. I bet now it will not be remembered-(to quote *GEORGE STEVENS on his own masterpiece from 1951 A PLACE IN THE SUN) "We'll Know How Good This Picture Is In 20 Years" unquote & *Curan's absolutely perfecto 2013 GRAVITY fits that bill 100% & I';m not especially a sci-0fi fan either, except of course 2001!!!
  7. & TROY_(his name from WINONA'S fun 1994 REALITY BITES) has actually been nommed 4 times to date overall, am I correct?
  8. NOTICE TO JAKEEM & THE REST! Are you positive STAN & OLLIE will get a January 2019 nation wide release & not be pushed off to dvd/cable???
  9. Hate to brag & of course the OSCARS are not over, but just from studying it's trailers over 2 or more months ROMA just bled OSCARS! But now, (I've yet to go & see it as yet, but hope to) GREEN BOOK may be THE DARK HORSE no pun intended pal
  10. (*-always an ACADEMY (AMPAS) AWARD winner) I posted this a couple months ago, then the site had a huge overall & it got deleted somehow??? The American Film Institute-(AFI)-(EST: 1967-) conducted another all-time great pol, though unlike most it was not televised or even given much credit this time out? (2008 poll) "AFI's Top 10 for 10"-(meaning in these genres listed below & several are missing?) AFI voted on the top ten greatest films in each given film genre) (ALERT AGAIN, I may get cut off before concluding again though???) ANIMATION: 1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (l938-Walt Disney/RKO) 2. Pinocchio (l940-Disney/RKO) 3. Bambi (l942-Disney/RKO) 4. The Lion King (l994) (Walt Disney) 5th place Fantasia (l941-Disney/RKO) 6. Toy Story (l995) (Disney/Pixar) 7. Beauty & the Beast (l99l) (Walt Disney) 8. Shrek (200l) (DW,SKG) 9. Cinderella (l953) (Disney) & 10th place Finding Nemo (l994) (Disney/Pixar) ROMANTIC-COMEDY: 1ast place City Lights (l931-United Artists) 2. *Annie Hall (l977) 3. *It Happened 0ne Night (l934-Columbia) 4. Romantic Holiday (l953-Paramount) 5th place by AFI The Philadelphia Story (1940-MGM) 6. When Harry Met Sally..." (l989) 7. Adam's Rib" (l950- Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) 8. Moonstruck (l987) 9. Harold and Maude (l97l) & 10th in the voting Sleepless in Seattle (l993) WESTERNS: 1st place The Searchers (l956-WB's) 2. High Noon (l952-UA) 3. Shane (l953-Paramount) 4. *Unforgiven (l992 version) 5th Red River (l948-UA) 6. The Wild Bunch (l969) 7. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (l969) 8 McCabe & Mrs. Miller (l97l) 9. Stagecoach (l939-UA) & 10th vote Cat Ballou (l965) (SIN OF OMMSSION: Once Upon a Time in the West (l969) SPORTS: 1st Raging Bull (l980) 2. *Rocky (l976) 3. Pride of the Yankees (l942-Goldwyn/UA) 4. Hoosiers (l986) 5th Bull Durham (l988) 6. The Hustler (l96l) 7. Caddyshack (l980) 8. Breaking Away (l979) 9. OOPS, jotted down above contender already?) & 10th place The Natural (l984)-(or #9th) MYSTERY: 1. Vertigo (l958-Paramount) 2. Chinatown (l974) 3. Rear Window (l954-Paramount Pictures) 4. Laura (l944-Paramount) 5th The Third Man (l950-Selznick-London) 6. The Maltese Falcon (l94l=-Warner Bros.) 7. North by Northwest (l959-MGM) 8. Blue Velvet (l986) 9. Dial M'For Murder (l954-Paramount) & 10th best by AFI The Usual Suspects (l995) FANTASY: 1st choice The Wizard of 0z (l939-M-G-M) 2. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) 3. It's a Wonderful Life (l946-RKO Radio) 4. King Kong (l933-Selznick-RKO Radio) 5th Miracle on 34th Street (l947-20th Century Fox) 6. Field of Dreams (l989) 7. Harvey (l950-Universal-International) 8. Groundhog Day (l993) 9. Thief of Bagdad (l942-(Korda) & 10th Big (l988) SCI-FI: 1st 200l: A Space 0dyssey (l968-British) 2. Star Wars (l977) 3. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (l982) 4. A Clockwork 0range (l97l) 5. The Day the Earth Stood Still (l95l) 6. Blade Runner (l982) 7. Alien" (l979) 8. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (l99l) 9. