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  1. An updated version has been airing the last few days.
  2. He was a fixture on the TCM Cruises and Film Festivals. He was also a guest host. He truly was part of the TCM Family. It was fitting to include him.
  3. I've been enjoying this YouTube supplement to TCM programming. Informative, goofy, fun! Check out Millie De Chirico and the gang! ***Perhaps TCM should consider adding this to the line-up!
  4. They must have added Ann Reinking since last night when I saw it for the first time. That's cool.
  5. This year I lost 2 friends who were also great actors. Carol Arthur and R.D. Call. I was so pleased to see TCM remembered them in this years installment of TCM Remembers. The video hasn't been posted yet. So sad and unbelievable to see how many greats passed this year. Olivia de Havilland got the last spot as expected. A great job once again! Thank you TCM forgiving all these talented artists a final curtain call!
  6. I guess I should have requested that TCM ask their hosts to plug the message board. Unfortunately the fact that we still have the crappy schedule format after all these months indicates to me someone someplace takes little interest in what we board regulars care about.
  7. Have any of you noticed when either Eddie Muller or Ben Mankiewicz ask if you have anything to say about the movie they've introduced or their comments regarding said movie they refer you to Twitter or Facebook? I don't recall any of the hosts mention the TCM Message Board as a place to offer comments. Full disclosure, I'm not on "the Facebook" or Twitter and will likely never be. So I'll just continue to post here until either me or this board disappears into the ether. Thoughts?
  8. George Murphy is never an actor I think about nor is he one that I'm excited to see in the credits of a movie of which I'm unfamiliar. I won't deny he has talent. I just never think of him as I do other actors of his day. I think of him as a serviceable actor or entertainer who rounds out the cast. One might conclude his departure from acting into politics was not unlike that of Ronald Reagan. An actor whom I would, more or less, put in the same category. I may have said this about someone else but George Murphy could very well be the Ralph Bellamy of Musicals. ---------------
  9. Yes. They had a tiered system depending on how many DVD's you wanted to rent in a month. I was a member for 12 years. Maybe from the start. It was already great but it was especially wonderful during the pandemic lock down. They didn't rent any titles after 1970. They offered thousands of the Made On Demand titles you can't find anywhere else unless you buy them. MGM, Fox, Universal, Paramount, Columbia, Serials and TV Shows. You won't find a selection like that anywhere else. As if 2020 didn't suck enough this had to happen.
  10. Classicflix was also a great resource for early Paramount and Universal films. Are they being streamed anywhere?
  11. I agree with you to a point. Streaming is great but where are you going to find all those great movies that aren't streaming? Are commentaries, trailers and other small gems streaming? I still enjoy physical media for all of those things.
  12. I was totally disheartened to hear that Classicflix Underground is closing their rental site. No other site on the internet offered a greater selection of classic films for rental. I can only say it's a major loss to this classic film lover.
  13. Thanks again! I look forward to this post every month! It's a big part of my TCM viewing! Much appreciated!
  14. Would be interesting if they could air pre-1980 Oscar telecasts.
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