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  1. The Quiet Man, There was an Angler Fish in this John Wayne movie?
  2. Smoke on the Water, sorry i couldn't resist----Backdraft nw, Angler Fish
  3. Return of the Jedi, Yoda walked with a Cane NW--First
  4. For (Bowling)----Mystery Men http://www.freewebs.com/moviemystery/bowler.jpg New..More than 1 word Small Hungry Flesh Eating Monsters From Outer Space Meet The Brown Family Also, How do you add images?
  5. for Submarine----Das Boot 1981 NW----Pinball Machine.....Something other than The Wizard
  6. Dynamite-1929 Cecille B Demilles first talkie NW Koala Bear
  7. Charles Boyer was in the film (The madwoman Of Chaillot) with Katharine Hepburn New Star--Katharine Hepburn
  8. It was Doris Day when i started. Sorry. Joan Crawford is in the film--Whatever Happened To Baby Jane with Bette Davis New Star Bette Davis
  9. Madison Avenue-----Splash 1984 New Word--Swimming Pool
  10. Doris Day was in the film (Send Me No Folwers) with Paul Lynde New Word--Paul Lynde
  11. For....Brunch The Brady Brunch Movie..1995 OK, sorry Hows about The Brunch of the Living Dead..2006, It was a Short New Word..Boog
  12. For....Anathema The Little Mermaid....1989----For the character Ursula The Planet (Venus) Well, Mutiny on the Bounty..1962 starts in just about 10 minutes. See Ya
  13. For....Scrumptious Willie Wanka and the Chocolate Factory New Word....Nauseating
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