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  1. These sexual misconduct accusations are arising about people on all sides of the political compass. One democrat hardly represents everyone.
  2. I agree with you and know the Trump admin didn't start the hostilities. I was just saying to ND that Trump's threats of violence are certainly not helping and are only escalating things. You have a guy threatening to destroy other countries and then you wonder why those countries are stockpiling weapons and promoting their Songun militaristic policies in defense. It's because of Trump's own comments! He's the one fueling it and playing into their hand. I don't think many of the previous admins have handled NK particularly well but Trump's aggressiveness is the last thing that's needed if you actually want NK to abandon the nukes and Songun policy.
  3. The US is the one that invaded, divided their country and implemented a dictatorship. Diplomacy is what's keeping the peninsula from going back to war. It's a difficult situation that can't just be solved by bombing and killing everyone like the US is fond of. If you want your enemies to be less aggressive you have to stop your aggression towards them. Threatening them like Trump does only pushes them further and further.
  4. McCain has always been far right. He just wanted to stick it to Trump because of their petty squabbling.
  5. Nipkow, NK only wants nukes because the US has them. During the Cold War they didn't need nukes because they had the Soviet Union protecting them. Nowadays they have to have their own protection. If the US and NK ever manage to deescalate hostilities both could have nukes. NK has talked about denuclearizing before but only if the US also did and the US wanted nothing to do with it.
  6. He says "don't focus on me" but he's the one inserting himself into British politics.
  7. Technically he was a Croat. The Bosnian muslims were the people he genocided.
  8. Robeson supported the Soviets because they enacted anti-racism laws while the US had none at the time. He probably felt like he wasn't wanted in the US so he shouldn't have to fight for the US.
  9. I am actually hopeful to see the North and South get over differences and for the Koreans to unite. I just realize that it's extremely unlikely for anything to be solved peacefully at this point in time with both nations so aggressive to each other. Neither nation should be forced to capitulate though. They need to seek their own national paths at this point.
  10. The thing is that one of the main ideas behind Juche is the uniting of all the Korean peninsula under the Kims and I think it is very unlikely NK would agree to that solution.
  11. NK may lie but so has the RoK. The RoK used to be a dictatorship and implemented the Gwangju uprising massacre against peaceful democratic people. The RoK is absolutely no better than Nk and resolutions have to be sought peacefully. I think the US is a good nation which is why I think we shouldn't be occupying other nations or giving them ultimatums on nukes. It's unlikely NK will ever give up their nukes because they legitimately see the US as an occupying nation similar to Imperial Japan. An aggressive policy towards them will just lead to more death and carnage on the peninsula.
  12. If NK can live with a nuclear armed US we can live with a nuclear armed NK. NK was willing to sign an anti-nuclear pact but the US didn't want to sign.
  13. I agree with all that except taking the troops out of SK. While I think an aggressive policy from the US and SK is a bad idea, NK would absolutely invade and destroy SK without American protection.
  14. You are right that diplomacy is useless at this point and NK won't give up their nukes but why would they? The US is a bigger threat to them than vice-versa and another war isn't going to solve anything but just lead to countless deaths.
  15. I don't really see what she means by this. She would have something if she said some women in Hollywood tried to use sex to get ahead but from these comments it sounds like she's saying women deserve to be groped if they are "attractive as possible."
  16. He still had no reason to bring it up when he did. He should have acted professionally.
  17. I read they were thinking of canceling the Oscars this year because of all the sexual assault accusations but I don't know the veracity of that.
  18. Left wingers wanted to get criticism of Israel banned? Isn't being pro-Israel a right wing belief?
  19. That guy has only one post. I think it's a troll account.
  20. I agree that his remarks were crude, unprofessional and careless. I just don't think he was trying to imply natives are lesser people. It is sad though that he managed to offend native american elders at a time when they were supposed to be honored for their war efforts. He's a careless idiot.
  21. Yeah, no one who actually wants a job would take the identity politics courses anyway.
  22. He was trying to say she wasn't really native by calling her the first famous native person (kind of like bald people being called "curly" or "goldilocks") that came to his mind. It was really crude and came out of nowhere but not really intended to disparage the race.
  23. I don't think he was making fun of their ethnicity per se. Though it is very obvious he just brought up their race so he could make a joke about a political rival who had nothing to do with what was going on. He should have had more composure.
  24. It's not racism but it's stupid that he had to bring up his political rivals even when giving awards to WWII vets.
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