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  1. Most other western countries don't have term limits but they do have a limit of serving to about 70 or 75. https://jacobitemag.com/2018/06/29/the-free-worlds-least-democratic-courts/
  2. I've always thought Liv Ullmann was very pretty.
  3. Spring Dreams -This one was on TCM Imports a few months ago. An elderly man falls and hurts himself in an upper class Japanese home. Little does he know that it is the home of the woman he was to marry decades ago before her rich family told him to get lost. The now cold woman who is suffering threw a worker's strike sees his pain and helps him before dying herself. This was a pretty good movie and I recommend it.
  4. "Hard Work, Happy Holiday" (1950, GDR) doesn't seem to have a page on IMDB. A Hungarian's blog and another Google Book do turn up however.
  5. It Happened at the World's Fair
  6. https://www.ksat.com/news/trio-steals-shark-from-san-antonio-aquarium-by-disguising-it-as-a-baby WATCH: Surveillance video shows trio stealing shark by disguising it as a baby Authorities thought 911 call was a hoax LEON VALLEY, Texas - Leon Valley police say a well-trained trio took Shark Week too far, stealing a horn shark from the San Antonio Aquarium Saturday afternoon. According to Leon Valley police Chief Joseph Salvaggio, the group stole the shark from an open pool where visitors are allowed to reach in and pet the various species in the tank. Two men and a woman are wanted in connection with the theft. Salvaggio said one of the men grabbed the shark by its tail while the others wrapped it in a wet blanket, went into a back room, put the shark in a bucket and put the bucket in the stroller. According to Jenny Spellman, the general manager of the San Antonio Aquarium, an employee noticed what was going on and immediately notified management.
  7. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/07/30/donald-trump-says-hes-willing-meet-iran-nuclear-agreement/864730002/ Donald Trump says he's willing to meet with Iran on new nuclear agreement President Donald Trump says he would "certainly meet" with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani if the leader was willing, adding he would do it with "no preconditions." He also said that Iran must "never be allowed" to possess nuclear weapons. (July 30) AP WASHINGTON – Defending his foreign policy approach to Russia and others, President Donald Trump said Monday he is willing to meet with Iran's leaders on a new nuclear deal, but it has to be better than the "waste of paper" that made up the previous agreement. "I would certainly meet with Iran if they wanted to meet; I don't know that they're ready yet, they're having a hard time right now," said Trump, who this year withdrew from the 2015 agreement in which the United States and allies agreed to reduce sanctions on Iran as it gave up the means to make nuclear weapons. At a brief news conference, Trump said he would hold a summit with Iran with "no preconditions."
  8. 50 pages and counting. This is what the forum looks like right now- I guess it can be useful for anyone willing to learn Korean though.
  9. https://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/international-tiger-day-2018/article24545857.ece?homepage=true International Tiger Day 2018: successes, and the challenges Every year, July 29 is celebrated as the Global Tiger Day to raise awareness about the endangered big cats. It was created when 13 countries came together in 2009 and pledged to double the world’s Tiger population by 2022 -- the next "Year of the Tiger" on the Asian lunar calendar. As per the assessment of the Status of Tigers, Co-predators and Prey (2014), the number of tigers in India is estimated at 2,226 as compared to the 2010 estimate of 1,706. Poaching, prey depletion and loss of habitat continue to be major threats to their survival. Here are a few success stories and a look at the challenges that remain in conserving these magnificent big cats
  10. I think she looks a bit like Jenny Agutter in that photo.
  11. What's the "****" mean? Does that signify that the film won?
  12. I don't think he's referring to Fellini Satyricon. There are two Satyricons from 1969, one by Gian Luigi Polidoro. He's probably referring to that one. Here's an IMDB link. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0166788/
  13. New Slavoj Zizek article on the media's fake outrage at Trump. https://thephilosophicalsalon.com/three-variations-on-trump-chaos-europe-and-fake-news/ There is disorder under heavens; the situation is excellent” Now that yet another week of Donald Trump’s frantic activity is safely behind us and slowly receding into memory, the time has come to think about the chaotic wasteland his visits left behind. Trump visited three places: Brussels, where he met the key European leaders; London where he met Theresa May (plus the queen); and Helsinki where he met Putin. Everybody noted the strange fact that Trump was much friendlier to those perceived as American enemies than to its friends. But such facts should not surprise us too much. Our attention should turn in another direction. As is often the case with Trump, reactions to his acts are more important than what he did or said. Let us begin by comparing what Trump said with what his partners said. When Trump and May were asked by a journalist what they thought about the flow of immigrants to Europe, Trump brutally and honestly rendered his populist anti-immigrant position: immigrants are a threat to the European way of life; they are destabilizing the safety of our countries, bringing violence and intolerance, so we should keep them out. A careful listener could easily notice that Theresa May said exactly the same thing, just in a more diplomatic and “civilized” way: immigrants bring diversity; they contribute to our welfare, but we should carefully check who we let in… We’ve got here a clear taste of the choice which is more and more the only one presented to us: either direct populist barbarism or a more civilized version of the same politics, barbarism with a human face. Generally, reactions to Trump from all across the spectrum in the US, Republicans and Democrats, were those of global shock and awe bordering on panic pure and simple: Trump is unreliable. He brings chaos: first, he reproached Germany for relying on Russian gas and thus becoming vulnerable to our enemy; days later he praised his good relation with Putin… He doesn’t even have good manners (the horror: when meeting the queen, he violated the protocol of how you behave in the presence of a monarch!). He doesn’t really listen to his democratic partners in a dialogue, while he is much more open to the charm of Putin, America’s big enemy. The way he acted at the press conference with Putin in Helsinki was not only an unheard-of humiliation (just think of it: he didn’t behave as Putin’s master!), and some of his statements could even be considered outright acts of treason. Rumours swirled of how Trump was Putin’s puppet because Putin had some hold over him (the famous photos of prostitutes **** on Trump in Moscow?), and parts of the US establishment, Democrats and some Republicans, began to contemplate a quick impeachment, even if we Pence would be his replacement. The conclusion was simply that the President of the US is no longer the leader of the free world… But has the President of the US really ever been such a leader? Here our counter-attack should begin. Note that the overall confusion of Trump’s statements contains some truths here and there. Wasn’t he in some sense right when he said that it was in our interest to have good relations with Russia and China to prevent war? Wasn’t he partially right to present his tariff war also as a protection of the interests of the US workers? The fact is that the existing order of international trade and finances is far from just, and that the European establishment hurt by Trump’s measures should also look at its own sins. Did we already forget how the existing financial and trade rules that privilege the strong European states, especially Germany, brought devastation to Greece?
  14. Song of the South is owned by Disney. Do you know how hard it is to get anything from Disney? None of the other main Disney animated movies have appeared on TCM either.
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