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  1. https://www.rt.com/op-ed/490252-minnesota-riots-money-life/ Slavoj Zizek: In American protests, victims of Trump’s policies help the criminal erase the crime Be they against the Covid-19 lockdown or police brutality, the protests gripping the US stem from a ‘money or life’ choice, where people are forced to choose money. The poor are victims, helping to cover up the crime against them. Our world is gradually drowning in madness: instead of solidarity and coordinated global action against the Covid-19 threat, not only are agricultural disasters proliferating, raising the prospect of massive hunger – locusts are invading areas from Eastern Africa to Pakistan – but political violence is also exploding, often ignored by the media. How little do we read about the military border clashes between India and China, with multiple wounded?
  2. I agree but it doesn't really cost him anything to make a brief apology and drum up support among the types of people who would be offended by this. It works as outrage bait for his career I suppose.
  3. That sounds like it was also around the time she made Fitzcarraldo. I love that film.
  4. "Thanks for laying siege to our building, guys"
  5. This is what he posted in the comment up there- "You still don't get it. You're the only person to whom it matters whether this act occurred in a Republican or Democrat state. It doesn't matter which political party governs that state or any other state in which an act of this nature occurs." When has MM ever said anything like this?
  6. Except Tom isn't denying what happened here was evil. MM literally denies the Republicans of any guilt for anything.
  7. She must have been listening to too much Varg Vikernes.
  8. Interview with the French great Jean-Luc Godard that was hosted on Instagram a couple months ago. I thought he was pretty funny ("working girls" ) in this and he discusses everything from the current virus to working with FNW greats like Anna Karina and Truffaut.
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