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  1. Saw Trash of the Titans at The 99W Drive-in in Newberg OR with Goonies and may i just say.... My Vacuum Cleaner has never Sucked this much Another reason why Remakes Suck The worst remake for me, The Bad News Bears 2005 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0408524/ This piece of Tripe was so Watered down for the (New Generation), i almost ran to the Target next to the Theater for a Bathing Suit.
  2. Doris Day Thanksgiving Day Marathon? http://www.tcm.com/thismonth/article/?cid=147973
  3. It's called Politeness and Tires It has a Shocker of an Ending so Please Beware when you see the Red Truck
  4. After alot of thinking, I Will NOT be chased away from this or any other site. TCM needs to start Policing EVERYpart of the TCM Site. Other Sites do it.
  5. So i get on (Suggest A Movie) and all i'm seeing is people Bad Mouthing eachother and Putting Eachother Down, So i suggest the following.... Title Suggested An End to the Stupidity on Sugest A Movie Date: 09/08/2009 Suggested by: Vic/Vancouver USA Suggest Movies on here and Stop being Childish people. To put an End to it, maybe TCM should just Pull The Plug on this thread. As for movies i'd like to see, they are all on Fox Movie Channel and i don't get that. WW and The Dixie Dance Kings and Silver Streak Then I See..... Title Suggested Vic/Vancouver USA Date: 09/08/2009 Suggested by: Al // Denver why don't YOU Move over to AMC or TNT and just Buzz off with your rudeness!! this is a MOVIE REQUEST Site not a gripe column!! Ya Jerk! And Then..... Title Suggested re: Vic/Vancouver USA Date: 09/08/2009 Suggested by: Andy , Redding, calif You Know IF you don't like this site then get the hell off! NO ONE is asking for your opinion jerk - get a life loser This is probably The BEST Channel on ALL of TV, But i'm out of Here. In the 4 years i have been a member, I have not and would Never Bad Mouth Anyone. I got, 2 Jerks, 1 Loser, A Buzz Off and 1 for Rudeness. The 2 of them should really read their Posts again. It's really sad that the Few have to Blow it for the Many. Enjoy The Classics FFolks
  6. I'm looking for the name of an Animated Short about 4 or 5 Minutes in length about Someone trying to cross a crosswalk and Dodging cars. Anyone Know? Thanks
  7. I'm looking for the episode where I believe that it is Porky that goes into a Medicine Cabinet and grabs a bottle of either Smelling Salts or Alum. He opens the bottle and takes a sniff...His hat then begins to float off of his head. Anyone Know?
  8. Chuck Connors as Mr Slausen in Tourist Trap 1979 It's been awhile since i've been on here, can someone Please refresh my memory on how to put Images on here
  9. Is there any way to pull them up again? July 2009 and back
  10. Find Them Here http://www.wbshop.com Put Lex Barker in the Search Engine All 5 Movies for $49.95
  11. Is anyone really surprised that he lasted this long
  12. Has anyone bought or seen this DVD? Is the movie in a 1.85:1 or a 2.35:1 aspect ratio? It was filmed in a 2.35:1. Anyone. Thanks Vic
  13. The only thing Hollywood knows how to do anymore is REMAKES. Apparently Originality took the week off. Just a couple of days after Universal Studios announces that they'd be (Reimagining) CLUE with Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski at the controls, (Reimagining) being the Politically correct way to say, REMAKE, comes word that both-- TOTAL RECALL and THE NEVERENDING STORY will get extreme makeovers of their own. Add those 3 films to the previously announced plans to make a new-- KARATE KID, ARTHUR and ROMANCING THE STONE and you've got something much more than a mere trend, this is an EPIDEMIC. For me Remakes are plain pathetic, This is Nothing more than a desperate attemt by (No Talent) directors to Cash in on already established and popular brand names and Other Peoples Ideas. Lets take a gander at some recent Remakes The Bad News Bears--2005, So watered down for todays Stupid Kiddies it was just NO fun. Oceans 11--2001, George Clooney and Company Destroyed a Rat Pack Classic and turned it into a 3 parter. Halloween--2007, Rob Zombie turned all of the character into Pot Smoking, Beer Guzzling, Partying, Sex Addicts. The Uninvited--2009, Hollywood completely changed the original story. King Kong--2005, In 1933 Kong was Ruthless, In 1976 Kong was a Stud and in 2005 Kong was Tender. The Parent trap--1998 Sabrina--1995, The Original was SOOOOOOOOOOO much better. Audry Hepburn, Nuff said. Cape Fear--1962 The Fog--1979 The Little Shop Of Horrors--1960 Lolita--1997 The Manchurian Candidate--1962 The Pink Panther--2006 Psycho--1998 Shaft--2000 The Thing--1982, FX is what made it good. The War of the Worlds--2005, FX is what made it better. Charlie and the Chocolate factory--2005, FX is what made it better. Friday the 13th--2009, Turned into a Slasher BOOB Fest Herbie Fully Loaded--2005, More FX My Bloody Valentine--2009 Prom Night--2008, Turned into a Savage Blood Fest The day the earth Stood Still--2008, I want my 104 minutes back and last but not Least----- Race for Witch Mountain--2009, The names were changed, The kids were aged-Tia by 4 years and Tony by 3 years. They gave Tia Boobs. And as usual, Tons of FX were added. Reimaging/Retelling/Reimagining/Retelling all = REMAKE. Once again Hollywood shows its Lack of Original Ideas. There are no more Scriptwriters, Only Copy Machines
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