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  1. I first met Robert Osborne at a poster auction. We chatted for a bit and he was kind enough to give me his email address. He generally answered. I say generally because some of my questions may not have merited his time. I remember one such occasion was about different prints of a silent film TCM aired. This was before I realized he probably had no idea about every aspect of TCM. Fans are into minutiae. Later I had a couple of chances to speak with him privately at various festivals. He was always gracious and gave generously of his time. I will forever maintain RO was nothing if no
  2. I got it too. People and things are of their time. Like the great stars and the studio system. At some point TCM as we know it will morph into some other venue or format. If you think about it, when TCM started it was relatively hard to find rare movies to see. Guaranteeing a steady rise in viewership. Now nearly all those movies are omnipresent through streaming, home video formats and downloads. The only thing that makes TCM different from other movie channels are the hosts, some dedicated programming and a cult-like following. The only other channel similar was AMC. To paraphras
  3. Gloria Henry, TV Mom on ‘Dennis the Menace,’ Dies at 98 https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/gloria-henry-tv-mom-on-dennis-the-menace-dies-at-98/ar-BB1fiJiJ?li=BBnb2gh
  4. Looks like today's CALAMITY JANE's intros will be lost to history. Since the film aired last month those intros are currently on the streaming service.
  5. Thanks so much for letting me know. Yes, CAGED had the wraparounds on the streaming service. I suspect CALAMITY JANE will as well. There have been a few hiccups over the years (An intro was replayed at the end of the movie for example. ) but far as I know this is the first time anything like this has happened. Interestingly Ben's opening for CAREFREE was broadcast on air.
  6. William “Biff” McGuire, Two-Time Tony-Nominated Actor, Dies at 94 https://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/news/william-biff-mcguire-two-time-tony-nominated-actor-dies-at-94/ar-BB1fhsO8?li=BBnb2gh
  7. How come there were no wraparounds this afternoon? Anyone know?
  8. Same here... Those animated big eyes and his split teeth before he had them fixed!
  9. And an even NEWER generation thanks to sitcom, THE GOLDBERGS.
  10. Sorry to hear this. You could always count on him for a good performance.
  11. Interesting little LA Times article on Gilbert. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/la-xpm-2013-may-13-la-et-mn-john-gilbert-20130515-story.html
  12. Walking around the studio lots does that for me. I always think about all the great actors who were there. Then I get depressed and remember I'm 100 years too late! I should have been born in the early 1900's. Bu then I'd be dead now so ... But yeah, walking around the studio lots... Just awesome.
  13. Right after the Gotta Have Me Go with You number in the Garland/Mason version of A STAR IS BORN, Norman Maine and Esther Blodgett finish taking their bows. Just before they walk off stage Maine says something to Esther. You can't hear it. It may have just been an aside from actor to actor rather than character to character. What did Norman Maine say to Esther Blodgett? Anyone else catch that?
  14. I'm pretty sure the idea behind these surveys is not to divulge what they're about regardless of the topic. Hence the name "Inner Circle".
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