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  1. Hello! I was wondering if anyone here has the Joe E. Brown "This is Your Life". They just released 18 episodes of this wonderful show on DVD, and they should definitely release more. I love Joe E. Brown and would love to buy it or make an exchange with another episode ( i only have a few on VHS). Thanks! - Rose
  2. ah yes...bill holden is quite a looker! -rose
  3. 1.paul newman 2.joe e. brown 3.gary cooper 4.errol flynn 5.tyrone power 6.charlton heston 7.ronald reagan 8.don murray 9.clint eastwood 10.dana andrews once you start..it's soo hard to stop! -rose
  4. aw poor june...bad timing on my part... -rose
  5. wowee! i haven't been on for a couple days.. what great responses...i'm glad you guys liked the topic of june allyson! i just never understood her :0) and i'm also excited to hear that people like joe e. brown...i looove "alibi ike" and his other movies!! -rose
  6. does anyone care for june allyson..if you do...then why? in my opinion she is very over-rated. -rose
  7. I CAN'T BELIEVED I FORGOT ABOUT IT !!! :0( it sounded like fun!!! she's one of the greats!! -rose
  8. i'm 18 and i've been a classic movie fan for about 17 years :0) it's great to be raised with the great movies of the B&W days! anyone who's still in high school/college..i'd advise you to start a classic movie club! I started one at my high school last year and people loved it!! -rose
  9. JOHN WAYNE???!?!? ahh he's one of the greats! who i cannot stand is alec baldwin and sean penn! also, i don't see what greta garbo has...but i know that there are a lot of her fans here so i won't say anything more :0) -rose
  10. i find it sad/weird that shelley winters and tony franciosa (ex's) passed away like a few days apart...i love franciosa in hatful of rain and love shelley winters in buona sera mrs. campbell -rose
  11. hmmm sexiest huh?? i love this question...i'd have to say paul newman! i need not give any other names because he's THE ONE! even to this day (maybe...well i'm 18 ... but he still looks dang good) :0) -rose
  12. i like this movie too! it's fascinating... does anyone here like "picture of dorian gray" (or grey i forget)...i just don't understand that movie..yet i "understand" the "portrait of jennie"
  13. yea i have that dvd second vol. I love it!!! one of my favorite abbott and costello movies is the time of their lives! - Rose
  14. He will definatly be remembered! I loved This is your Life!
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