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  1. I actually narrated a YouTube video on the history of Columbia Pictures. I kind of wonder what Harry Cohn would say today if he were around. Incidentally, Cohn is buried just several blocks away from the old Columbia lot (now Sunset Gower Studios) at the Hollywood Forever cemetery. Happy 90th Columbia and the Lady with the Torch!
  2. Ok let me put in my 2 cents... DiCaprio, Depp, Bullock, all the other modern-day stars, could you possibly picture them kowtowing to a Harry Cohn or a Jack Warner? They're their own bosses and free to pick and choose their own roles! Knowing the mannerisms of the old Studio bosses - the meanness and intimidation they imposed on Yesteryear's actors/actresses - the Studio chiefs would get the s*** beat out of 'em had they spoke to today's folks that way.
  3. My first time seeing this film in its entirety. The cast and performance is good but why do I expect Dick Clark to say at any moment "Rate our hospital between 35 and 98"
  4. 1930s child star Deanna Durbin has passed away at the age of 91.
  5. Watching this film and I`m sure many TCM fans may or may not know: this film, sadly, was Humphrey Bogart's final movie. If you watch closely towards the end the scene in which Bogie walks into a New York apartment building, that was actually a Harlem housing project; those were built just a year or so prior to that film being shot. I'm from there but that film is about 8 years before I was born and Bogie was long gone by then.
  6. Actress Ann Rutherford who was Scarlett O'Hara's kid sister in the classic "Gone With The Wind" has passed away at age 94. This was confirmed by her close friend, actress Anne Jeffreys. Rutherford also played Mickey Rooney's love interest in a number of the "Andy Hardy" films of the 1930's & '40's.
  7. Helen, that's just what my co-worker thinks! When I see her tomorrow at work I'll ask her "Did you see your boyfriend on TV this weekend?" LOL
  8. I'm watching weekend TCM and I was thinking about a co-worker of mine who's absolutely CRAZY about Ben Mankiewicz...I mean, this colleague thinks Mankiewicz is like the hottest thing on the screen; she actually has a pic of him on top of her screen. Maybe she sees something the rest of us don't see?
  9. I should say that L.B. liked to play the "father figure" and play the sympathetic "there there" role with his stars whenever they threw a fit about whatever...he even liked to play the "poor, struggling 'barely-keeping-it-together'" one at option time to evoke sympathy...probably to keep people from seeking a raise. Now, as far as Jack Warner was concerned....a raise? Forget it! He actually wanted to CUT salaries, even years after the Depression had ended.
  10. You know, I had done a study of the old Studio moguls and as I had posted in a previous thread, I had categorized as: Biggest tyrant(s): Harry Cohn & Jack Warner Biggest womanizer: Darryl F. Zanuck* Biggest coddler: Louis B. Mayer Most low-key boss: Howard Hughes (IF you want to call Hughes a "mogul" that is). * indicates that Darryl Zanuck once worked for the Warner Bros. prior to his forming 20th Century Fox; no doubt he learned some womanizing tactics from J.L. Harry Cohn may have been a S.O.B., but his meanness kept Columbia in the black for all those years, w
  11. Imagine this: Edward G. is holding court, letting guys (and dames) know who's boss--but then, Cagney walks in....and HE is having it out with Edward G. From another door, comes George Raft. Now, it's Robinson vs. Cagney vs. Raft. Out of nowhere, walks Bogie! Now you've got 4 tough guys duking it out (and ready to shoot it out) to see who's the "top dog". What do you think? A) Robinson Cagney C) Raft D) Bogart My pick to win: Cagney! But I STILL have a soft spot for Bogie, knowing him to be the underdog.
  12. I'm making a pilgrimage to the famous Hollywood Forever, if you've been there, where can i find where Marion Davies and "Dagwood" are buried?
  13. Ralph Edwards, best known for hosting the "This Is Your Life" television show in the 1950s and '60s, has passed away at the age of 92. Edwards was also known for his work on "Truth or Consequences" where he had served as host in the show's early years, later relinquishing the hosting duties to Bob Barker--who went on to host that show, and later, "The Price Is Right". Most recently, Edwards served as co-executive producer (with Stu Billett) of "The People's Court" TV show.
  14. I had posted in a previous thread that I was fortunate enough to visit Sunset-Gower (formerly Columbia) studios and noted the changes over the years. Adjacent to the old lot is Hollywood Forever park, the final resting place for many of the "golden age" personalities. Having paid my respects to the likes of Douglas Fairbanks (father and son are resting together), Harry Cohn, Marion Davies (who, along with her son-in-law Arthur "Dagwood" Lake, rests in a HUGE mausoleum) and just adjacent are Tyrone Power, and the newest resident, Don "Get Smart" Adams. Oh, those people would flip in their r
  15. Funny Lynn you should mention celebration of "an era gone by".... I was fortunate enough to visit the Sunset-Gower Studios, which is the former Columbia Pictures lot and at one point I stood outside of a sound stage, the first thing came to mind was "So this is where Harry Cohn ruled.....where the Stooges filmed their shorts....where the 'Blondie' pictures were filmed, as well as 'It Happened one Night' 'His Girl Friday' and many, many others. Now there are sitcoms taped on the lot. Yes, it did bring back many memories....but as you said, at least we have those memories to cherish. We
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