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  1. You are correct-it's "Stowaway" and the song is "Goodnight, My Love." http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0533448/
  2. Fred, TCM airing movies from the 70's and onward isn't censoring your favorite code era classics-those movies still get plenty of airplay. What it is doing is ensuring that TCM is a viable offering as a movie channel welcome on today's cable line-up with something for movie fans of all ages. Some of us enjoy the classics produced in the last 40 years as well as the really good stuff from the 30s to the 60s. If you really stopped going to movies in the 1970s you have missed a lot of really good films. That's your choice, but please don't choose for me. I am an American, I grew up enjoying the
  3. I'm an adult and I enjoy films meant for adults. Sometimes that means harsh language or nudity-not in a gratuitous manner either. Many well regarded films include one or the other. I applaud TCM for showing a wide spectrum of movies. Many "earthy" films made in the 70's are now considered classics. "The Last Detail" was very well received when it came out. The screenplay (containing all those swear words) was nominated for an Oscar. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've never seen "The Last Detail" but I'm glad TCM offers it-it gets a 92 % positive rating at Rotten Tomatoes: http://www.rott
  4. TCM only shows movies like this late at night, not during the day when children would be watching. If the language offends you change the channel. I've never seen "The Last Detail" but even I know the films bad language is legendary.
  5. Since this thread was started "Wings" has been released at least. Speaking of Ray Milland and William Holden (and Veronica Lake)-where is "I Wanted Wings?" Leisen took over filming after it had already started shooting in Texas, since Leisen had a pilot's license they thought he would be a good fit. Edited by: ericsvdwsi8 on Jan 6, 2013 9:40 AM
  6. You can see the clip from "Another Thin Man" on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70TjNa2ord4
  7. According to the IMCDB (internet movie car database) the car was a 1953 Nash Healey.
  8. While Vera-Ellen was always dubbed in the movies she can be heard with her own voice on the Decca 1943 original cast recording of "A Connecticut Yankee." It was reissued on CD back in 2001. Edited by: ericsvdwsi8 on Nov 24, 2012 4:53 PM
  9. It's been a while since I listened to Cacoyannis' commentary track on the DVD but I remember he definitely didn't want to shoot it in color. He didn't want it to be too pretty or like one of those travelog type movies popular back then.
  10. Thanks for the heads up calvinnme, you are right on the money. DVD-R should be labelled as such on their website. If Alpha has a Facebook page you might want to leave a comment there-according to consumer advocates having things posted there tends to get the attention of a company.
  11. Regarding Jeanette MacDonald in "Sunset Blvd" wikipedia get's it somewhat right. Prince was set to produce and they wanted Nelson Eddy for Max. Sondheim was to write the score. He ran into Billy Wilder at a party and mentioned that he was writing the score for a stage musical of "Sunset Blvd" and Wilder told him it had to be an opera because it's about "a dethroned queen." Sondheim instantly realized that Wilder was right and started losing interest in the idea although later it was considered for Angela Lansbury. The Hugh Martin song was written for a different MacDonald project-a stage show
  12. This company is still releasing colorized versions of movies: http://www.legendfilms.net/homeColorization.html
  13. Regarding Hiya Judy-from the JG message board: In The Trolley Song Judy is looking down-in-the-mouth holding that paper bag of peanuts because John has not made the trolley. Then we hear a shout and Judy moves to the side of the trolley (the far side) and leans over to see. We see a shot of John just behind running to catch the trolley. She then realizes that he will, after all, make it onto the trolley and begins to sing the song. The reason for the "Hiyah Johnny" is to reassure the viewing audience that John Truett is indeed now on the trolley.
  14. How about Clint Eastwood and Carol Channing paired together as secondary romantic leads in "The First Traveling Saleslady" (RKO 1956)
  15. The girl standing next to Jackie Cooper is Marjorie Gestring, a well known competative diver. Betty Jaynes was at Garland's party but that isn't her. other pic from the party (scroll down) here & here: http://explow.com/Marjorie_Gestring (second row from bottom) http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=%22marjoriegestring%22&view=detail&id=36A087EEA240ADB34C76AE6993E0A1C9FB3BC652&qpvt=%22marjoriegestring%22
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