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  1. Did we not do our favorites of 2020 yet? I saw the one Taiwanese film and that was Zzzzzz. Forget which others I saw but none stand out. As far as Goke I remember seeing that on Imports (I think?) and my god that was atrocious.
  2. I'm looking forward to the security guys physically throwing Trump out when he refuses to leave the office.
  3. Night Mail was on before during the retrospective on documentary films throughout the years. I forget the exact name of the block but it was certainly on.
  4. Fools in the Mountains (1957) Edith Carlmar, Norway- 7/10 - Funny Norwegian comedy akin to the scenario in L&H's Our Relations (1936) with a famous actor and a geeky professor who look exactly alike checking into the same hotel and getting involved in various shenanigans. Also the hotel company's daughter hides as a bellhop in order to learn experience in the hotel business (she does nothing to hide her breasts and everyone treats her as a boy though which I found odd. She clearly looked like a girl the whole time). Leif Jester is funny as the Mr. Bean type hotel man who is constantly fed
  5. Tanks of El Alamein (1957) G.uido Malatesta, Italy (dubbed) - 3/10- At the battle of El Alamein during WWII, Italian soldiers go toe to toe with the British. Their brilliant plan is to hide in foxholes and then run up onto the tanks in the middle of battle while the tanks are driving around and firing and then to plant bombs on them. Yeah, I don't think that actually happened. The dubbing in this is also atrocious. Oddly enough, the British characters are dubbed even more poorly than the Italian ones. Also this is one of those war films where the soldiers just spray their machine guns blindly
  6. Why was Leonard Maltin ever given precedence anyway? His reviews aren't even that helpful or interesting.
  7. Any of these guys. What an unfunny show.
  8. Don Knotts- I've always thought he was a giant dork.
  9. Thanks, Larry. I bet that is it. I remember she was very adamant that it was called "Don't go in the Basement" or "Don't Look in the Basement" and was a Twilight Zone episode.
  10. Kliou the Tiger (1937) Henri de la Falaise, Vietnam - 7.5/ 10- This silent film is the first film of Vietnam (then Indochina) and also is considered the last American film of the silent era, both according to IMDB. It was made by Constance Bennett's husband Henri de la Falaise. The cast is entirely composed of native "Moi" Vietnamese speaking in their language with French officers speaking to each other at the introduction and end, setting up the story. Bhat is a goofy boy in love with Dhi though her father does not think much of him. After her father is grievously wounded by Kliou the tiger B
  11. Years ago, my mom described a "Twilight Zone" or "Outer Limits" episode she had seen but I could find nothing like what she described. It was definitely from a 1960s US B&W horror anthology show though. She said that in the episode, sounds were coming from a family's basement and the mom and son went to check it out but disappeared. The father then goes downstairs and comes back up with a horrified expression on his face. She said it never showed what became of the son and wife or what the sound was which is what interests me. She also insisted it was Twilight Zone or Outer Limits so it mu
  12. Dolores del Rio didn't make any films in Mexico. I think he meant TCM should have aired that day's movies in Mexico. Either that or he got her confused with Maria Felix?
  13. I agree she could be really annoying when it called for it. One of the weirdest internet posts I've ever seen was one sexualizing Shelley Winters in Lolita. 🤮
  14. I remember you saying you hated Rudolf Hrusinsky as well, though I would have to strongly disagree as I think he was great. Also welcome back, Larry.
  15. Gene Wilder. I don't like that weird smirking thing he does. It's as if he's intentionally trying to look nervous and quirky. Also I second Bob Hope. He's not funny.
  16. In fiction, hunchbacks are usually depicted as evil or creepy and worse than lepers, even though their plight is not through their own doing. A bit of an aside but I'm reading the Arabian Nights right now and it's a bit funny how in the story of Nur ed Din, it goes out of its way to describe the hunchback character as evil and malicious for marrying a pretty woman even though it was through no doing of his own anyway (it was the Sultan's). Quasimodo may be a bit creepy to the parisians below but he is probably one of the kinder depictions of hunchbacks in fiction.
  17. He's even wearing the Totenkopf hat and German uniform. Pottsylvania must have had its own Operation Paperclip.
  18. Any of the ones where they leave it open for a sequel (is the monster dead or not?)
  19. Not to restart this kerfuffle but TCM has actually shown Leni Riefenstahl's films and also the 1943 German Titanic before.
  20. Fearless Leader is actually based off of Otto Skorzeny, the SS chief. https://www.cracked.com/article_20747_6-bizarre-cameos-by-infamous-killers-in-kids-shows.html It's not just that Fearless Leader is a stock Nazi character -- he may even be a specific Nazi. The scar on the left side of his face was the trademark of Otto Skorzeny, one of the chiefs of the SS during World War II. And yes, Skorzeny survived the war and was still alive -- just hangin' around, doin' murderer stuff -- while Rocky & Bullwinkle was on the air. It's not unlikely that he watched the show. It is
  21. Notre Dame cathedral burned down last year. That is what he is mentioning.
  22. The 1923 Hunchback is considered one of the Universal Monsters. I guess it's considered horror just because he's an ugly guy who is seen as a bit malevolent and creepy at first. https://universalmonsters.fandom.com/wiki/Quasimodo I mean, Frankenstein and his bride aren't intentionally malevolent either but they are considered monsters usually as well? I don't see a with Hunchback being described as a horror film.
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