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  1. I am sorry to bug all of you, but I was hoping I could get some help. This question might seem odd for the classic movie lover. Could someone be able to inform me where I could find the Code in a document format? I am wanting to learn more about the Code that is mentioned many times in the lectures. I want to pull apart the Code and even better learn more about it. Many Thanks, Kita
  2. I think this clip does exhibit a brighter perspective. We know that when this was presented it was 1936 and was in the mist (towards the middle/end) of the Great Depression. Many viewed reality as cold, dark, and with despair so, it would make sense that any film whether a musical biopic or any movie would be viewed in a more positive light. I want to also mentioned something that has come to me as I watched this clip, but also read this particular question. I have noticed that many criticize such movies as these for their lack showing the flaws of person(s). Today I see more and more fil
  3. Hello all, I can concur with this statement. When I first joined Backlot the closest was the NYC chapter. I am currently living near New London (my husband is stationed at the Naval Base) and honestly thought maybe New Haven or even Providence would have a chapter. When I saw there were none I was a little shocked, but then again I thought maybe Backlot is just really getting its groove. (I try to think the half-full corner. I mean I noticed new chapter popping up since I joined.) Of course the problem I have is traveling; it is difficult for me to travel places that I cannot use public
  4. I am sorry for such a late reply to everyone, it has a crazy last few months. Anyways, thank you for all the suggestions. I have written them down and will be added to the list of movies I want to own. (I have a large list of movies and shows I wish to own on DVD so what is a few more titles to the list gonna to hurt.) Thank you again, Kita
  5. I am huge fan of lists and not just writing my own but seeing lists made by others. With that being said, I was watching a particular YouTube video from a channel that create list videos. The title of the list is "Top Ten Romantic Holiday Movies". Number 10 is how this thread began, the 1998 film 'You've Got Mail'. I have seen said film and I can say I liked it, but I always knew it was inspired by 'The Shop Around the Corner' (1940). Most Classic Movie fans, especially those who love Romance know 'The Shop Around the Corner' had a musical younger sibling titled, 'In the Good Old Summerti
  6. Thank you all for answering my post, I will be writing these movies down on my 'to watch' list. Also, I want to thank you all for welcoming me to the forums. To Lawrence: Worry is part of any spouse of the military, honestly when watching these films I know there is a possibility of something happening to my husband. Yet, I know that all I cannot allow that worry to control me either. If that makes any sense. To TopBilled: My husband and one of his shipmates were to watch this during deployment once his shipmate had his fish. I love Operation Petticoat and was shocked that my
  7. So, I have decided that my very first post had to be about Submarines. My husband is currently serving as a submariner for the US Navy. One of the most interesting things to hear from my husband is his selection of how to explain life on a sub. He recommends everyone to watch "Das Boot" for the mundane life and "Periscope Down" on how they deal with the mundane. "It is not a parody but a documentary." It got me thinking of classic movies that set with the backdrop on submarines and I wanted to see if you could help me create a list. Also, it gives me movies to watch with my husband and well f
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