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  1. Films I have seen Linda in: The Mark ofZorro Blood and Sand Hangover Square My Darling Clementine Blackbeard the Pirate What should I watch next?
  2. Brando may not have been on Sinatra's level when it came to singing, but I love how he made "Luck Be A Lady" sound so intimate, almost like a prayer. (It was my first Brando film, actually. I remember it fondly.)
  3. Olivia was such a huge inspiration to me. I've been upset all day over this.
  4. I'm trying not to cry right now. It's hard.
  5. And once again, it falls to me to mention Tyrone Power and Witness for the Prosecution.
  6. I dislike the term "guilty pleasure." If it's a pleasure, you shouldn't have to feel guilty about it, and if it makes you feel guilty, it's not really a pleasure. But I couldn't come up with a better title for this thread, so here we are. Not all of these are guilty pleasures in the strictest sense, but they are movies I sincerely love, regardless of how time, critics, or public opinion have treated them. All Through the Night (1941) Beyond the Rocks (1922) Evita (1996) Gangster Wars (1981) The Great Gatsby (2013) Guys and Dolls (1955) Hello, Dolly! (1969) The Karate Kid (1984) Les M
  7. Oh, heck, yes. I'm working on that. ☺️ I haven't questioned Tyrone's talent as an actor since I saw The Razor's Edge. On the other hand, he was so beautiful it's actually painful. And any man with the courage to take matters into his own hands like he did with Nightmare Alley is a man worthy of my respect.
  8. Abandon Ship! sounds even more disturbing than Nightmare Alley. Not sure it's for me.
  9. Well, my Amazon Prime watchlist is about to get a lot longer... Jesse James is an early film that stands out to me, mainly because I find it odd that they'd cast a pretty boy like him as a criminal.
  10. I have a soft spot for Prince of Foxes, myself. Son of Fury is another good one nobody talks about. I didn't hate The Black Swan, but it wasn't one of my favorites. What did you think of his performance in This Above All?
  11. Dion's a sleazy, double-crossing [censored] with no regard for personal boundaries. He uses everyone around him for his own gain, including his family members and the woman he claims to love, and unlike Stanton, he never displays any self-awareness about it. Believe me, I would be much harder on him were Tyrone Power not one of the few actors capable of adding sympathy and humanity to just about any character, no matter how unsympathetic. Heck, when you examine Ty's film career as a whole, Nightmare Alley starts looking less like playing against type and more like a logical progression.
  12. *brings this thread back from the dead to voice an unpopular opinion* Dion O'Leary from In Old Chicago, not Stanton Carlisle from Nightmare Alley, is the least sympathetic character I've ever seen Tyrone Power play. Stanton, at least, is upfront about being selfish and dishonest. Dion just makes my skin crawl.
  13. I think I Walk Alone is the only film of his I've seen, but nevertheless...rest in peace, Kirk.
  14. I never thought Humphrey was all that handsome, but always thought Lauren was a beautiful woman.
  15. I happily count All Through the Night among my favorite Bogart movies. I think Key Largo is my favorite, though.
  16. ...Wow. Rush has been my favorite band since I was 14. I actually took my username from one of their song titles ("Between Sun & Moon"). RIP to an absolute legend.
  17. "I think 'star' is what you call actors who can't act." ~Paul Muni
  18. I don't like superhero movies, either, but this just reeks of snobbery. Did he miss how Iron Man spent nearly as much time on letting viewers get to know its main character as it did on action sequences?
  19. I doubt I'll see it, considering how badly the '47 film messed me up, but I hope it's great and that it does well, unlike the first. Besides, no one will ever replace Tyrone Power. Not on the screen and certainly not in my heart.
  20. I hope it's good. Scratch that, I hope it's great.
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