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  1. Thanks. I'm not going to resubscribe in the near future but if I reconsider later this year I will check these comments and see what people sre saying.
  2. Visiting my parents today who have cable, i noticed tcm on demand via time warner has a total of five movies. So that's not an option.
  3. Thanks for the helpful info. I did notice as you mentioned it got MUCH worse just recently. I haven't had cable tv in so long that I was unaware TCm on demand was largely nonfunctional there as well, so I guess it is a TCM issue not Sling. Although there is a steaming channel called Film Box through Sling that is just as bad (like TCm is has a lot of older films). In my limited research I have not noticed other streaming channels on Sling or Roku where on demand programming is so unreliable. Regardless, I guess I'll have to find some other hobby.
  4. I have not found any others. I cancelled Sling and therefore TCM as well. Maybe someday TCM will make its content more accessible.
  5. Not sure what "cast" refers to, I have a roku on the TV from which I access the Sling app; no other Roku app or channel appears to have any problem with on demand content. Yes, some selections will play as you mentioned, but those do not appear to require time to load and typically are only the first few in the list, sometimes no more than 1 or 2 out of the 50 or so that are listed, e.g. tonight the movies through "Bullitt" will play but "Casablance" and those following will not load, and I waited a good 5 minutes before re-trying Casablanca. Not willing to wait longer than that for a movie t
  6. Had Sling tv about a year, no problems watching TCM on demand. A month ago I started seeing "oops it looks like some of your content didn't load, please try later." This was every time I tried and so I got rid of Sling tv. Tried 5-6 other "popular" steaming services, some of which had TCm but none of which had TCM on demand. So I re upped with Sling although partly because a visitor likes to watch CNN. I plan to get rid of it again if Sling doesn't fix TCM. Or is it TCM that is at fault? That's the only channel where I have seen that particular message or really had any problems at all with in
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