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  1. According to IMDB, this movie isn't on tape or DVD.
  2. The only decent role or acting job Robert Wagner did was in The Pink Panther. If any of you have an occasion to see the tv movie Pearl, about the bombing of Pearl Harbor, take a few minutes and watch him; open collar as a Navy officer with gold chains. Yes, it may have been the director but, it was still Wagner. What a bad actor.
  3. Errol Flynn's entrance to Sir Guy's castle as Robin Hood in The Adventures of Robin Hood is by far, one of the best screen entrances. Carrying the deer across his shoulders, knocking the antlers into the guards then swaggering into the hall...a great moment on the screen
  4. Pattypancake, before it got as it is now, bad, AMC did just exactly what you are asking, complete with the serials, though not necessarily the ones you mention, but they did have a Deanna Durban festival with many of her movies. I don't think that TCM will give us seperate channels for these B movies and the serials but I think it is a great idea to include them as part of their normal line up, say on Saturday mornings.
  5. I am going to get shot for this but, here goes... a Margret O'Brian highlight video would be of her crying..that is all she could do well, she couldn't act as was with most child actors expecially those in the 30's, 40's and 50's. They were "forced" on the public because someone thought they were cute and maybe they were but...that is as far as it goes. The kids in Our Gang were at least somewhat real, until MGM took them over and made mini Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney movies out of them. "Hey gang, we can do the show here, in the barn..in the garage..somewhere"
  6. Though she probably wasn't dumb but was in some...dumb movies, Hedy Lamarr definetly did and does it for me. Another not dumb one was Paulette Goddard, a real beauty and outstanding actress.
  7. I have an easier method, my wife marks what movies to watch :>) I also use the movie remimder available here though it gets to me by email several days before.
  8. Cary Grant was one of the finest actors around. All of his movies, including his last one Walk Don't Run, were made great by his presence. Unfortunately, the kingdom of movie makers didn't fully appreciate him until shortly before his death. I have a large personal video/film library and the one actor whose movies are represented the most are Cary Grant's. He and not Sophia Loren made House Boat the minor sucess it was. As far as George Clooney a new Cary Grant, I admire his work but I don't think he can say as much with a raised eyebrow or a double take as Mr. Grant did. In a nutshell, Ca
  9. I was a big AMC fan for years, since it started in the 80's. Though I must admit that some of the hosts they have had over the years have been, well, not very good, pandering to older viewers as opposed to talking to those of us that enjoy good, classic movies..and some not so classic but good fun anyway. Now that AMC has taken the path of TNT, that used to be great for classic movies with commercials, I rarely watch it because I hate commercial interruptions. For those of you that haven't noticed, TCM is now advertising new movies between their movies. Is this the start of something with th
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