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  1. Anarchistic musicals, you say? Die Dreigroschenoper has class struggle in it so it fits the bill!
  2. In Duck Soup, Groucho and the leaders of Freedonia break out into song about how they're going to mess the nation up.
  3. Press the green box that says "Quote" next to it and it will take you to a box at the bottom of the page to reply.
  4. Talk about premature celebration. As if the neo-Francoist authoritarians in Spain would allow independence!
  5. The score was made up of excerpts from Shostakovich's 4th, 5th, 8th, 10th and 11th symphonies.
  6. The 1951 Powell and Pressburger version of Tales of Hoffmann certainly comes to mind.
  7. I agree. I much prefer the old intro with the lantern and tango music. I wish they brought that one back.
  8. Hallelujah should be a real treat. Those late 20s musicals are great. I wish more of them were shown often.
  9. Isn't the Klan legally considered a "terrorist group?" I'm all for free speech but I don't think that covers groups the US government qualifies as terrorists. They have about much right to protest as IS sympathizers.
  10. Trouble in Tahiti. It would go well with the island atmosphere!
  11. I bet all of the good content won't ever be released. After the proposal of Operation Northwoods, I can only imagine what bad things the Camelot administration did that are captured on those documents.
  12. Eisenstein's Stachka was on earlier today and I'm pretty sure it was a TCM premiere. I remember it was scheduled for the Silent Sunday Night a few years ago but it got replaced by another film at the last minute.
  13. I have to disagree. When viewing silents I usually enjoy some kind of soundtrack to get a good feel for what is happening on screen. I do agree the music can be distracting if it is not well composed though. I saw Nosferatu on a PBS channel a couple of weeks ago and the music was just loud and obnoxious. It really took me away from what was happening on screen. My favorite silent soundtracks are Huppertz's Metropolis soundtrack and the ones Chaplin composed for his films. I also like when they rearrange classical pieces for a silent movie's soundtrack. I saw Battleship Potemkin earlier today o
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