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  1. https://thehill.com/policy/defense/414651-pentagon-denied-white-house-request-for-troops-to-perform-law-enforcement Pentagon denied White House request for troops to perform law enforcement services at border: report The Pentagon rejected a request from the White House last month to allow U.S. troops to perform emergency law enforcement tasks along the U.S.-Mexico border, CNN reported on Friday. Two unnamed Defense Department officials familiar with the request told CNN that the White House requested a reserve force authorized to provide "crowd and traffic control" to areas along
  2. https://colombiareports.com/colombia-suggests-alliance-with-brazils-far-right-bolsonaro-to-overthrow-venezuelas-government-report/ Colombia suggests alliance with Brazil’s Bolsonaro to overthrow Venezuela’s Maduro: report A top Colombian official told Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo that its government will support Brazilian’s far-right President-elect Jair Bolsonaro if he wants to overthrow the socialist government of Venezuela. According to Folha, a top diplomatic official said that “if [President-elect] Bolsonaro wants to help overthrow Maduro with a military interventi
  3. https://www.npr.org/2018/11/03/663887560/young-activists-can-sue-government-over-climate-change-supreme-court-says Young Activists Can Sue Government Over Climate Change, Supreme Court Says A group of young people can sue the federal government over its climate change policies, the Supreme Court said Friday. Since it was first filed in 2015, the government has requested several times that Juliana v. United States be dismissed. "I want to trust that we are truly on track for trial without having further delays," Kelsey Juliana, a 22-year-old plaintiff, said in a statement, "but th
  4. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/migrant-caravan-veracruz-miguel-angel-yunes-offers-transportation-today-2018-11-2/ Mexican official offers buses to migrant caravan to go to Mexico City or "to the place they wish" DONAJI, Mexico -- After three grueling weeks walking along highways and hitching rides in pickups and flatbed trucks, thousands of Central American migrants traveling in a caravan through southern Mexico learned Friday that they would soon be leapfrogging ahead to the nation's capital in buses. Meanwhile in the U.S., President Trump has made the caravan a key election issues, te
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/nov/02/nigerian-army-uses-trump-rock-is-a-rifle-comment-to-justify-shooting-protesters Nigerian army posts Trump video to justify shooting protesters Defence spokesman says army posted Trump video after criticism that it used weapons against peaceful Shia Muslims Nigeria’s army has posted a video of Donald Trump saying soldiers would shoot migrants throwing stones to justify opening fire on a group of Shia protesters this week. “Please watch and make your deductions,” said the army in a post on its officia
  6. Still a better haircut than Merle Oberon's in Wuthering heights. Just look at that forehead. It looks like she's balding.
  7. Well that makes sense. For Halloween, you're supposed to dress as fictional characters that don't actually exist.
  8. Some major spoilers in that article. I wish I hadn't read that.
  9. There are no foreign additions for this year.
  10. My top FF films of 1973... 1.) The Society of the Spectacle, Guy Debord, France 2.) Amarcord, Federico Fellini, Italy 3.) The Spirit of the Beehive, Victor Erice, Spain 4.) Fantastic Planet, Rene Laloux, France/Czechoslovakia 5.) Day for Night, Francois Truffaut, France 6.) World on a Wire, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, West Germany 7.) Belladonna of Sadness, Eichi Yamamoto, Japan 8.) Scenes From a Marriage, Ingmar Bergman, Sweden 9.) La Maman et la Putain, Jean Eustache, France 10.) The Seventh Bullet, Ali Khamraev, Uzbekistan
  11. The redhead is Alicia Malone and she is a TV host and film reporter. I'm not sure who Clare is though.
  12. https://www.mintpressnews.com/collaboration-of-bellingcat-founder-and-isis-twitter-account-exposed-in-new-report/251185/ THE SPIN WAR Collaboration of Bellingcat Founder and ISIS Twitter Account Exposed in New Report Western “experts” like Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat and the Atlantic Council frequently promoted the ShamiWitness account despite its frequent promotion of Daesh talking points and brutal deeds. by Whitney Webb MINNEAPOLIS — A new report has exposed the past collaboration of Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat and influential neo-conservatives with
  13. The Criterion edition of La Haine has been on TCM before (or it may have been from Janus. I don't remember). Either way, it was pretty good and looked touched up. I hope you enjoy your copy!
  14. https://thephilosophicalsalon.com/when-the-police-get-into-doxxing/ WHEN THE POLICE GET INTO DOXXING The Guardian recently reported that the Berkeley, CA police posted the names and photos of anti-fascist activists on Twitter. These outed California anti-fascist protesters were arrested for minor offenses while counter-demonstrating against an “alt-right” neofascist protest staged in Berkeley. Many of the arrests occurred under the auspices of new laws prohibiting demonstrators from wearing masks. The executive director of the National Lawyers Guild’s local chapter Jay Kim stat
  15. Cut Throats Nine - This is an extremely violent western from Spain. An officer is leading a group of criminals in covered wagons across the mountains when they are attacked by bandits. Unknown to the prisoners, their chains are made of gold (for some reason unexplained???) The officer, his daughter and a few of the criminals survive and he tries to lead them to their destination. One of the criminals killed his wife and he isn't sure which one it is. The film deals with the main characters as they torment each other while stuck in the desolate mountains during a blizzard. This film is very gra
  16. Mabel's Blunder - Crude slapstick comedy short from Mabel Normand. Mabel is an office worker jealous of her lover's affection for another woman so she dresses up in men's clothes and follows them. Meanwhile the man is now in woman's clothes and has to take her place to stop the lover's father from finding out about the gender swap. Some hijinks ensue and it turns out that the pretty woman Mabel sees Harry embracing is Harry's sister, who Harry gave an innocent hug. Mabel's jealousy had gotten the better of her and embarrassed her in front of everyone. This one had clever gags and a funny pay o
  17. https://sputniknews.com/news/201810311069392922-terrorist-welcomed-home-Morocco/ German authorities sent Mounir el-Motassadeq - known as the “book-keeper” for the 9/11 terrorists - back to his native Morocco on October 15 after he served a 15-year stint in the German prison system for his role in the attacks. There has since been global outrage, with many arguing that the terrorist should have spent much longer behind bars. The man who served jail time in Germany for his role in the 9/11 terrorist attacks is now roaming the streets of his native Morocco as a "free man," accor
  18. Well that makes a lot of sense. Some of those short films don't get listed on the schedule. I too am glad that they're listing more of them on the schedule now.
  19. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-sexcrimes/ashamed-and-scared-group-details-endemic-sex-abuse-in-north-korea-idUSKCN1N63DJ 'Ashamed and scared': group details 'endemic' sex abuse in North Korea SEOUL (Reuters) - Sexual abuse by North Korean officials appears to be “endemic”, a watchdog group reported on Thursday, as activists complain the isolated country’s rights record is being ignored as an international push is made to improve relations. Investigators with U.S.-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) interviewed more than 100 North Koreans who had left the country
  20. Suspense and Mabel's Blunder aren't premieres though. Suspense was definitely on during the Story of Film: an Odyssey series and Silent Sunday Nights. Mabel's Blunder was also on a Silent Sunday Night too I think.
  21. They probably just searched "poor neighborhoods" or something in Google Images.
  22. It means "I don't care if this makes our cause look bad. I'm going to shoot." The other white nationalists don't want shootings because it makes their cause look bad (or at least worse than it already does).
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