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  1. 3 hours ago, Bogie56 said:

    Very selective view of history I must say.  Blinkers on.  Hopeless.  Everything in the world is seen as Republican vs. Democrat.  Pathetic.

    FDR did imprison the Japanese though. He did all of that, If he were to come back and enact his same policies today, he would be viewed like Xi Jinping or Vladimir Putin. He'd be considered farther right than Trump. It's just a bit odd that politicians like Bernie would try to downplay that.

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  2. 5 hours ago, Bethluvsfilms said:

    According to one of my old movie books, one of the critics around this time, Bosley Crowther,  hated BONNIE AND CLYDE with a passion. And of course moviegoers loved the movie.

    Count me as one of those who consider BONNIE AND CLYDE a classic.

    I think many hated it because it was too violent. I remember a scene where a man is shot in the face right on screen. That must have been a lot for people who were used to the Hayes Code.

  3. https://www.ineteconomics.org/perspectives/blog/is-silicon-valley-nudging-us-towards-an-authoritarian-future

    Is Silicon Valley Nudging Us Towards an Authoritarian Future?


    Margaret Heffernan’s new book “Uncharted” warns against giving up the power to shape our destiny to gurus and gadgets promising false certainty.

    Humans are an anticipatory species. Our ancient turn from foraging to agriculture habituated us to planning ahead — focusing on when to plant, what kinds of crops to expect. We’ve evolved culturally to want to know what’s coming our way.


    But in this season of shattered expectations, a virus blows up our best-laid plans and mocks our carefully crafted models. When the future catches us unawares, anxiety surges. Right now, millennials are worried. Teachers are worried. Retirees are worried. The rich are worried. Hell, even Donald Trump is getting worried.

  4. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/01/us/schools-reopening-indiana-coronavirus.html

    A School Reopens, and the Coronavirus Creeps In

    As more schools abandon plans for in-person classes, one that opened in Indiana this week had to quarantine students within hours.

    One of the first school districts in the country to reopen its doors during the coronavirus pandemic did not even make it a day before being forced to grapple with the issue facing every system actively trying to get students into classrooms: What happens when someone comes to school infected?

    Just hours into the first day of classes on Thursday, a call from the county health department notified Greenfield Central Junior High School in Indiana that a student who had walked the halls and sat in various classrooms had tested positive for the coronavirus.

    Administrators began an emergency protocol, isolating the student and ordering everyone who had come into close contact with the person, including other students, to quarantine for 14 days. It is unclear whether the student infected anyone else.

    “We knew it was a when, not if,” said Harold E. Olin, superintendent of the Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation, but were “very shocked it was on Day 1.”

  5. 6 hours ago, Bogie56 said:

    Tommy Shanks is more on the ball than this guy.  Everyone should watch this entire interview.


    Donald Trump flounders in interview over US Covid-19 death toll

    President again says he is doing ‘incredible job’ fighting pandemic and casts doubt on Jeffrey Epstein’s cause of death

    Donald Trump visibly floundered in an interview when pressed on a range of issues, including the number of coronavirus cases and deaths in the US, his claims that mail-in voting is fraudulent, and his inaction over the “Russian bounty” scandal.

    The US president also repeatedly cast doubt on the cause of death of Jeffrey Epstein, and said of Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite who has pleaded not guilty to participating in the sex-trafficking of girls by Epstein, that he wished her well.

    In the interview, broadcast on HBO on Monday and conducted by Axios’s national political correspondent, Jonathan Swan, Trump again asserted that his administration was doing an “incredible job” responding to the coronavirus.

  6. https://www.newsweek.com/supporters-urge-joe-biden-not-debate-trump-applaud-hosts-canceling-over-covid-19-concerns-1522178

    Supporters Urge Joe Biden Not to Debate Trump, Applaud Hosts for Canceling Over COVID-19 Concerns

    Democratic strategists and supporters of Vice President Joe Biden are urging him not to debate President Donald Trump in the lead-up to Election Day, citing Trump's publicity stunts and disregard for the rules in 2016. Meanwhile Biden backers, including some conservatives, applauded the University of Notre Dame and the University of Michigan for cancelling their scheduled debates over COVID-19 concerns.

    Former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart joined several Democratic Party strategists in bluntly advising Biden, "whatever you do, don't debate Trump." Speaking on CNN Saturday, Lockhart said Trump shouldn't be given another platform which will enable him to "repeat lies," which he said occurred in the 2016 debates against Hillary Clinton.

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