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  1. https://www.snopes.com/ap/2018/10/29/guns-send-8000-us-kids-er-year-analysis-says/? Guns Send over 8,000 US Kids to ER Each Year, Analysis Says In a study looking at data from 2006-14, serious gun injuries including many from assaults sent 75,000 U.S. children and teens to emergency rooms over the nine years. Gun injuries, including many from assaults, sent 75,000 U.S. children and teens to emergency rooms over nine years at a cost of almost $3 billion, a first-of-its-kind study found. Researchers called it the first nationally representative study on ER visits for gun injuri
  2. Semi-related. https://www.streamingobserver.com/the-average-cable-bill-is-now-107-a-month/ THE AVERAGE CABLE BILL IS NOW $107 A MONTH, UP MORE THAN 50% SINCE 2010 The most common reason so many households are kicking their cable TV habit is the cost. Cable bills keep soaring ever higher, yet millions of households still pay ridiculous costs each month for hundreds of channels they’ll never watch, endless hours of commercials, and contracts with hidden fees. Despite the fact that streaming video has become the new norm for millions of households, some people seem to hang on to th
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/oct/31/essex-street-appears-in-republican-candidate-pro-trump-advert Outrage after English village used in pro-Trump election ad Picture of rundown Jaywick Sands, a village in Essex, used by Nick Stella to warn voters off Democrats An advert for Republican congressional candidate Nick Stella showing Jaywick Sands in Essex. Photograph: Nick Stella/Facebook A street in Essex has been used by a US congressional candidate to warn Americans of how the country could look if voters do not suppor
  4. https://truthout.org/articles/trumps-nlrb-just-quietly-ruled-to-make-union-pickets-illegal/ An all-Republican panel of President Trump’s National Labor Relation Board (NLRB) recently ruled that janitors in San Francisco violated the law when they picketed in front of their workplace to win higher wages, better working conditions and freedom from sexual harassment in their workplace. The ruling could result in far-reaching restrictions on picketing that limit the ability of labor unions to put public pressure on management. The NLRB reached its conclusion by using the complex and
  5. I hadn't heard of it before but it looks interesting. Thanks for the recommendation!
  6. The Flower Girl - This movie is based on an opera supposedly written by Kim Il Sung. Koppun sells flowers at the market to help support her family. Her mother is seriously ill and her sister was blinded by the landlord Mrs. Pae after she hit the girl for spilling food. To make matters worse, her brother is taken away to a slave labor camp where she believes he dies. Koppun is despondent and takes revenge on the landlord with the help of the other townspeople and then her brother miraculously arrives with the guerillas to save her. This film portrays the kind of racism the Koreans experienced
  7. The only ones I haven't seen are 1.) A City of Sadness 2.) A Separation 3.) To Live 4.) 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days 5.) Eat Drink Man Woman 6.) In the Heat of the Sun 7.) Landscape in the Mist.
  8. That segment was shot well and Alain Delon was a very good actor so I understand why it's your favorite. That segment just didn't click with me though.
  9. Mine didn't even make the top 100! Good list though. Lots of famous, must see films.
  10. Spirits of the Dead - A good horror anthology film from the directors Federico Fellini, Roger Vadim and Louis Malle. The Toby Dammit segment was my favorite where a drug addicted, melancholic actor meets the devil. It had the best visuals and story and had a nice Nino Rota soundtrack too. If you are a fan of Fellini as I am this one must not be passed up. The media and television people are mocked heavily in this. This one really seemed like a bit of a precursor to Ginger and Fred. I also liked the Metzengerstein segment. It had a good soundtrack and the story was intriguing. The cruel and wic
  11. Venezuela doesn't just jail random opponents. They are actual terrorists and murders. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/08/world/americas/donald-trump-venezuela-military-coup.html https://venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/10771 These "opponents" are pouring people in gasoline and setting them on fire and screaming racial slurs.
  12. http://cepr.net/publications/op-eds-columns/private-equity-pillage-grocery-stores-and-workers-at-risk Private Equity Pillage: Grocery Stores and Workers At Risk Rosemary Batt and Eileen Appelbaum The American Prospect, October 26, 2018 See article on original site Since 2015 seven major grocery chains, employing more than 125,000 workers, have filed for bankruptcy. The media has blamed “disruptors”—low-cost competitors like Walmart and high-end markets like Whole Foods, now owned by Amazon. But the real disruptors in this industry are the private equity owners who were beh
  13. Halloween at 11:45 AM, Spirits of the Dead I don't think I've seen this one before and Lawrence and Bogie both ranked this very highly in their 1968 lists so I'll probably record it. Also has scenes directed by Fellini (one of my favorite directors).
  14. The Nuremberg Laws were race laws. If you were considered racially a jew you could not marry certain people, have certain jobs, etc. Birthright citizenship is completely different and even many countries in West Europe and Australia have either completely abolished it or if they do have it they have certain restrictions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jus_soli I understand if you support keeping it but getting rid of it is not the same as implementing race laws at all.
  15. LOL. No, the intent was to destabilize the region so the US can gain control of it and exploit the region for its own purpose. This goes all the way back even before Reagan with the murders of Allende and Omar Torrijos. The US doesn't just do things like this to be nice. It's about control in the region. If the US quit trying to destabilize countries (not just in Central America but Libya and Mideast nations too) there wouldn't be refugee crises like we see today. Also economic exploitation by first world corporations certainly doesn't help matters.
  16. Yeah, I agree. US interference causes mass migration. This is most noticeable in Libya and Central America.
  17. https://www.rt.com/op-ed/442485-migrants-poverty-rich-zizek/ Slavoj Žižek: Until the rich world thinks 'one world,' migration will intensify The "rich" world urgently needs to address the reasons behind mass migration, rather than its symptoms. And understand we live in one world. Migration is, once again, headline news. Columns of migrants from Honduras are approaching the US border through Mexico; African migrants broke through barriers and entered the small Spanish exclave on the northern tip of Africa; Middle East migrants are trying to enter Croatia. Although the n
  18. Man of the East - funny comedic western about a fish out of water starring Terence Hill. Terence Hill plays an upper class Englishman who has moved out west and is now trying to survive among the cowboys and bandits. He befriends some bandits who were pals of his father. He also romances a woman who is wanted by another violent man in the town who wants him dead. The movie follows his attempts to learn to become a man and defeat this man and get the girl. Some of the humor in this was pretty funny, including two bounty hunters who keep getting beaten and progressively more covered in bandages
  19. Lacan Speaks - This is a documentary on the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan. The first half covers a lecture he gave at a university in Belgium and the second part is an interview with the female director. In the documentary states his opinions on Analysis, transcendence, love, death, childhood, and development. An angry student interrupts him in an attempt to make a point but he cleverly turns it around. This documentary covers the bare points of his ideas so it is a very easy film to watch. You don't need to have prior knowledge of Lacan or his ideas like the Big other to understand this documen
  20. The Dawns Here Are Quiet - Fedot is an old fashioned military officer put in charge of a squadron of female soldiers. They constantly clash over how to fight and take prisoners but also over recreational things. Soon the entire squadron is called up to fight against invading German soldiers in the nearby forest. They learn to work together and fight with honor for their country. This film has very good cinematography with the flashbacks and daydreams the only parts done in color. This gives them a mystical effect that is very nice. The theme of teamwork and fighting together is very prominent
  21. I completely agree. They are objectively well crafted films.
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