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  1. Mexicanos al grito de Guerra (1943) - I saw this one almost a decade ago when TCM was showing Mexican films because of the 100th anniversary of the Revolution. In this film a Mexican patriot and the daughter of a French ambassador of Napoleon (who was occupying the country at the time) fall in love. I don't remember much of this film but I remember the funny and clumsy way Napoleon III was portrayed. Napoleon III tries to tax every window and door! (not sure of the historical accuracy of that) This film is decent and worth a look.
  2. Zou-Zou (1934) - Another Josephine Baker musical. Baker plays a woman who grew up in the circus. Her friend she grew up with is accused of murder and she must set things straight. This one had a few good numbers and is worth a look.
  3. The French Way (1940) - This one was a TCM Import a few months ago and I saw it then. This film was shot in 1940 but was only released in 1945 after WWII. Josephine Baker is a singer who helps two lovers get together. The lovers' parents hate each other so they have to hide and sneak around. All this while bombs are dropping and people flee to the air raid shelters. This was an okay film. Worth viewing for any Baker fans.
  4. https://giveandtake.fireside.fm/131 Podcast on Lacan's theories and their applications in the modern day. A bit long but I enjoyed it. They even mention some of his film theory in this.
  5. This is a very beautiful movie. I don't usually cry at movies but I cry at the end of this one.
  6. That video is a good overview of the meme. I saw this article in Jacobite the post political magazine and I think it really explains the meme pretty well and why people are afraid to admit how truthful it is. https://jacobitemag.com/2018/10/02/empty-realm/
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/oct/20/trump-us-nuclear-arms-treaty-russia Trump says US will withdraw from nuclear arms treaty with Russia Experts warn of ‘most severe crisis in nuclear arms control since the 1980s’ as Trump confirms US will leave INF agreement Donald Trump has confirmed the US will leave an arms control treaty with Russia dating from the cold war that has kept nuclear missiles out of Europe for three decades. “We’ll have to develop those weapons,” the president told reporters in Nevada after a rally. “We’re going to te
  8. https://www.npr.org/2018/10/20/658988420/ice-appears-to-end-use-of-federal-prisons-for-immigrant-detainees ICE Appears To End Use Of Federal Prisons For Immigrant Detainees U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has all but abandoned its use of federal prisons to house detainees. In early June, the agency announced it was sending up to 1,600 immigrant detainees to five federal prisons in Texas, Oregon, California, Washington, and Arizona. But now, a total of only three ICE detainees remain across the five prisons that once held hundreds of immigrants. Immigrant detainees l
  9. https://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/China-to-Launch-Artificial-Moon-in-2022-20181020-0007.html China to Launch Artificial Moon in 2022 A s The “man-made moon’s” purpose is to help illuminate urban areas in order to assist in cases like blackouts and natural disasters. China is poised to launch a moon-like satellite into space with the aim to provide illumination fo
  10. A Small Town Idol - condensed version of the 1921 Mack Sennett film. Ben Turpin is a small town man who is falsely accused of bigamy by a romantic rival so he leaves to Hollywood. He comes back as a star but the villain is still there and won't let him have a break. This one had some funny gags and looked well shot. Unfortunately the full length version does not appear to be online or available anywhere. I hope it turns up some time though.
  11. The Mouse That Roared Next: non-musical with musical sequences
  12. Those films are good but they cost a lot of money so I wouldn't wait to see them on TCM any time soon.
  13. I think I saw Odd Obsession last time it was on TCM too but forgot about it so it may not be on my list. Didn't really care for it either way.
  14. I don't think he's doing it on purpose or trying to be rude. I think he can't help it.
  15. Bornstein, Charles - film editor of Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  16. https://nypost.com/2017/09/28/department-of-justice-demands-facebook-account-information-of-anti-trump-activists/ Trump administration demands Facebook info on anti-Trump activists The Trump administration reportedly has obtained search warrants that would allow them access to the Facebook pages of thousands of anti-Trump protesters. The requested data — which targets all the information in three accounts — would include information on about 6,000 individuals who “liked” an anti-Donald Trump Facebook page, according to CNN. The ACLU is fighting the warrant, claiming it seeks
  17. 3.) Conductor Richard Hageman, who played Carlo Santi in the film, actually knew Enrico Caruso and led several performances with him at the Metropolitan Opera, including the 1918 War Relief Benefit re-created in the film.
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