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  1. Ricardo Montalbán - Mexican Film and Television Icon I cannot recommend this interview highly enough. If you are an actor or love stories about film and theatre this is a must watch. I have seen all theses unedited "Word of Mouth" interviews. Montalban's was quite engaging. He is humble, extremely down to earth, charming and still on top of his game. You can't help but love the guy. The interview is by far the most honest of all the interviews available. He is very forthright about his career and life experiences. I only wish it could have been longer.
  2. I was wondering about that... I hadn't seen ads for a while now and figured it was petering out. Now if we can just do something about that wine club!!!!!
  3. Oddly enough I watched it yesterday evening and found it very entertaining. Another glimpse into what made Marion Davies a star. I also liked the traditional organ score. Should be a welcome addition to TCM's rotation of silents.
  4. Ruthie was a pistol right up until the end! What a joy to have known her if but a second in the timeline of her life. I once asked her if she was tired of people asking her the secret to longevity and she said, YES! We spoke for a while and then she wanted to go watch football. "It's action!", she said. It was always a special treat just to see her.
  5. While Nancy Sinatra has had ties to TCM for some time now her acting career and acting ability was limited. She even admitted to not being that interested in it. I'm a child of the 1960's and, I'm sorry to say, Nancy Sinatra has always been in my mind - "Frank Sinatra's daughter, Nancy" Unlike say, Jane Fonda. Others probably feel differently. One wonders if her talent would have broke through had she not been Frank's daughter. If we were being honest here I could think of at least 20 important actors from the 1960's or 1970's. None of whom TCM has ever had on and who could offer a cultur
  6. I just saw a promo for two films every Sunday (10 films in all). Looks like it will be a Ben - Mario affair. So I'm sure it will be interesting.
  7. You can't be sued for saying anything against dead people. And, of course, they're not here to defend or admit to anything that is said. Easy to fabricate a story line that fits your needs or wishful thinking.
  8. I was told by well known people, on two separate occasions, in effect, "Roddy knew where all the bodies were buried and he took all his secrets with him." If only everyone these days could keep a confidence as well!
  9. TCM rarely announces the short subjects anymore. In this case it's especially sad because CHAMPAGNE FOR TWO is not part of their rotating short subjects and not available on Watch TCM. Might have been a one time opportunity for some.
  10. Anyone else catch this rarely seen Paramount short tonight. Fans of George Reeves will be sorry they missed it. Programmed as part of TCM’s Hispanic Heritage Screenings. Nightclub boss Malone puts off his wedding anniversary trip because an old woman claims to have overheard plans to rob the nightclub. But the old woman, Mrs. Cowdy (Ida Moore), has a scheme of her own. Latin themed musical acts appear as part of the nightclub entertainment. Lita Baron plays Reeves' wife and singer. Also seen, The Guadalajara Trio. Second title in Paramount's Musical Parade Featurette Series #4
  11. I cleared out my cache and signed back in again. That worked perfectly.
  12. Yes, I'm not the brightest person on these boards. So we're going to start with that. Now let's continue with the premise you have a big role out saying you want to bring TCM into 21st century. And during that first month of this big change you make Paul Robeson, one of the most controversial personalities of the 20th Century Star of the Month. A bold premise and totally appropriate for your new role out. Then instead of having the likes of Jacqueline Stewart or Donald Bogle or perhaps Stewart and Bogle discussing African-American Paul Robeson's career you have a Caucasian do it. Not tha
  13. Nothing to see here... Move along... Thus far this has all been much ado about nothing... Ben got a new set and the graphics changed. They went out of their way to assure us nothing was going to change and so far they're right. Well, maybe that moving camera thing no one seems to enjoy... The ballyhoo makes no sense to me at this point... Perhaps there's more to come later but for now... ho hum... business as usual just a different font... And I'm guessing a very expensive one at that.
  14. I cleared the cache and it's now working. Try and see if that works for you.
  15. Anyone else have this problem? I've tried several things but nothing is working. I watched a movie last week so I could do it then. Signed in and out too. Hit play and nothing happens. Please help or direct me to the right area for help. Many thanks!
  16. Sorry to say but to me this feels less genuine and more like the need to be "woke" in an age where traditional ideas are being regularly tossed out. And, by the way, if that's what TCM needs to do to stay on the air then I guess it's better than not. Like I've said before, TCM has an inherent problem with the base of their content being loaded with racial and gender stereotypes of all kind. How do you keep going when society is telling you your product is outmoded?
  17. The people they want to watch. Not the people they already have.
  18. I thought the new ad with Ben saying in effect, "Let's be honest the TCM audience hates change" was a tad patronizing... perhaps a little condescending. (And here I've been saying I want to be more positive and optimistic.) Yes, we hate change. That's pretty darn obvious. We watch silent films and movies in black and white. If there was a way we could 'AI' Robert Osborne we would. I guess if TCM really wanted to change they could toss out any host over 21 and really bring us into the 21 century.
  19. It does seem like an awful lot of set for one person...
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