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  1. Kurt Russell is almost 70.... Though that reminded me, Hateful Eight was a pretty good modern western.
  2. My favorite of her's is Broken Blossoms. Such a beautiful film (especially for 1919).
  3. Good film. If you like Arsene Lupin, the original book is definitely worth checking out.
  4. Virgins of Bali (1932) Deane H. Dickason, Bali/ USA - 6/10- Travelouge that follows a Balinese family as they go through daily life. Crio and Tagel are sisters admired by the local men and one man kidnaps Crio in a native marriage ritual (where if you want a woman you just steal her and hope to not get caught!) This one is another goona goona film with a lot of nudity and a sensationalized look in to the life of the native Balinese people. A decent glimpse of long gone traditions of Bali.
  5. This is probably one time where Canada wins out. I think of the two, I'd rather watch Show Boat.
  6. https://fair.org/home/the-big-loser-in-the-iowa-debate-cnns-reputation/ The Big Loser in the Iowa Debate? CNN’s Reputation The biggest loser from last night’s Democratic debate (1/14/20) was CNN’s journalistic credibility. CNN debates have been marked by a tendency to pit one candidate against another, American Gladiators-style (FAIR.org, 8/2/19), so it’s no surprise that the cable network took its own journalistically dubious “scoop” (CNN, 1/13/20)—about Bernie Sanders allegedly telling Elizabeth Warren in 2018 that “he did not believe a woman could win” a race against Donald Trump—and used it as the basis of questions to both Sanders and Warren at its pre–Iowa caucus debate in Des Moines (presented jointly with the Des Moines Register). But it was less predictable that CNNwould frame those questions in such a nakedly one-sided manner, with wording that presumed that the truth was known about what was really said in a disputed, year-old private conversation. “Senator Sanders,” began CNN political correspondent Abby Phillip:
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