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  1. The Red Spectre (1907) - (not so) fun fact: this movie is thought to have inspired the Zodiac killer based on one of his notes
  2. Either way, only the most offended uptight person would complain about a harmless joke on the internet.
  3. You know who also loved TCM Underground if I recall.
  4. "Statesman" - Plato Str. Do you think that the multitude in a State can attain political science? Y. Soc. Impossible. Str. But, perhaps, in a city of a thousand men, there would be a hundred, or say fifty, who could? Y. Soc. In that case political science would certainly be the easiest of all sciences; there could not be found in a city of that number as many really first-rate draught-players, if judged by the standard of the rest of Hellas, and there would certainly not be as many kings. For kings we may truly call those who possess royal science, whether they rule or not, as was shown in the previous argument. Str. Thank you for reminding me; and the consequence is that any true form of government can only be supposed to be the government of one, two, or, at any rate, of a few. Y. Soc. Certainly. Str. And these, whether they rule with the will, or against the will of their subjects, with written laws or. without written laws, and whether they are poor or rich, and whatever be the nature of their rule, must be supposed, according to our present view, to rule on some scientific principle; just as the physician, whether he cures us against our will or with our will, and whatever be his mode of treatment-incision, burning, or the infliction of some other pain-whether he practises out of a book or not out of a book, and whether he be rich or poor, whether he purges or reduces in some other way, or even fattens his patients, is a physician all the same, so long as he exercises authority over them according to rules of art, if he only does them good and heals and saves them. And this we lay down to be the only proper test of the art of medicine, or of any other art of command. Y. Soc. Quite true. Str. Then that can be the only true form of government in which the governors are really found to possess science, and are not mere pretenders, whether they rule according to law or without law, over-willing or unwilling subjects, and are rich or poor themselves-none of these things can with any propriety be included in the notion of the ruler. Y. Soc. True. Str. And whether with a view to the public good they purge the State by killing some, or exiling some; whether they reduce the size of the body corporate by sending out from the hive swarms of citizens, or, by introducing persons from without, increase it; while they act according to the rules of wisdom and justice, and use their power with a view to the general security and improvement, the city over which they rule, and which has these characteristics, may be described as the only true State. All other governments are not genuine or real; but only imitations of this, and some of them are better and some of them are worse; the better are said to be well governed, but they are mere imitations like the others.
  5. They probably should have used George Takei for that scene. How prophetic that would be!
  6. That episode was banned in the UK until 1994.
  7. I know him best from this video that was parodied on the internet several times. RIP
  8. The animation reminds me of this guy from Ren and Stimpy.
  9. This summer- see the scenic killing fields or meet the Azov Battalion.
  10. I definitely agree with this statement. 99% of movies are free online if you know where to look. I don't see why someone should pay money for every movie they want to watch. We'd all go broke if that happened. I only buy movies if I know I love them or if they are extremely rare. For example, recently I bought the rare de la Falaise (Constance Bennett's husband) film Kliou (1936) because it was the very last in stock and nowhere else on the internet. To me that is a great use of my money. Another instance is if Criterion has a DVD with interesting extras I am really keen on seeing and I love the film on top of it. will buy it out of interest.
  11. Amazon description/ synopsis: Kliou the Killer (1937)Kliou the Killer is another 'sensationalist' pseudo-documentary by the Marquis Henry de la Falaise, the man responsible for Omoo-Omoo the Shark God. Filmed on location in the Annan Jungle region of Indochina, the story concerns a Polynesian tribe who has been terrorized by a marauding tiger. Hoping to prove his worth in the eyes of his sweetheart, a young native volunteers to track down and kill the man-eater -- and succeeds beyond his wildest dreams. De la Falaise (at one time the husband of Gloria Swanson and later married to Constance Bennett) appears in a prologue in the company of French occupational officer Lt. Carney. Not too well produced, Kliou the Killer at least had the advantage of vivid Technicolor photography. And from IMDB https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0431202/trivia?ref_=tt_trv_trv The last Hollywood film to be released silent, and the last to be released in two-color Technicolor. Is this interesting? | Share this Considered to be the first film made in Indo-China, the French colonial territory that is now Vietnam. Is this interesting? | Share this
  12. Great news! I spent a bit of money on myself and bought this Milestone release collection of Henri de Falaise's 1930s Bali films. Legong, which I talk about occasionally and Kliou the Killer, which I have never seen before. Legong is on YouTube but age restricted (due to nudity among the Balinese women) but Kliou does not seem to be available on the internet at all so I am very excited to get it! The one problem is it is region 1 DVD so I will have to buy a multi-region DVD player. Either way, it will be nice to own this great film and finally watch Kliou.
  13. Nor during Spanish influenza, asian flu or any of the other pandemics either. Those were arguably much worse too.
  14. She's 85 years old. Cut her some slack. She looks good for that age. My gran was nothing but wrinkles at the same age.
  15. Sorry to hear you caught it and it was bad. I hope you feel better and recover.
  16. My life lesson from Star Trek - never Tweet your idols.
  17. Someone mentioned Sean Connery. Ursula Andress is also alive at age 86.
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