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (l956) & 10th Back to the Future (l985) GANGSTERS: 1st place *The Godfather (l972) 2. GoodFellas (l990) 3. *The Godfather, Part II" (l974) 4. White Heat (l949-WB's) 5th place Bonnie and Clyde (l967) 6. Scarface: The Shame of a Nation (l932 version) (UA) 7. Pulp Fiction (l994) 8. The Public Enemy (l931-WB's) 9. Little Caesar (l930) (WB's) & 10th place by afi Scarface (l983) (SINS OF OMMISION: 1984's Once Upon a Time in America (D/C) & The Untouchables (l987) COURTROOM: 1. To Kill a Mockingbird (l962-UI) 2. 12 Angry Men (l957) 3. Kramer vs. Kramer (l979) 4. The Verdict (l982) 5th A Few Good Men (l992) 6. Witness for the Prosecution (l957-Fox) 7. Anatomy of a Murder (l959-(Columbia) 8. In Cold Blood (l967-(NOTE: Did not really have courtroom scenes though?) 9. A Cry in the Dark (l988) & 10th Judgment at Nuremberg (l96l-UA) (SINS OF OMMISIION: Inherit the Wind & Bananas???) & EPIC: 1st place *Lawrence of Arabia (l962-Columbia/British) 2. *Ben-Hur (l959-M-G-M) 3. *Schindler's List (l993)-(NOTE: Thee single greatest new release I went to in my 37yrs of reviewing new flix!) 4. *GWTW" (l939-Selznick/MGM) 5th Spartacus (l960-(U-I) 6. *Titanic (l997) 7. *All quiet on the Western Front (l930-Universal) 8. Saving Private Ryan (l998) 9. REDS (l98l) & 10th place The Ten Commandments (l956-Paramount Pictures) THANK YOU & AS ALWAYS GIVE YOUR OWN VIEWS,etc???
  11. History has it that all D.W. Griffith, *De Mille & others were further west & there was a massive rainstorm, so they went west instead
  12. Laemme was arguably thee very first true MOVIE MOGUL Paramount Pictures was established in 1909 & is still the oldest working DREAM FACTORY-(P.S. I was lucky enough on all 3 vacations to literally stay a stone's throw away from not only it, but the old RKO Radio) (NOTE: Now typically of whats left of an empire called HOLLYWOODLAND, they plan to now demolish that legendary RKO Globe???) However, Thomas (Alva) Edison-(l847-l931) started it all, but in Menlo, NJ
  13. NO MATTER WHAT, NO LITTLE GAL CAN REPLACE NATALIA IN THATPIVOTAL ROLE MY ACTUAL "ALRERNATE OSCAR" WINNERS FOR 1947 ARE> Best Film: Miracle on 34th street (Fox) Actor: *Edmund Gwenn in "Miracle on 34th Street" Actress: Deborah Kerr, "Black Narcissus" S. Actor: Richard Widmark, "Kiss of Death"-(barely over Ryan in "Crossfire") S. Actress: Marjorie Main, "The Egg and I" & BD: David Lean for "Great Expectations"
  14. what do you think of both the tv movie rehash & the ';94 remake with *Attenborugh?
  15. Good but majority of places always cited him as being bornin 1940 though?
  16. 100% but he though the was making a darn fool of himself when portraying Manuel Fedillo, especially after *Joan Crawford saw him on the then 200 acre lot of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer & quipped "Oh My God, It's Harpo Marx' unquote
  17. OBVIOUSLY YIUR A BIG *BING FAN, huh? What are your favs of his? & despite all the millions, upon millions of other songs since then his rendition-(1st used in the better 1942 picture (***) HOLIDAY IN (Paramount) & not what most think, not from the more $Box-0ffice$ friendly1954 film titled WHITE CHRISTMAS(**) That song is still thee single biggest selling record of all-time! AND I MUST ASK YOU THIS ONE, GIVEN *THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: FRANCIS (Albert) SINATRA (l9l5-l998) IS Y CLOSE ALL-TIME RUNNER-UP HERO & IDOL, WHAT DO YOU THINKOF HIM???
  18. Knew it would be to easy But I must pose the question, did Montgomery deserve that 1937 nomination? Especially when the official contenders were> *Spencer Tracy in Captains Courageous=-(most pundits were easily forecasting previous winner *Muni for Zola to be the first to win 2nd consecutive Best Actor victories though &not *Spence the following year for Boys Town-(A RECORD IN THE CATEGORY LASTING 56yrs UNTIL TOM HANKS tied it in 1993 & 1994 respectively) Paul Muni in Life of Emile Zola(did win NY Film Critics award) Charles Boyer in Conquest Fredric March in A Star is Born & Montgomery in Night Must Fall (SIN OF OMISSON)> Cary Grant in Awful Truth but he was always taken for granted by his peers???
