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  1. In FW Murnau's Nosferatu (1922), a werewolf is also on the prowl outside the Hungarian inn where Hutter stays at. Since the 1913 film is lost, I think this would be the oldest surviving werewolf depicted on screen that we still have. The werewolf is clearly played by a striped hyena though.
  2. Sukhov


    I like how she waddles away at the end.
  3. Ruggero Deodato - would be my number one choice Slavoj Zizek Sean Connery Catherine Deneuve Franco Nero
  4. My favorite cult movie is this hilarious Mexican B movie about Rev. "James Johnson" who sends his congregation to "Johnsontown."
  5. https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/an-open-letter-to-yanis-varoufakis-about-bitcoin Dear Mr Varoufakis, For a long time Bitcoin has pricked your interest, but after analysis of its economics you have been left with serious and very valid concerns, such as its deflationary issuance, and its ability to disarm governments from using money to stimulate the economy. “powerful tendency to underestimate the ill-effects of deflation on a social economy” https://yanisvaroufakis.eu/2014/02/15/bitcoin-a-flawed-currency-blueprint-with-a-potentially-useful-application-for-the-eurozone/ “there can be no de-politicised currency capable of ‘powering’ an advanced, industrial society.” https://yanisvaroufakis.eu/2013/04/22/bitcoin-and-the-dangerous-fantasy-of-apolitical-money/ As a great supporter of your work, I hope to address some of those concerns. I know you explored implementing a blockchain-centric solution during the Greek crisis, and that you are no stranger to the technology of Bitcoin or its tenets, so forgive me if I cover a few things you already know. One of the computer-science solutions that makes Bitcoin possible is that it is free and open-source software, a sort of cooperative for software development and a direct response to the privatization of computer science during the early 1980s. Suggestions for improvements to the Bitcoin protocol are developed publicly. Anyone can contribute to Bitcoin, but for their contribution to be successful they must go through the arduous task of proving scientifically why a change is necessary, and trying to find consensus amongst Bitcoin’s users. Changes are accepted by the network through the software the users choose to run, and in this way the users of Bitcoin decide how it is defined.
  6. https://www.yanisvaroufakis.eu/2020/07/27/why-bitcoin-is-the-not-socialists-ally-reply-to-ben-arc/ Epilogue Bitcoin’s great appeal is that it breaks the cronyist chain linking central banks and private bankers. However, it does not undermine the cronyism of the network of bosses, politicians and private bankers. Lest we forget, 19th Century bimetallic America also lacked a central bank. Under the gold and silver standards, the public money supply was fixed – and could not be easily manipulated by the state (either the government or the, then non-existent, Fed). But that did not stop private bankers from leveraging public money out of thin air to create huge quantities of private money with which to fund the Robber Barons, i.e. the Jeff Bezoses, of the era.
  7. The worst part about that "incident" is that in the original tweet JK Rowling didn't even say anything about trans. She said that people who mestruated are women.
  8. https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2020/07/aoc-shellacking-of-rep-ted-yoho-shows-how-little-progress-women-have-made.html AOC Shellacking of Rep. Ted Yoho Shows How Little Progress Women Have Made Posted on July 29, 2020 by Yves Smith Even though Florida Representative Ted Yoho put a target on his back when he had the gall and cluelessness to use the House floor to double down on a cowardly attack on New York Representative Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez on the Capitol steps, I have to confess to being bothered by the acclaim for her speech putting him in his place. It’s been hailed as a model for women. My take is that if women have to be pitch perfect in order to score a win, we’ve made perilous little progress.
  9. https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2020/07/covid-19-to-clean-or-not-to-clean.html Covid-19: To Clean or Not to Clean? Posted on July 29, 2020 by Yves Smith As it becomes clear, at least to those of us in the US, that Covid-19 will be with us a lot longer than anyone wants to contemplate, the next question for those of us fortunate enough not to have contracted it is how to minimize risk. And since this now looks to be a long haul, with many reporting or even exhibiting symptoms of Covid compliance fatigue, defining what are bona fide risks versus ones that are low, becomes even more important, since trying to do too much is likely to result in not doing much of anything well enough. A new article in The Atlantic (hat tip ChiGal) argues that many of us are engaged in cleaning theater, just as much of what the TSA does in airports is security theater: As a covid-19 summer surge sweeps the country, deep cleans are all the rage. National restaurants such as Applebee’s are deputizing sanitation czars to oversee the constant scrubbing of window ledges, menus, and high chairs. The gym chain Planet Fitness is boasting in ads that “there’s no surface we won’t sanitize, no machine we won’t scrub.” New York City is shutting down its subway system every night, for the first time in its 116-year history, to blast the seats, walls, and poles with a variety of antiseptic weaponry, including electrostatic disinfectant sprays. And in Wauchula, Florida, the local government gave one resident permission to spray the town with hydrogen peroxide as he saw fit. “I think every city in the damn United States needs to be doing it,” he said…
  10. https://theanalysis.news/interviews/corp-dems-idolize-fdr-but-hate-his-policies-and-the-populists-that-supported-him-thomas-frank-2-3/
  11. https://www.businessinsider.com/donald-trump-lose-presidential-election-joe-biden-uk-boris-johnson-2020-7 Boris Johnson's government is privately 'desperate' for Trump to lose the election to Joe Biden UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government privately wants President Donald Trump to lose the November US presidential election to Joe Biden, according to a new report. UK government sources told The Sunday Times that Johnson's government had been trying to distance itself from the Trump administration in anticipation of a Biden victory. Johnson's government has reportedly ditched plans to sign a trade deal with Trump this year. A senior UK diplomat previously told Business Insider that a Biden victory would bring an end to what the person described as the "venal corruption" of the Trump era. The UK government is privately "desperate" for US President Donald Trump to lose November's presidential election and be replaced by Joe Biden, according to a report by The Sunday Times. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is publicly one of Trump's closest international allies. His government, however, has been privately trying to distance itself from the US president in anticipation of a Biden victory, The Times reports. "It would make things much easier if Trump doesn't win reelection," one minister in Johnson's government told the Times reporter Tim Shipman, who added that many agreed with the sentiment.
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