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  1. I am sorry to bug all of you, but I was hoping I could get some help. This question might seem odd for the classic movie lover. Could someone be able to inform me where I could find the Code in a document format? I am wanting to learn more about the Code that is mentioned many times in the lectures. I want to pull apart the Code and even better learn more about it. Many Thanks, Kita
  2. I think this clip does exhibit a brighter perspective. We know that when this was presented it was 1936 and was in the mist (towards the middle/end) of the Great Depression. Many viewed reality as cold, dark, and with despair so, it would make sense that any film whether a musical biopic or any movie would be viewed in a more positive light. I want to also mentioned something that has come to me as I watched this clip, but also read this particular question. I have noticed that many criticize such movies as these for their lack showing the flaws of person(s). Today I see more and more films focused so much on the flaws that I honestly get to the point of wondering could there be any brightness in characters/films. I look at films of days gone by and I see what both are doing. Honestly, if anyone asked me what I would want in say The Great Ziegfield would be a balance of the brighter perspective but also give true light of the flaws of the characters. Could it be I am looking more at it through the modern lens? Possibly, but it dawn of me and I wanted to give my reflection to the table (or to the message board).
  3. Hello all, I can concur with this statement. When I first joined Backlot the closest was the NYC chapter. I am currently living near New London (my husband is stationed at the Naval Base) and honestly thought maybe New Haven or even Providence would have a chapter. When I saw there were none I was a little shocked, but then again I thought maybe Backlot is just really getting its groove. (I try to think the half-full corner. I mean I noticed new chapter popping up since I joined.) Of course the problem I have is traveling; it is difficult for me to travel places that I cannot use public transportation or an Uber. (Terrified of driving) Nikita from Groton, CT
  4. I am sorry for such a late reply to everyone, it has a crazy last few months. Anyways, thank you for all the suggestions. I have written them down and will be added to the list of movies I want to own. (I have a large list of movies and shows I wish to own on DVD so what is a few more titles to the list gonna to hurt.) Thank you again, Kita
  5. I am huge fan of lists and not just writing my own but seeing lists made by others. With that being said, I was watching a particular YouTube video from a channel that create list videos. The title of the list is "Top Ten Romantic Holiday Movies". Number 10 is how this thread began, the 1998 film 'You've Got Mail'. I have seen said film and I can say I liked it, but I always knew it was inspired by 'The Shop Around the Corner' (1940). Most Classic Movie fans, especially those who love Romance know 'The Shop Around the Corner' had a musical younger sibling titled, 'In the Good Old Summertime'. Both films I love, but it made me think which I liked more. In all honesty if I had to choose a film to watch and it was between these two, I would go for 'The Shop Around the Corner'. I love the acting done by Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullivan, I find the twist of the store owner and his wife interesting. I can say I love musicals and 'In the Good Old Summertime' has some good numbers and the story is beautiful and well there is Judy Garland. Yet, there is something about 'The Shop Around Corner' that feels more authentic than some slice of life classics. So, this brings me to my questions and conversation: Which is your favorite version of this story? Or are you like me where you love both and still go to one or the other. If you have seen 'You've Got Mail' do you feel it showed respect and love to source material while still standing as it own film? I would love to hear input. I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving Week! ~Kita Rhea~
  6. Thank you all for answering my post, I will be writing these movies down on my 'to watch' list. Also, I want to thank you all for welcoming me to the forums. To Lawrence: Worry is part of any spouse of the military, honestly when watching these films I know there is a possibility of something happening to my husband. Yet, I know that all I cannot allow that worry to control me either. If that makes any sense. To TopBilled: My husband and one of his shipmates were to watch this during deployment once his shipmate had his fish. I love Operation Petticoat and was shocked that my husband has never watched it. Then again he is getting into watching more classic movies thanks to me.
  7. So, I have decided that my very first post had to be about Submarines. My husband is currently serving as a submariner for the US Navy. One of the most interesting things to hear from my husband is his selection of how to explain life on a sub. He recommends everyone to watch "Das Boot" for the mundane life and "Periscope Down" on how they deal with the mundane. "It is not a parody but a documentary." It got me thinking of classic movies that set with the backdrop on submarines and I wanted to see if you could help me create a list. Also, it gives me movies to watch with my husband and well for me watch on my own. Added bonus he gets to let me know if they are correct in how they are doing something. (Always fun when he is sitting there watching something and then corrects it because he knows how it is suppose to be done or said.) Thank you for taking the time and reading this post and advance thank you for all the movie titles. ~Kita Rhea~
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