  19. STILL KEEP JOING US TCM-ITES PLEASE!!! THANK YOU FOR PUTTING "THE LOVE OF MY LIFE" (since I was only 15 in 1980, full year before she went away) NATALIA NOKOLAEVNIA ZHAKHERENO-(Natalie Wood's) marvelous shot up there & in blazing color, only 8 at the time, she didn't steal it, but was 2nd best to *Oscar winner *Edmund Gwenn-(l875-l959) of in realty truly deserved to be in the Best actor race instead that year? It was aroiund this time Natalie was doing anoither quickjie production for *Zabnuck & Fox when a bridge broke & again as she later always said it "No Matter How Much Evetybody Knows,They still Get Me into DeepWater" Unquote, Her dispicable mohd-(mother) Maria, thought it would hurt her very young career if she went to the Fox studios ER & such, so Natalie-(& EVERYTIME YOU SEE GHER LATER & TOWARDS HER UNTIMELY DEMISE ON NOVEMBER 29th, 1981) So in every single other of her flix-(she made 46 theatrical ones & 3 for tv) YOIU WILL ALWAYS & I MEAN ALWAYS SEE SOME BRACELET OR SOETHING ELSE COIVERING UP HER RIGHT WRIST! One exception when *Kazan finally got her to very briefly got to remove it for her famous bathtub sequence, in not only her fav. film,all the yacht was named SPENDOUR) 1961's superb SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS as Deanie. but mine as well! In which she truly deserved her Best Atress Oscar for the role&yep, *Kazan also got her into a deep waterfall & WHAT A HEAVYWEIGHT MOTION PICTURE TOO!! The BP Winner instead: *GENTLEMAN'S AGREEMENT (Fox) (***-0out of 4) YOU BE THE JUDGE? Also, never 4-get what 20th Century Fox did for the 1994 version/.remake patrons, ticket buyers of the fairly nice (**1/2) ($17m.) remake, starring R. Attenborough.. They promised if you didn't enjoy it to send in your ticket stub & they'd send you $money$ back
  20. (TRIVIA TO NOT ONLY DARGO BUT ANY OTHERS & WITHOIUT LOOKING IT UP SPORTS FANS, PLEASE: What was R. Montgomery's only other nomination?)
  21. I recall The All-American Boy & is pretty good (**1/2) *Oscar winning Jon Voight (l938-) is current terrific on a terrific tv series on Showtime RAY DONOVAN. & I don't like many current tv shows myself. Besides COMING HOM$E his was utterly brilliant & almost unrecognizable in '85's great Adventure RUNAWAY TRAIN-(another nod) & that brings us back to HOLLYWOOD VS. BOXING to date he's snagged his 4th nomination for s. actor this time as Howard Cosell in 2001's ALI ($58m.) TO ALL KEEP'M COMIN & AS I PREVIOUSLY SAID, I ONLY SCRATCHED THE SURFACE ON BOXING/CINEMA! I gotta' be honest you folks got me a wee bit inspired by not only adding stuff, but reminding me of other Boxing flix too! THANX (FINAL NOTE FOR HERE: Where is Jakeem, TopBilled & LawrenceA???)
  22. ALRIGHT DARGO! another good in put, but is it a Fantasy or Fight Film? Like *Warren Beatty's wonderful-(to me since I was a kid) 1978 HEAVEN CAN WAIT is that a Fantasy or a Football flick? (NOTE: To all others in case you don't know yet & don't get confused 1943's Fantasy HEAVEN CAN WAIT w/*Don Ameche-(GEE, I only got to see his chair on my 8hrs on the 1984-(summer) COCOON set unfortunately, he & Brimley & Cronyn were shooting elsewhere that day GO-FIGURE! But I was still studying history of cinema & wasn't yet familiar with *Ameche & didn't know why all the elderly ladies in St. Pete were going crazy just to be able to see him & he won his sole nod & the *Oscar for s. actor fir it, at 77. He always said he expected Klaus Maria Branduar to win instead for the yrs 7 time sweeping *OUT OF ARFICA though. At any rate in a strong year of 1941 it won 2 writing statuettes. & also, no internet was around in '78/79 or many movie mags yet either, but most that did predict were certain *Warren's version would sweep. All told his version only took home Best Art-Direction though, it was the year of Vietnam at the OSCRS between 5 time sweeper *THE DEER HUNTER & 3 time winning COMING HOME instead
  23. By the way in My Own "ALTERNATE OSCAR CHOICES" I chose Donlevy in Beau Geste as Best Supporting Actor for that legendary cinematic year of 1939! His sole shot too. Official winner of course was the great, great character actor *Thomas Mitchell in Stagecoach, it didn't hurt that Mitchell was in (3) other heavyweight releases that pivotal year though My own favorite work by *T. Michell-(l892-l962) is in *Ford's superb 1940 Adventure LONG VOYAGE HOME (UA) though if you pay attention he has most screen time & not a 33yr old *DUKE WAYNE (TRIVIA: Eugene 0'Neil loved that adaptation more then any others of his, he owned a copy himself) & TO ALL OTHERS PLEASE TRY & THROW IN THE TOWEL-(obviously a boxing term, with your own favs???)
  24. thanks for your inout I shoulda listed this topic as AK IN PROGRESS though
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