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  1. Yes, Xi Jinping intentionally killed thousands of people in his own country with a man made virus and stalled his own economy intentionally. That was all part of his nefarious Fu Manchu plan.
  2. Nowadays you're much more likely to see paid programming or commercials for Cher's greatest hits than television static.
  3. The Casablanca Marseillaise was probably inspired more by this scene in Grand Illusion where the French POWs sing it right in front of their German captors after an important German fort is taken.
  4. I can't find a good thread to post this in but I was groped today while under anesthesia for getting my wisdom teeth extracted. I am absolutely certain of it. I didn't say anything because I was out of it and thinking to myself that I must have had a priapism and they were putting it down so it wouldn't embarrass the person driving me home (I was really out of it and that explanation seemed completely logical at the time).
  5. I can't find a good clip of the song being performed but "Los Mexicanos al Grito de Guerra" from 1943 is a great movie about the composing of the song.
  6. One thing to add though is that many of the videos on YouTube are mislabelled. I own Bali: Isle of Paradise on DVD and it is definitely not the video titled such on YouTube. It also features many bare breasts which is probably why TCM never schedules it.
  7. Funny but I would have went with Kamala Hutu.
  8. https://www.hennepinattorney.org/news/news/2020/June/jaleel-stallings-charged He was charged with it certainly.
  9. What a sexy name. Yeah, try getting women into the movie theaters when you're billed as "Archibald Leach."
  10. Violent **** with Rob Zombie as Karl the Butcher ****
  11. While on the topic of Bloc anthems, DPRK movies often have the characters breaking out into anthems for no real reason.
  12. They could have also done a film by Alice-Guy Blache, though she only made short films.
  13. https://www.rt.com/op-ed/493408-white-racism-fight-guilty/ Slavoj Zizek: Politically correct white people who practise self-contempt are contributing NOTHING in the fight to end racism Smashing up monuments and disowning the past isn’t the way to address racism and show respect to black people. Feeling guilty patronizes the victims and achieves little.
  14. Women direct films and no Riefenstahl movies? Not even any of her non-political films like Blue Light? Also genuinely a bit surprised TCM didn't try doing something like schedule the Matrix movies during this event or anything similar.
  15. I think Count Orlok from Nosferatu looks like Ayn Rand
  16. The Bible has a bunch of contradictory points that can be considered both left and right wing. In the Old Testament, Phinehas literally impaled a guy for mixing races which is Hitler level right wing. You could open the book to a random quote and use it to support whatever.
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