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  1. Hollywood Party is a good film. Funny Laurel and Hardy and early Three Stooges cameos in it too!
  2. The worst thing is that it was from some skit they did. You would think if it were just a skit they would have prepared it and both agreed to it.
  3. It's not really too hard. Most teenage and younger characters in sitcoms are played by actors in their 20s and 30s. Audrey could have gotten away with it.
  4. "Bernie Bernstein?" Lol. They couldn't even choose a good fake name.
  5. He must be getting the Texas shooting mixed up with the California one.
  6. Yeah, he's not even hiding that he just wants to use them because they're against Assad and other US enemies.
  7. What? Who are you talking about?
  8. What's even your point? This is nothing like the Nazis. Spacey is accused of having touched underage boys off screen and the studio execs don't want him anymore because they suspect less people will want to watch it. There's a messy scandal and they don't want controversy. As for your other concern about Anatomy of a Murder, just because a character says something on screen doesn't mean the movie and director are supporting it. The character does bad actions because that's how they're written. Is Mel Brooks a neo-nazi because Franz Liebkind was a character in his movies?
  9. LOL. Politicians manage to turn everything into a new way to make money.
  10. No one defended Polanski. The judge said he was going to go back on his word. You can be opposed to that while still disliking what Polanski did.
  11. France MAY make wolf-whistling.... criminal. Yikes, what a stupid title. They didn't criminalize anything. Literal clickbait.
  12. "Chemistry." LOL. He makes it sounds like he's his boyfriend.
  13. Well calling a country's leader "fat" certainly isn't going to make them less aggressive against the US.
  14. It looks like he's had too much botox. : /
  15. Prokofiev's soundtrack to Lt. Kije is pretty good. It was turned into a suite later.
  16. Uh, Dylann Roof was sentenced to death actually. http://klfy.com/2017/11/09/dylan-roof-convicted-charleston-church-shooter-sentenced-to-death/
  17. No one from any political side should promote violence against anyone. Someone on the other side saying something doesn't excuse it.
  18. Greta Garbo is by far my favorite.
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