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  1. Literally no one here is condoning him. The argument was that the death penalty is cruel, has many flaws (you can't know for certain in every case and may kill the wrong guy) and gives no chance for rehabilitation. The court doesn't need to be "marciful." It needs to be fair to all parties and not just execute people at the drop of a hat.
  2. Seems spot on. Most years at Thanksgiving we have rolls. I don't know anyone who eats squash or salad with Thanksgiving though. : /
  3. Do you think people can't redeem themselves? What if the they're actually innocent?
  4. I'm fairly certain most of the Manson Family were released from prison decades ago.
  5. The important question is will Polanski go to the funeral?
  6. Some religious institutions were created just for that sure but certainly not all of them. I don't think it's wise to categorize all spirituality as being invented just to oppress others and then discarding it.
  7. Nice schedule today. Fatty Arbuckle short and an eastern bloc movie TCM debut.
  8. Calling them "passengers" is just trying to be more inclusive for everyone. They're trying to be nice, not to oppress anyone. It's not a big deal.
  9. Manson's been in the hospital before and was fine. The newspapers said the same thing about him dying. I think it's just newspapers trying to sell click bait.
  10. LOL. I think it said *woman dancing* or something like that.
  11. If California manages to secede from the US (like some wanted) that would really change things.
  12. TCM has these issues from time to time as the others have said. I remember once 42nd street was aired with captions for the deaf. They'll probably reshow it and use the right version.
  13. Moderates and centrists who voted for him are the ones who are more swayed by this type of stuff than his die hard supporters.
  14. Maybe he meant Frankenstein (pronounced Franken-shteen).
  15. I too would like to see some more L&H, Keaton and the like but I do think TCM does a pretty good job with different short comedies. For example an Arbuckle short is this week's Silent Sunday Night. They do try to keep it varied and appeal to everyone. Also I think the lack of some Abbot and Costello movies could be copyrights related.
  16. Hollywood Party is a good film. Funny Laurel and Hardy and early Three Stooges cameos in it too!
  17. The worst thing is that it was from some skit they did. You would think if it were just a skit they would have prepared it and both agreed to it.
  18. It's not really too hard. Most teenage and younger characters in sitcoms are played by actors in their 20s and 30s. Audrey could have gotten away with it.
  19. "Bernie Bernstein?" Lol. They couldn't even choose a good fake name.
  20. He must be getting the Texas shooting mixed up with the California one.
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