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  1. Count me in as another not Tiffany fan. Her intros are always so bland and she doesn't enunciate clearly.
  2. Rare Soviet film I haven't seen before scheduled tonight. Looks good. I always like when the Imports aren't the standard Italian/ French canon.
  3. This isn't surprising. NK is allied with Assad and Iran.
  4. To be fair Trump did bomb Assad's gas facilities in response to his gassing his own people. Though I think the US should maintain a non-interventionist policy worldwide.
  5. What's even the point of this cartoon? No crap they hate the occupying force.
  6. The juries and media tend to have an awfully biased pro-cop slant so people like this get away with murder.
  7. Looks like he's bleeding out of the side of his mouth.
  8. IMDB is also missing pages entirely for some more obscure films but overall they have a good website.
  9. I think Bannon was referring to the New Deal in that quote.
  10. People too often let politics get between them. You should never hate others even if you disagree with them.
  11. 12 hours is a long time. Whatever it is it will be long.
  12. Better hope those "very good guys on both sides" don't show up.
  13. By "poor" I meant the non-insanely rich who won't actually benefit like the small businesses and working class.
  14. I'm guessing it will be stuff about Robert Osborne and maybe include his interviews and stuff about his life.
  15. Many genuinely believed Trump's rhetoric that most of the tax cuts would be for the poor.
  16. 11/7 is a day that will live in infamy alongside 7/11.
  17. They usually make sure to show the Lord of the Rings trilogy every February too.
  18. Nipkow- their land was invaded by others and their people slaughtered. There's violence on both sides and instead of trying to achieve peace Trump is just escalating things. He was just meeting with Arab leaders a few months ago and now he does this. They probably feel they can't trust him.
  19. Every person in the world was the winner in 2006.
  20. Saw it on the TV. Bad CGI and a terrible plot.
  21. I still think he's going to call it off at the last minute.
  22. Clinton's been out of the white house for 20 years and most don't defend what he did. If this is supposed to take the spotlight off Trump and Moore it's just pathetic.
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