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  1. Just make sure no one tells her about GWTW and HBO.
  2. I think for his birthday, I'll get him a thesaurus.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlHiJ-bjCLw&feature=emb_err_woyt
  4. Are you joking? There was a Stan and Ollie bipoic last year.
  5. Woodrow Wilson said the Birth of a Nation was "history written with lightning."
  6. Yes, many films from the 20s and 30s are currently lost because of how flammable nitrate is.
  7. "Indigenous people of Canada bars" doesn't really have the same ring to it.
  8. Yeah, of course I remember that. How ever could I forget that? "The day Laurel and Hardy were on the Scooby Doo show" is forever etched into my memory.
  9. https://www.rt.com/op-ed/491881-bernie-sanders-greta-thunberg/ Slavoj Zizek: Greta and Bernie should be leading in these troubled times, but they are NOT RADICAL ENOUGH With everything that’s plunging the world into chaos right now, one thing surprising me is, why are Greta Thunberg and Bernie Sanders comparatively quiet? Make no mistake, racism, climate issues and the pandemic are all connected. Except for a short note from Greta that she thinks she survived the Covid infection, the movement she has mobilized has failed to avoid getting drowned out by the Covid-19 pandemic panic and the anti-racism protests in the US. As for Bernie, although he advocated measures (like universal healthcare) which are now, amid the pandemic, recognized as necessary all around the world, he is also effectively nowhere to be seen or heard. Why aren’t we seeing more, not less, of the political figures whose programs and insights are today more relevant than ever?
  10. Some funny scenes but it really didn't need to be two hours.
  11. Another boring schedule this week but they've got a Michael Haneke premiere on Sunday so I'm not angry.
  12. https://medium.com/science-and-philosophy/what-is-good-for-an-octopus-c99c61dc6f93 What Is Good for an Octopus? Walter Veit Follow Jun 15 · 4 min read As octopus farming is currently only growing we should start to immediately implement policies that ensure the wellbeing and quality of life of the affected cephalopods involved in farming.
  13. Criterion's essay on Salvatore Giuliano. https://www.criterion.com/current/posts/315-salvatore-giuliano With Salvatore Giuliano (1961), Francesco Rosi developed the style and method that would make him, during the sixties and seventies, the greatest political filmmaker of his time. If Sergei Eisenstein could be considered the master of political cinema in the first half of the twentieth century, Rosi, in a way his peer, offers a totally different approach to the realities of power. Joseph Goebbels, allegedly an admirer of the Russian director’s films, would have been unable to endorse Rosi’s analytical conclusions. Eisenstein uses the tools of propaganda, playing chiefly on emotion and a Manichean view of the world. Rosi, though able to provoke deeply sensitive reactions from his spectators, always manages to make them think by tracking down and exposing the lies that obscure the inquiries and the scandals of our societies. His filmography can be viewed as a vast panorama of the historical past of his country, as well as its present.Influenced by both Italian neorealism and the American crime-film tradition (from Jules Dassin to Elia Kazan), Rosi had worked as an assistant director with such filmmakers as Luchino Visconti, Michelangelo Antonioni, and Mario Monicelli before striking out on his own as writer and director with two films, La sfida (The Challenge, 1958) and I magliari (1959), the first situated in Naples and the second among Italian immigrant cloth sellers in Hamburg. Having mastered his craft, Rosi inaugurated with Salvatore Giuliano a new kind of realism that, while strongly influenced by neorealism, went beyond its immediate model by examining such issues as power and the relationships between the law and lawbreakers, while also shedding light on the causes and consequences that determine the ways in which society functions.
  14. Gaikowski putting an ad for the Mikado in his counter-culture magazine is what did it for me personally. That is such a bizarre thing and something the Zodiac frequently mentioned in his correspondence.
  15. As stated in "the Republic" censorship can be very beneficial to a society. I don't think a cuss word in an old sitcom is all too important however.
  16. lol. Florida is a southern state entirely. Don't push them over on us.
  17. "In Our Time" Podcast on Plato's Symposium, an early pro-LGBT work. I thought this was really interesting and worth sharing.
  18. Everything against Arthur Leigh Allen is circumstantial at best. It had to be Gaikowski. http://www.zodiackiller.com/SuspectGaikowski.html
  19. Autism has existed long before vaccines, doctors just didn't have a name for it.
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