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  1. Frank Sinatra was Buddhist? Or it's just decorations?
  2. McCabe and Mrs. Miller is a must watch. That ending is incredible. Also neat Leonard Cohen soundtrack.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/aug/14/natures-furry-engineers-sea-otters-in-california-estuaries-surprise-scientists-aoe It is not just at sea that North America’s smallest marine mammals with a huge appetite are benefitting the ecosystem Photographs by Isabelle Groc The age of extinction is supported by About this content Isabelle Groc Sea otters eat 25% of their body weight each day to maintain their body heat. When Brent Hughes started studying the seagrass beds of
  4. Trump's not going to dump Pence and risk alienating like half of his evangelical supporters.
  5. Last month, the Trump administration abruptly ordered hospitals to report all COVID-19 data to a private vendor hired by the Department of Health and Human Services rather than to the long-established reporting system run by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The administration said the switch would help the White House coronavirus task force better allocate scarce supplies. The shift disrupted, at least temporarily, the flow of critical information needed to track COVID-19 outbreaks and allocate resources, public health officials said. They worried the move looked political
  6. https://khn.org/news/covid-data-failures-create-pressure-for-public-health-system-overhaul/view/republish/ COVID Data Failures Create Pressure for Public Health System Overhaul By Harris MeyerAUGUST 14, 2020 After terrorists slammed a plane into the Pentagon on 9/11, ambulances rushed scores of the injured to community hospitals, but only three of the patients were taken to specialized trauma wards. The reason: The hospitals and ambulances had no real-time information-sharing system. Nineteen years later, there is still no national data network th
  7. One film that I don't think could be remade today is the Silence of the Lambs. Though I'd like to see how they would make this movie more appropriate for the current zeitgeist.
  8. Funny Games and the Vanishing also have shot for shot remakes. Meh is all I can say.
  9. It's a black and white movie. How should we know?
  10. I've asked a million times for this intro to be brought back and I will ask again. It beats the weird faux Sigur Ros intro they use now.
  11. I had no idea that Bibi Andersson was in a movie with Steve McQueen.
  12. https://monocle.com/radio/shows/meet-the-writers/241/ MEET THE WRITERS Slavoj Žižek
  13. Steering wheel designed by Salvador Dali.
  14. YES. The mail guy always gets the addresses wrong. He gave me a food mixing machine or something (I'm not even sure whose it is) meant for someone with this really foreign sounding name. It was left right there at my door and the address is only one number away. Also I had to order the 1001 Arabian Nights book twice because it was mailed to me but never delivered the first time. I wouldn't be surprised if it was delivered to that other guy's house by mistake.
  15. Sukhov

    Ed Wood

    Silence of the Lambs too. Bill is based off the notorious real life, crossdressing serial killer Jerry Brudos and also Ed Gein.
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