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  1. I could be wrong but trailers are in the public domain as they are used for advertising. Either way why change the aspect ratio on a print for a trailer in the first place? Seems to be an expense with no benefit,
  2. Well I guess I was wrong... The trailer for Tennessee Johnson was shown at the wrong aspect ratio. So much for my getting to that world peace situation... I'll have to stick with this crisis a little longer!
  3. I may not have this exactly right but... I was wondering how you would feel if TCM had a poll listing all the movies shown say, from October 2020 to September 2021 then allowing fans to pick the top ten movies they would like to see in December. Does this sound possible? Worthwhile? Interesting? Love to hear your thoughts.
  4. TCM makes a point of screening movies as they were meant to be seen. I would assume as the keeper of the classic movie flame that would also apply to trailers and cartoons and any other moving images as well!
  5. Just wanted to say it looks like this issue was resolved. Trailers of all aspect ratios seem to be back to normal! My brain feels better... Now on to solving that pesky world peace problem!
  6. I have long felt (and even said aloud on numerous occasions) that Ben Mankiewicz was at his best when playing off a guest programmer. My favorite guest of his thus far were those Father's Day wraparounds with his own dad, Frank, back in 2013. Watching Ben and his brother, NBC Dateline correspondent, Josh Mankieiwcz, discuss movies and their family history has been very entertaining. It struck me that the two of them together would make a great team for The Essentials. The last time I felt this way was watching Robert Osborne interview Drew Barrymore during the TCM Festival screening
  7. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/atandt-plans-to-spin-off-entertainment-assets-in-a-blockbuster-deal-with-discovery-what-went-wrong/ar-BB1gNUJW?li=BBnbfcL The proposed transaction, which would require the approval of federal regulators, would mark a stunning retreat for AT&T, which spent $85 billion three years ago to buy Time Warner Inc., owner of CNN, HBO, TBS, TNT and the storied Warner Bros. film and TV studio. AT&T now appears ready to jettison those assets — although AT&T investors are expected to remain stakeholders.
  8. A wonderful man. An amazing life. Sympathies to Ben and all who knew him well.
  9. I believe the implication is fully there at the very end of the film in the dialogue between Marjorie Rambeau's character and the bartender played by Stanley Fields. I found the comic antics tedious. The quality of the print was absolutely astounding. It really looked as if it was photographed this year. As to the idea that a US citizen would be barred from reentering the United States I doubt it. While she might be labeled an "undesirable" a US citizen is a US citizen. Let's see if any lawyers on the board can answer that one!
  10. Though not a book that was source material for a film, I would recommend, Charles Grodin's, IT WOULD BE SO NICE IF YOU WEREN'T HERE. It's by far one of the best entertainment Autobiographies ever written and a must read for anyone who ever wanted to be an actor! Grodin was born in 1935 in Pittsburgh, where he was part of a close-knit Jewish family and had good friends, despite his apparently nonstop arguing--with anybody on anything. In this ebullient, often rancorous autobiography, the stage, film and TV actor describes vividly hassles that cost him the plum role in The Graduate and
  11. I've noticed that lately the trailers for older Academy ratio movies are made to look widescreen, thereby distorting the image and cutting out visual and credit information. Can this be corrected please??
  12. Happy Birthday Robert. The last true gentleman on television!
  13. Wow! The intros are great! Quality is superb. Recording dates, air dates and outros as well... All uncut and commercial free! Perfect! Of course, these will only be an example of some of the intros. I'm guessing they're not going to post every intro RO did for say, CASABLANCA. Still what a great way to honor Robert and keep him memory alive.
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