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  1. see anything on the net thesedays & even official books-(especially NATALIE'S by SusanFinsted) & then Robert Downey, Jr. on stage really kicked the dirt up about that horrific incident & can you believe he later bought a house on her exact rd (603 Canon, drive inB. Hills) as if stalking here! ^& in recent years even more has come to ight about this man, regarding a 1949 strangling by hands murder of B-movie actress JEAN SPANGLER at THE GRIFFITH PARK ZOO She can briefly be glimpsed in a couple early pix of his. & 3was even reported to be pregnant at the time of her never
  3. & at this still premature aspect of our, well mine, fasv. game THE OSCASRS, about 98% of my fellow pundits have it a lock for a BP nom & maybe even Spike lee for BD-(I don't agree with the latter though myself, he carries too much baggage to be among the cliquish BD contenders. Though he way win & WALK DOWN-THE-AISLE for it's screenplay this time out?
  4. Bogie56, do you already see recently past *Oscar victor Ali defeating the likes of last yrs loser Timothy Chalamet though?
  5. THANX, I have had this one o MY MUST SEE LIST! Since about 3 months ago when I knew they were making it!!! I just truly hope it gets a nation wide release date in January & not straight to cable or something???-(ANY NEW NEWS ON THAT?) & DUMBO by Tim Burton in March is a runner-up. Plus, *Scorsese, *De Niro & after an 11yr hiatus *Pesci is back in the $135m THE IRISHMAN & as you know this may be the duo's all-time greatest bit "ON THETRAIL OF THE LONESOME PINE" from 1937's WONDROUS "WAY OUT WEST" Most buffs of L & H of their features choose SONS OF THE DESERT (l933)-(TRIVI
  6. (PART 1) (*-always indicates an ACADEY AWARD winner) Now, to start with virtually al true film buffs,etc are full aware to viscous sport of Professional Boxing-(still my fav. NFL is a runner-up) has by far been covered more than any other sports in cinema history. a lot has to Eddie Muller's fav. genre as film 'noir to begin with. & during HOLLYWOODS GLORIOUS GOLDEN AGE & STUDIO-SYSTEM-(l925-63) Life imitated art, with the gangsters that of course surrounded the sport After all his pop was a true boxing writer too!) So below I plan to list as ,many boxing motion pictures as possib
  7. However, one man shows have made the cut James Whitmore in 1975's Give 'Em Hell Harry for one
  8. With all due restpect though, even if he gets a lotta publicity, critics & trades for this one, the main leading actor competition right now & looking ahead will likely be CHRISTIAN BALE in Vice, BRADLEY COOPER, A Star is Born, RAMI MALEK, Bohemian Rhapsody, RYAN GOSLING, First Man & VIGGO MORTENSON in Green Book pohe,mian Rhapsody,
  9. Although 1987 HAD NEW MOVIES I WENT TOI & LIKED MORE THEN HIS 9 TIME SWEEPING *Last Emperor ($34M.) (***1/2) I did excellent that year in forecasting what HOOLYWOOD will do on Oscar night. & predicted it would take home either 7 to 8 but not 9. (TRIVIA: It's to date among the AMPAS' only (3) to make a clean sweep 1958's *GIGI & 2003's *LOR-ROTK) (TRIVIA FUN-FAX)>-(you be the judge as to other 1987 films deserved to be either over it for BP, or in slots of the other nominees)??? *LAST EMPEROR BROADCAST NEWS ($27m.) (****-stars!) FATAL ATTRACTION ($157m
  10. I already see the FAVOURITE snagging about 8 or 9 AMPAS nominations overall. Matter of fact it may be among this years most nommed contenders, along with FIRST MAN & A STAR IS BORN? Despite all the asinine pc & changes within the AMPAS it still adores huge costume epics (it's trailer is also all over the net & check out ROMA'S)-(SEE BELOW ON STAN & OLLIE'S 1st) IT LOOKS UTTERLY PERFECTO!
  11. WHOOPS BUDDY, just now checke'd out (boxofficemojo) & BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY is approaching $160m. do0mestically Not a film I plane to see, others more important to me first Just went to last Friday CREED II (**-out of 4 stars) what a bit of a letdown considering I thought CREED (2015) AKA: ROCKY 8 was & is terrific overall moviemaking, most of all SLY, who looks bored here too. Even the legendary music of his ROCKY FRANCHISE is missing BIG-TIME HERE? I know what, Stallone would say it's mostly not about ROCKY BALBOA, at any rate this score is lousy Not bad I remember those, j
  12. JAKEEM, have you had a chance yet to check out A STAR IS BORN-remake??? I was somewhat pleasantly surprised
  13. & think I previously posted on here a couple of times-(as you know tcm.com's message boards had a massive overall & my handle is now altered-(IT WAS SPENCER) & without me saying a word!?) & my previous 4,000 posts are apparently now DELETED!? NOT FAIR FOKS Anyway, 6 time nominee without getting her chance to WALK DOWN-THE-AISLE GLENN CLOSE in THE WIFE seems a BLOW-OUT for Best Actress BP seems tight right now though??? Maybe ROMA (NOTE: This marks my 37th year at oddsmaking UNCLE OSCAR & 2018 was pretty weak in movies.)\
  14. JAKEEM, i';ve said it before, but you once again outdid yourself pal!!! I just saw it on the net & weeks ago can you verify NBR is tomorrow & New York Film Critics are on Thursday??? WATCH BEST ACTOR CLOSELY EVEN THIS EARLY BETWEEEN C. BALE in VICE vs. RAMI MALEK in BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY It's ridiculoiusly but all know how these things generally work, if *BALE hadn't already won for THE FIGHTER he'd probably have a better shot, unless he is something like the incredible *D. DAY LEWIS or something
  15. And it's very easy to already predict it will take home that Best O. Song Gold
  16. & a few others too! John Barrymore was magnificent for just one in Hawks screwball comedy from 1934 TWENTIETH CENTURY! & I know many may scoff at this but both Buster Keaton, W.C. Fields were brilliant at what they did! Split BIg-TIME WITH MacDONALD THOUGH, LOATHED HER! HARLOW is yet another in LIBELED-LADY!?
  17. AGREED! Don't now if i'll also go & see this one, too many others coming up & recall Pryce in BRAZIL & GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS? Don't see him making the cut though, to crowded a field GARP is my fav of hers & *ROBIN'S too! THANK YOU
  18. & Who got the tcm Christmas book yet? I won one from AMC, back before it's overhaul in 2000 & an AMC Western poster too!
  19. THE WIFE, you can find the trailer right now it appears she will finally WALK DOWN-THe-AISLE on her 7th try
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