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  1. I adore MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS & Judy Garland is a favorite of mine, but I don't think the songs move the plot of the movie along. True, the Boy Next Door shows her fellings, but you could already kinda tell? Someone told me that MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS only had 3 original songs? I don't know if that's true or not? I guess the trolly song, boy next door, and I'll be home for Christmas? That surprised me cause I thought of it as a musical with a lot of songs, haha, a lot of singing but not songs, I guess?
  2. My favorites are The Pirate with Gene Kelly & Judy Garland and almost every Ginger & Fred [especially Swingtime, Top Hat, Follow the Fleet, & Flying Down to Rio] I think a good first musical to watch is "Singing in the Rain" because it was really the first movie to make the songs part of the story & not just extra side bits.
  3. Kelsie

    Garbo Bio

    I have the Garbo bio taped but haven't viewed it. As to your question about Anna Christie, I have seen both versions of it & perfer the German one. I believe Garbo herself perferred the German version. It is less restrictive and you really get a deeper sense of the characters & stories.
  4. How to pick.... White Heat- come on, he made a very mean person likeable. There aren't very many actors who can/could make you feel for "the bad guy." When he reacted to news of his mother's death, you sympathized. When someone in the car trunk said he needed air & Cagney's character shot bullet holes into it, you laughed. Yankee Doodle Dandy- It was so touching & I had no idea he could do that! I'd only seen him in gangster type movies. Moved me to tears when he received his award from the President & said "my mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my sister thanks
  5. I love her & her films. She was so elegant and a wonderful actress. "The Women" is one of my guilty pleasures but I love her line "come on, put 'em around me" in... Riptide? I can totally see it, but not sure which movie. She is very underrated and I just adore her.
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