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  1. America was pretty divided at the time. Some wanted to remain neutral and others wanted to support the allies. In September 1939, only 16% wanted to fight with the British. Selling weapons to the allied was a way to help them without getting overtly involved. I dislike Roosevelt for some of his policies like the camps but I do not blame him for trying to keep his country out of the war.
  2. Picture of sunset by Twitter user Kevin Palmer
  3. But then he would support the state enforcing that policy.
  4. I think "what for?" started by people asking why they were in trouble and the other person responding back sarcastically like this. "I'm gonna punch you (or whatever else)." "What for?" "I'll give you "what for!"
  5. They learned how through a spy in the US bomb field. I don't think it has even been deciphered yet who that mole was.
  6. While the A bomb was deadly, it was a necessary evil to bring a quick end to WWII and save more lives in the long run. The often quoted Oppenheimer quote supports this - "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds." In the Bhagavad Gita, the quote is used right before a major battle. A necessary battle but still a horror all the same. If it had been left to land invasion then many more people would have died. The Cold war between the two sides would have happened either way anyways with a major disproportion of power in the now ruined Europe and Asia following the war. Neither side was going to bring their troops out of the occupied countries and tensions were bound to occur.
  7. They'd probably end up beheaded like those at Charlie Hebdo.
  8. No, it's fine. Everyone understood. Some people just like to get offended.
  9. Welcome back. Hope you are feeling better.
  10. Wouldn't want to get too non-PC and silly in the important Star Trek thread.
  11. The Red Spectre (1907) - (not so) fun fact: this movie is thought to have inspired the Zodiac killer based on one of his notes
  12. Either way, only the most offended uptight person would complain about a harmless joke on the internet.
  13. You know who also loved TCM Underground if I recall.
  14. "Statesman" - Plato Str. Do you think that the multitude in a State can attain political science? Y. Soc. Impossible. Str. But, perhaps, in a city of a thousand men, there would be a hundred, or say fifty, who could? Y. Soc. In that case political science would certainly be the easiest of all sciences; there could not be found in a city of that number as many really first-rate draught-players, if judged by the standard of the rest of Hellas, and there would certainly not be as many kings. For kings we may truly call those who possess royal science, whether they rule or not, as was shown in the previous argument. Str. Thank you for reminding me; and the consequence is that any true form of government can only be supposed to be the government of one, two, or, at any rate, of a few. Y. Soc. Certainly. Str. And these, whether they rule with the will, or against the will of their subjects, with written laws or. without written laws, and whether they are poor or rich, and whatever be the nature of their rule, must be supposed, according to our present view, to rule on some scientific principle; just as the physician, whether he cures us against our will or with our will, and whatever be his mode of treatment-incision, burning, or the infliction of some other pain-whether he practises out of a book or not out of a book, and whether he be rich or poor, whether he purges or reduces in some other way, or even fattens his patients, is a physician all the same, so long as he exercises authority over them according to rules of art, if he only does them good and heals and saves them. And this we lay down to be the only proper test of the art of medicine, or of any other art of command. Y. Soc. Quite true. Str. Then that can be the only true form of government in which the governors are really found to possess science, and are not mere pretenders, whether they rule according to law or without law, over-willing or unwilling subjects, and are rich or poor themselves-none of these things can with any propriety be included in the notion of the ruler. Y. Soc. True. Str. And whether with a view to the public good they purge the State by killing some, or exiling some; whether they reduce the size of the body corporate by sending out from the hive swarms of citizens, or, by introducing persons from without, increase it; while they act according to the rules of wisdom and justice, and use their power with a view to the general security and improvement, the city over which they rule, and which has these characteristics, may be described as the only true State. All other governments are not genuine or real; but only imitations of this, and some of them are better and some of them are worse; the better are said to be well governed, but they are mere imitations like the others.
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