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  1. I don't think the Bible or Apocrypha say anything on the subject. Saint Francis of Assisi was said to be able to "preach to his friends, the birds" which implies to me that the official Catholic doctrine is that animals do have souls.
  2. Life was already fleeting even with God. There are more paths to life than the Abrahamic ones.
  3. I'm just hoping for a Phrenology series after this one. Maybe a study on which actors have the criminal head shape.
  4. That's why it's up to you to create your own values. A German guy with a silly moustache and crazy eyes wrote about this in a book once.
  5. Plato says something similar to this in the Meno dialogue I believe. He says "you can't know that you don't know something because that requires knowledge of what you don't know and if you do not know something then you don't know that you don't know it." It's really wordy the things he says but when you break them down there is a lot of insight. It leaves you questioning what you held as truth.
  6. Humans run by instinct too, much of the time. That is his point. You are drawing an arbitrary distinction between animals and humans.
  7. In Buddhism, there are "five psycho-physical aggregates" that work as a kind of soul. Once you have reincarnated enough and achieved a certain level of Enlightenment you realize that all is nothing and then you break free from the cycle of rebirth. It's almost a bit Heraclitean.
  8. Wow, you finally got around to Nekromantik! That poor lead pipe.
  9. Wasn't it your own St Francis of Assisi who said he could speak to animals and convert them to the Christian faith? How was he converting them if they have no souls?
  10. Animals do have morality though it is one very alien to humans. Animals probably wonder why humans don't follow their morality or ethics.
  11. Wait, the Nipkow account was last on last Wednesday. You forgot your password in the space of a week?
  12. The "unmoved mover" or "prime mover" is a concept that originates with Aristotle. As far as arguments for divinity go it is one of the strongest but there are important points to be raised. Bogie raised a good one that you can not be sure if the prime mover is even sentient or if it even a "being" of any kind as we know the idea. Also what if there are multiple prime movers that created the universe? Which one is given dominance and attention?
  13. Any morality that is centered upon what an invisible deity approves and disapproves of is already entirely arbitrary. The dumbest thing Dostoyevsky ever said was "without God everything is permitted."
  14. I'm sure animals and plants even (to an extent) have feelings and reactions to stimuli that are no less real to them than ours are to ourselves even without the help of voice boxes to make their inner experiences known.
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