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  1. How will Barr benefit from this new show? I think that part is just jumping to conclusions. The original was a popular show and other actors worked on it too. They shouldn't have to be destitute because of Roseanne.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/jun/21/cocaine-in-rivers-harming-endangered-eels-study-finds Cocaine in rivers harming endangered eels, study finds Tests show drug causes eels to become hyperactive and damages their muscles, possibly hindering their ability to migrate Tiny amounts of cocaine flushed into rivers cause eels to become not only hyperactive but to suffer from muscle wastage, impaired gills and hormonal changes, a study has found. The impact of traces of cocaine on the physiology of European eels could be hindering their epic migrations through the oceans to reproduce, according to researchers who examined the impact of the drug. The tiny concentrations of cocaine in the laboratory tests are equivalent to the trace levels found in rivers and water systems from illegal drug use, particularly near major cities.
  3. It also lowers wages and pushes more people out of the work force. I know the "They took our jobs" people are seen as a joke but illegal immigration does negatively effect the American workers and unemployed.
  4. I was subtly hinting I think they might revolt against him. A couple years ago he was almost ousted. Next time he might not be so lucky. That is if any of the opposition aren't able to win anything and the election is rigged. I see it as a likely outcome.
  5. Normally I would agree as Erdogan even went to great lengths to enshrine his laws in the Constitution but only a couple years ago there was a failed mass protest against him. I really think his people have had enough of him.
  6. It'd be real ironic if they passed the bill and the new Dem candidate doesn't release his tax returns either.
  7. He looks like a giant doll/ puppet in the top one.
  8. Hopefully they get rid of the tyrant Erdogan and the next guy gets them out of Syria and stops persecution of the Kurds.
  9. Part of the Frank Schobel and Chris Doerk musical "Heisser Sommer" is set in East Berlin.
  10. Late Chrysanthemums - An elderly, lonely geisha now works as a money lender. The people indebted to her dislike her attitude and it only makes her sad. One of her friends has a gambling addiction after trying to get money to repay her. Even the people from the past who she has fond memories of only want money from her. She is very cynical but tries to make the most of her life. This was a touching film.
  11. Could you be thinking of Marlene Dietrich in Seven Sinners? Just a guess.
  12. I've seen the channel before and the aspect ratio seems fine. Maybe something's wrong with your TV.
  13. All big names. It doesn't surprise me that they have been SOTM multiple times. I wish they would pick Max Linder or some other big star whose movies TCM hasn't shown much of. There could be a lot of premieres.
  14. Paul Cockshott article on how immigration tends to reduce wages and increase unemployment. Worth a read. https://paulcockshott.wordpress.com/2016/06/27/brexit-imigration-and-exploitation/ A key debate during the referendum campaign was on whether immigration exercised a downward pressure on wages or not. This was prominently argued over during the TV debates and if the Ashcroft polls are to be believed, the second most important reason given by Leave voters for their choice of vote was hat leaving “offered the best chance for the UK to regain control over immigration and its own borders.” Among both Labour and Tory supporters who voted Leave, the most important consideration was : “the principle that decisions about the UK should be taken in the UK”. Since the Leave result on Friday morning social media has been full of Remain voters complaining about the ignorance and xenophobia of working class voters in the North who gave border controls as a motive for voting against the EU. But were the fears expressed about the effects of immigration from within the EU just ignorant prejudice, or did they reflect something real? The Remain campaign, during the TV debates, emphasised the contribution that immigrant workers made to the economy and particularly to the NHS, pointing out that they were hard workers who paid taxes and contributed to the national exchequer. But that was to spectacularly miss the point. You do not reduce people’s worries by saying the EU immigrants work hard. Hard workers who will accept low wages, are likely to seem more of a threat than people who take it easy. Does competition with immigrant labour tend to reduce real wages? Here is a scatter plot showing the relationship between immigration and exploitation in the UK since 1970.
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